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A loom that learned to weave itself.

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What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • They were so bad, but not nearly as bad as the sequels.

  • Advice Appreciated
  • 3D print a brain to come up with your own ideas!

  • You heard #Adobe. Deep down you knew this was coming. Now all your art are belong to them. Time to move on to better things...
  • Good job. I already switched to Affinity for photo editing & design because they don't have a subscription model, though they've been bought by a company that plans to introduce the subscription model.

  • Solar project to destroy thousands of Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert
  • Saving the environment by killing trees. Good lord!

  • Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • Should I remove my Agile experience from my resume?

  • What communities or similar did you appreciate the moderation of and why?
  • I pretty much never appreciate moderation, unless somebody is posting outside of the theme of the community. I want to read everything, including the most horrendously offensive stuff.

  • Know-What vs Know-How

    “As Socrates was passing through the fair at Athens, and casting his eyes over the shops and customers, 'how many things are here', says he, 'that I do not want!'” – Dr. Johnson, The Adventurer A couple weeks ago, I received a know-how writing request from an old colleague, a person well versed in k...

    Know-What vs Know-How
    This woman donated her nose to this man.
  • I don't think she looks that bad TBH. I just think it's funny that the man has a huuuuge nose and she has none. It's nose inequality!

  • This woman donated her nose to this man.
  • those are fair game.

    Now we finally know what is "fair game!" We were all wondering, until you informed us. Thank you so much, THE BOSS OF THE INTERNET!

  • Iceland volcano eruption throws spectacular 160-foot-high wall of lava toward Grindavík | Live Science
  • I want to see some videos but this wall of lava doesn't seem to have been recorded.

  • Why AI Search Blew Up in Google’s Face
  • That sounds right. But it makes no practical sense. Everybody relies on Google search. That's a huge part of what makes them powerful. They shouldn't screw with it, and that's not a moral statement about what they owe to users, it's just about self-interest. Ruining your own base product is idiotic.

  • Why AI Search Blew Up in Google’s Face
  • Why would anyone think it would work? It's a stupid idea.

  • What are the best alternatives to Amazon for buying new (or used) books?
  • Yeah, looks like they have a pretty good selection. Thanks!

  • What are the best alternatives to Amazon for buying new (or used) books?
  • Looks worth checking whenever I'm looking for a book, but their catalog is very limited.

  • What are the best alternatives to Amazon for buying new (or used) books?
  • I want to read on paper. There are already too many screens in my life.

  • Any inside goss on AKQA layoffs?
  • If I'm asking then I want to know. That's okay, isn't it?

    Also this is a general Ask Lemmy (as in all of lemmy, not just the AQKPTRW community) and so there's a reasonable assumption that this has interest or implications for the general readership.

    So I'm asking. That's okay, isn't it?

  • Millenarianistic Chronodyke Table of Contents

    Start reading Millenarianistic Chronodyke here.

    Table of Contents

    The beginnings of a serialized comedic novel. A multi-plot political epic.


    DreamBerd is the funniest programming language ever.

    It's basically a comedic programming language, and it's amazing and beautiful and I love it.

    I haven't used it, of course. I just read the documentation:


    V3 with Heavy Kailh Switches is a Beast

    I bought this Keychron V3 barebones kit with some nice keycaps and Kailh Speed Pro Heavy Plum switches (70g tactile). I did the bandaid mod and the tape mod.

    I tried it with linear 40g Keychron switches first but it felt and sounded weird. The full black keyboard is almost ominous and requires heavier actuation for the full experience of it to be consistent. So these tactile 70g Kailhs are perfect. The sound is more dampened because the keystrokes don't bottom out as hard, but it's also more crisp because of the barely-noticeable tactile bump. It feels like I'm writing on stone somehow. It's really a unique typing experience.

    I guess the "keyboard enthusiast" trajectory is one of escalation because I've graduated to the barebones kits and I'm dreaming of fully customized boards now.

    EDIT: This was supposed to be a photo post but the photo didn't work. ! !