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He'll be living with this for the rest of his life
  • Yeah that's incredibly rude to waste that much of someone's time because you're too selfish to just pay attention to the road. 'I want to look at my phone for 10 more seconds so I'm going to make a stranger lose 3 minutes of their day' is absurdly selfish.

  • He'll be living with this for the rest of his life
  • Except it's not "1 second" you're costing people minutes of their time when you prevent multiple additional cars from making the green because you're too selfish to just pay attention to the light.

  • Can Trump Really Slam the Brakes on Electric Vehicles? He has vowed to shred President Biden’s E.V. policies and has threatened that “You won’t be able to sell those cars.”
  • Yeah but nobody retired a marginally profitable fuel refinery that became unprofitable during covid because they knew demand would return soon. The effect isn't instantaneous, but all the infrastructure has operation and maintenance costs. With fewer overall consumers all the overhead has to go somewhere eventually.

  • How a Toronto police complaints officer belittled a criticism about bike lanes — and why advocates say it’s a problem
  • “When you do see a police car in the bike lane and they walk out of a Tim Horton’s, that’s not a good look,” she said. “I personally think that those police officers should be held accountable because that’s not right. But again, it’s not my job to police the police.”

    Your job title is "parking enforcement officer" who the fuck else is going to do it

  • Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory
  • Negative electricity prices are a bad thing though. It means the grid isn't flexible enough to match supply and demand and can't shed power generation fast enough. Oversupply increases the power frequency(thus voltage) which can be damaging to electronics and cause breakers to trip if it's severe enough. Electricity prices being 0 is one thing but when it goes negative that indicates a problem.

  • DEA to reclass marijuana to Schedule III
  • The president can make a public statement saying "I believe that marijuana should not be a scheduled drug".

    The president can appoint a DEA administrator who is on record saying that they believe cannabis should not be a scheduled drug.

    He did neither of those things, and you claimed that he did. Maybe scroll up if you forgot. Either back the claim or stop replying.

    *Jesus christ he cannot read.

  • DEA to reclass marijuana to Schedule III
  • Please give me 1 example of Biden encouraging his DEA to deschedule cannabis because I can't find one and doubt it exists.

    *downvoting me won't make that statement exist. 2022 Biden statement on marijuana reform Notable absence: "marijuana should not be on the CSA list of scheduled drugs". Interesting inclusion: 'LSD is a good example of what should be a schedule 1 drug'

  • DEA to reclass marijuana to Schedule III
  • Why are you acting like "appointing a DEA administrator that is pro-legalization" and "make public statements encouraging them to deschedule cannabis" are somehow unthinkable and totalitarian?