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Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • Sigh. I'm explaining how things work.

    Obama absolutely did not. There should be no disagreement here.

    Big disagreement. You seem to think "acted as a leader" is all that matters and all that's necessary. I'm saying that's dead wrong. Congress is what matters. The house of resentatives is what matters. The Senate is what matters. That's how it works. The president can't do much without the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    President can't do jack shit with all the leadership in the world if he does not have congress, if he does not have the house of representatives, if he does not have the senate.

    So you want to talk the first two years of Obama? He likely reached out for two reasons. One: he wanted to mend the divisions after Bush's disastrous wars. Get the country unified and back on track and all that jazz. Two: any intelligent candidate knows it's unlikely they're going to have control of Congress for all eight years, so he wanted to come off as reasonable and could be worked with, so that he could still accomplish things later in his presidency. I barely blame him for that. Who knew that the GOP was going to explode and become obstructionist to that degree because a half black man got elected. (Btw that's why allusions to FDR don't cut anything today. Completely different time.) (Also btw Biden learned from that and said nuts to it, he's doing what needs to be done.)

    Now back to the main point about Obama and how leadership is not the be all of everything. If anything Obama proves this. Obama had leadership (if you want to say that). But Obama only had Congress the first two out of his eight years. The remaining six years he did not have congress. The GOP had Congress. All the leadership in the world did not matter because he did not have Congress for six of his eight years. All the leadership in the world for six of his eight years did not matter. And this was proven when not when the GOP shut down the government under Obama. Congress. has. control. Leadership does not matter (in that way). Control of Congress is what matters.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • I didn't "read into it", I explained how government works. You missed the entire reason why Obama had to reach across the aisle. Which he had to do for 6 of the 8 years of his presidency. I'm tempted to write why but it was all written out above.

    If you think "Obama won" and "[be a] leader" is how it works, then you desperately need to learn how it actually works.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • Obama won and the party immediately began shifting right. Eight years of pulling away from progressive policy.

    Guess how many years Obama had a Dem House of Representatives and Dem Senate? 2 years. Not 8. Only 2. That's when we got the ACA though.

    Contrary to how many people talk the president is not a King. The president does not pass laws, Congress does. And Dems need control of all 3 (presidency, house of reps, and Senate) to pass much of anything. So when the lose control, like they lost control for 6 years of Obama's presidency, they have to reach across the aisle. Do you remember what happened? The GOP shut down the government under Obama.

    Obama had 1 victory and then 3 losses. 1 victory for 2 years and then 3 losses for 6 of his years.

    You want them to not reach across the aisle? Then give Dems victories in all 3 of house of reps, Senate, and presidency.

    (Btw guess how much the Dems have had all 3. They have had it for 4 years out of the last 24 years. That's right. They basically never have it. Want to include Bill Clinton? Then it's 6 years of the last 32 years. What to go back further? Then it's 6 years of the last 44 years. Read that again: 6 years out of the last 44 fucking years. And if you want filibuster proof majority, them it's 4 MONTHS of the last 44 years. Not 4 years, 4 MONTHS of the last 44 years. You need to readjust what you think are victories.)

  • Good = Boring = No Corporate News Story
  • Are you serious?

    When Dem Congress goes his way, the common parlance is that the president, as leader of the Dems, gets the credit as "he did it". If you want to be pedantic, no he didn't directly do it. It's just common parlance to give the president credit for the things he pushes for.

    He can ask the Dem House of Reps and Dem senators to do things, but that is not the same. If Congress says no, there's very little he can do. The President does not have absolute control - to pass legislation takes Congress.

    Or things like banning Non-Compete clauses. That was a government agency, which gets appointments. Biden didn't directly make that decision, it came from his (or other presidents) appointments.

    Then you have Executive Action (EA) which can be used for some things. You can't use EA for all things. But EAs are not laws, they can be undone by the next president lickity split.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • No I'm not. I think you don't know what "in spite of" means. The correct usage of that expression would be: "The far left wing wanted Hillary to move far left. But they voted for her anyway in spite of her only moving a little bit left."

    This entire conversation has been you (intentionally or otherwise) misreading and/or misinterpreting and/or twisting words, so I'm leaving this conversation. I think I've explained things well enough.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • You're making no sense. Protest no vote in spite of her moving a little bit left is an oxymoron. Unless you meant protest no vote to spite her. In which case it doesn't matter because of exactly what I'm saying, left voters don't show up. You'd be an absolute fool to court voters that never show up, (again when you walk before you run). So candidates go to the center to find voters that do show up.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • What is going on here. She went a little bit left and lost (because the left voters didn't show up). So the next candidate learns to go to the center to find voters (because the left voters don't show up). Every single time.

