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Where do you carry your stuff?
  • I backpack it everywhere. I love boundary supply, but they're expensive and lord almighty are they slow to ship...

    That being said, I EDC a Prima system as it also hadles my laptops and camera gear which travels with me frequently. I've just added one of their bottle carriers to the shoulder strap and I've got another one to install...

    In addition to the backpack, I've moved to pants with plenty of pockets. I live in 5.11 cargos (pants or shorts) and even wear the 5.11 tactical jeans which have an extra pair of pockets (usually for ammo. I use them for wallet and phone...)

  • A typical ADHD tale...
  • My favourite was when my GP gave me a list of 10 docs to call to see who was taking referrals for adult diagnosis.

    Yeah, that list sat unopenend (combination of overwhelmed and totally forgot) till 6 months later when I had to see the GP again, I panicked, and I called all 10 in the 30mins before my GP appt and then was late for the GP and almost missed my GP appt...

    Fun times..

  • When privacy expires: how I got access to tons of sensitive citizen data after buying cheap domains
  • This needs a government / IEEE / domain registrar policy of some sort. Maybe it should simply be that all expired domains are put into stasis for 10 years.

    If you want to buy it and have access to it sooner, then you need to run (and pay for) a program of works to catch and proactively kill all linked accounts, and build a register of embargoed existing email addresses that must be set to bounce.

    I knew this was a problem, but wow, had no idea it was this bad...

    Because I have a [email protected] type email, I get SOOO many people signing up for accounts with my email, forgetting that theirs had some number suffix. I get peoples phone bills, pizza receipts, Amazon orders, parking meter e-receipts, Xbox live accounts, Dropbox logins, you name it.

    I NEVER thought of what that would look like at a domain level!

  • Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows
  • As a product manager, I simply choose to overlook things like "implementation details" or "the laws of physics!!" /s 🤣

    On a more serious note, I'm just reaching a point where I just want a small, reliable, and minimalist mp3 playing app for the Mac, as I'm starting to get sick of every single service wanting $20/m for stuff.

    I pine for the whipping the Lamas ass winamp used to give...

    There's a recreation in re:Amp for osx, but I'd much prefer OSS apps...

    Generally, I'd rather go back to just buying the music I want, ripping it and putting it on the devices I want to listen to it from...

  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher for 3D Printer Cabinet
  • BlazeCut Tseries 50cm is about right for a 3d printer enclosure volume.

    Prusa sells a 30cm one as an option for their enclosure, but it is undersized for the enclosure volume, so I bought the 50cm one separately.

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • I was also diagnosed late in life (mid 40s).

    For me it became a significant impact in two places in my life:

    1. as my roles changed and I needed more ability to handle "blank page" type work assignments as I became more senior, rather than "survive this chaos" which I've always excelled at (given my ability to drop something, pick up something else, then revert later.) With previous "chaos surfing" roles, my now diagnosed ADHD was actually a secret super power (seriously, I managed turn ADHD into a career). As my roles became more "take this blank page, and figure out what to do, and make it into a project to make stuff better" I fell off a performance cliff.

    2. as 1 happened, my ramp up of symptom management routines started to impact my family. (I didn't actually realise this until my partner filled in her part of my diagnosis questionnaire. )

    My Doc basically told me I had been doing everything they want ADHD patients to do to manage the impacts of their symptoms, but my level of challenge had reached a point where medication could help me live at an effort level below the 99.99% constant I had all the time.

    He was right and it did..

  • Are filament vacuum bags worthwhile?
  • I live in a subtropical area.

    Short answer: YES!!.

    I now religiously use a filament dryer, VAC bags and loose silica beads that I bag my self into DIY teabags and then redry in the oven.

    I also make sure to dry new filament for 24hours before using it the first time...

    Since I started doing this for PLA and PETG, many of my previous my print issues dissapeared...

  • Some funny quotes from the game series Tropico
  • "Ankh-Morpork had dallied with many forms of government and had ended up with that form of democracy known as One Man, One Vote.

    The Patrician was the Man; he had the Vote."

    Terry Pratchett - Mort

  • Rule
  • Well. In a one on one call with him once (he's my local member) I asked him why we could not protect individual rights with a charter of human rights.

    I would describe the tone of his response as visceral.. He said to me:

    "[I don't trust the courts in interpreting legislation like that. I would not want to give them an inch. Just look what they've done down in Victoria.]{paraphrased}

    [As far as I'm concerned, the parliament is perfectly placed to decide what is, and is not a human right, and if you disagree with me, you can vote me out... ]{direct quote}"

    I assume the VIC reference was to the judges that had been appointed most recently with track records of upholding human rights...

  • My son uses Arch... How do I know? He tells me... Constantly...

    Updated template. Had no idea on who the knucklehead from the original template was.


    Oh how I wish grapheneOS could run on a serviceable phone,.

    I really wish that my love of privacy respecting technology could couple with my love of sustainable and repairable ownership respecting technology...

    I know GrapheneOS leverages security features only found in the pixel, but a fella can dream, can't he?