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How far in advance do you usually plan vacations?
  • We usually go to a small holiday home my dad owns for a week or two in summer - we need to book that early in the year.

    Then we do maybe one or two long shorter train trips to other European cities. More often than not that’s to see a musical theatre production, so we book those when they are announced, maybe half a year in advance. Otherwise it could be just days or weeks out!

  • Selaco source code request

    Selaco is a first person shooter on the GZDoom engine. It's currently for sale on Steam and in early access.

    The GPL source code is included with the game. I'm not interested in playing the game but I am curious about the source. Can someone upload/mirror it for me somewhere? It doesn't seem to be on GitHub yet.

    (Obviously this is legal, it's the very point of the GPL - GZDoom is free to build upon but under the condition that those freedoms are retained)

    Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?
  • I live in a small city of about 90k and I love it. We have the important amnesties, eg shopping and a hospital, but in a few minutes you’re out in the open fields. Meanwhile buses to nearby large city depart every 6 to 30 min from my street.

  • Amazon made airport workers toil in 100-degree heat without shade, water — The trillion-dollar online retailer plans to appeal workplace safety citations and $14,625 in fines
  • “I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer, 'cause you guys paid for all this. So seriously, for every Amazon customer out there, and every Amazon employee, thank you from the bottom of my heart, very much. It's very appreciated.”

    ~ Jeff Bezos, July 2021, as he departs for space tourism

  • Is it safe to run on leg day if I run first?
  • Everyone has their own preferences of course but I run outside! I live in a town that's partly in a polder so apart from the usual cycle and pedestrian routes there's a levee running through and out of the town with beautiful views of the fields, there's a small forest, some parks, etc. Sometimes it feels like the boring same-old but it beats the monotony of the treadmill, even when it's cold or rainy. It's also fun to experience the environment as it transitions through the seasons of the year.

  • Streak runners, congratulations on another year!

    Props to everyone getting in their daily miles or more for another year!

    For me it’s year 4! 🎉 Wasn’t a great running year though, didn’t hit 1000 miles. But there were a few fun runs including the Dam tot Damloop, a Mud Masters event and a local event in the middle of a heat wave.

    For the curious, see e.g.


    Simple visualisation

    Thought I'd share mine because most of the visualisations out there show the rocks sliding one cell at a time, all together. That looks nice but for my solution that's not how it works - I walk every row/col with two cursors.

    Code here:

    The visualisation is emitted right from the solution using a small library which dumps frames to ffmpeg.


    PS1: Analog controls in Gran Turismo 1 and Colin McRae 2

    I have the original Gran Turismo and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 for PS1 on disc, playing on a PS2 slim and PS3. On both, I can steer with the D-pad but not with the analog stick, even though both games advertise analog controls on the box.

    The PS3 controller doesn't have an analog toggle button but the PS2 controller does. Pressing it enables the analog stick but it feels like it's still digital.

    How is this supposed to work?


    Climate activists to challenge police in court over water cannon Climate activists to challenge police in court over water cannon -

    Climate campaign group Extinction Rebellion is heading for court in an effort to stop the police using water cannon to break up the daily A12 blockade. The use of water cannon “against peaceful demonstrators is totally unnecessary and disproportionate”, lawyer Willem Jebbink said. “The demonstrators...

    Climate activists to challenge police in court over water cannon -

    XR musicians perform Mozart’s Requiem in A12 blockade

    Last Saturday, ten thousand people converged on the Utrechtsebaan in The Hague right between Parliament and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to demand an end to € 37.5 billion worth of fossil subsidies.

    Once established, the blockade was solemnly opened by XR musicians performing Mozart’s Requiem.