    I just went to find and link my explanation to someone else just to find that it's what you responded to. If you don't get it then you are really trying hard to not get it and/or discussing in bad faith. Ciao.

  • Ah Bernie, what could have been...
  • too far

    Ctrl+F "too far" and 0 results. Nope I didn't say "too far".

    What I'm saying is that she stuck her head a tiny bit left, and guess what happened? The voters didn't turn out. They protest no-voted. As in, the left voters never show up. (or excruciatingly rarely) Candidates at various times stick their head a tiny bit left trying to court those voters, but nope the voters don't show up.

    You think they have to go even more, but every time they run left in any amount (either Gore or Hilary) the voters don't show up. This is how it works, you go a little bit left, and see if you win. Sorry you don't go extreme left to see if you win, you stick your toes in first. And every time the Dems do, they lose. So what does the next candidate learn? Don't go left, because they don't show up and you lose. They learn you go to the center to find votes.

    The message to left voters is: If you want things to move left, then you have to show up. The dems have learnt time and time again that you can't count on left voters. So they go to the center to find voters. If you want things to move left, then give Dems consistent and overwhelming victories. You have to take small steps before big steps. You have to walk before you run. Not just president, congress too because again they will go center to find congress votes.

  • The whole concept of a forehead (hairless forehead) is strange.

    Why is there no hair? It's completely surrounded by hair. The entire rest of the head (except parts of the actual face) is covered by hair. Other animals have hair.


    Italian speakers, can you understand Opera?

    FYI: apparently most Opera is in Italian, then French comes in distant second, German third.


    One in six voters say Trump verdict could change their minds ahead of tight election, poll finds

    >Around one in six voters say that a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial will make them less likely to vote for him, according to a new poll.


    [Beau of the Fifth Column] Let's talk about Putin's promise of peace in Ukraine....

    TLDR: There was a recent shakeup of the Russian top brass and an economist was put in a top job. He thinks the economist has told Putin that this can not be sustained given Russia's capability and Western promised support. Putin might actually be listening and why he wants to settle on current control.


    Back in the 1970s when we switched to unleaded gas, what did the vehicles that ran on leaded gas do?

    Did they have to track down leaded gas? Did they just use unleaded? Did they suffer engine knock?

    42 Putin has ‘both eyes’ on Gotland, warns Sweden’s army chief

    The Swedish island is strategically located in the Baltic Sea.

    Putin has ‘both eyes’ on Gotland, warns Sweden’s army chief

    >After being demilitarized in 2005, Sweden re-introduced permanent troops to Gotland in 2016, following Russia’s annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Sweden also became NATO’s newest member in March — meaning it is covered by the alliance's Article 5 guarantee that all other members come to each other's defense if they are attacked.

    HistoryWhatIf someguy3

    HistoryWhatIf a member of Congress was killed on Jan 6, 2021


    [Ahoy] What genre is DOOM?


    [TNG] What did you think of the Dixon Hill stuff?

    Personally I wasn't a fan of them, so was glad they didn't continue on.


    Kids love playing HIde and Seek because it plays into our hunter and prey instincts.

    Instincts being we were both hunters and had to hide from predators. Hide and seek feeds both.

    *What's with the down votes? Are people evolution deniers?


    TIL White Castle was the pioneer of fast food, not McDonalds The White Castle System of Eating Houses - 99% Invisible

    White Castle has its own take on fast food hamburgers. For starters, the patties are square, with five holes in each patty. And they’re small, too –- two-and-a-half inch sliders. Just big enough to fit into the palm of your hand. And since they’re steamed on a bed of onions, everything is infused wi...

    The White Castle System of Eating Houses - 99% Invisible

    Excellent listen throughout, but you can skip to 17:30 for competition with McDonalds.

    HistoryWhatIf someguy3

    HistoryWhatIf: What if Zoroastrianism remained a major religion.

    HistoryWhatIf someguy3

    Users: This is c/HistoryWhatIf. Not c/ReasonsWhyYourHistoryWhatIfWontHappen

    Some reasons and discussions why it might not happen can be interesting and insightful, but let's entertain the hypothetical.


    People that lived in walk up apartments with no elevator, did you like it?

    Again, with no elevator.

    I can't imagine no elevator and walking up with groceries.