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A real headache to argue over
  • Or maybe getting hit in the head by a rock launched from a sling is enough to make a person's head basically explode.

    Seriously, a competent sling user can easily kill someone with one.

  • Gamescope and PS4 controller

    I just bought a nice OLED monitor and I'm trying to take advantage of it to play my games in HDR. If I run my games in gamescope, then HDR runs fine but my PS4 controller doesn't work. If I play without gamescope, the controller works, but HDR does not.

    I've been trying to figure this out for a bit, and some people have been having some luck with the -e flag, which does nothing for me.I've tried Steam Input and overlay in all combinations of enabled and disabled and I've tried in big picture/gamepadui. Either way I have to choose between HDR and the controller. Has anyone gotten this to work?

    Outjerked once again
  • If you've already got it, why would you get rid of it? It's not like you're going around buying wool suits now. It's already made, and your use of it isn't promoting the manufacture of new wool goods.

  • Is there any significance to people using emojis that match their skin tone?
  • Which is the same reason they make characters of different races, genders and sexualities in video games.

    And people complain about these things "being forced on them" obviously without realizing that all those minorities are typically not represented in media. It's such a minor thing that should be easy to ignore if it doesn't apply to you, but when it does apply, feels good to know that someone was thinking about representing someone like you.

  • Is there any significance to people using emojis that match their skin tone?
  • Matt Groening said he made the characters in the Simpsons yellow with oddly colored hair so that people would be confused by the colors and try to adjust the knobs on their TVs to fix it only to never get it quite right.

  • Object proportions are off in the slicer compared to Blender

    I modeled an object in Blender intending to print it, but when I import it into PrusaSlicer or Cura, the dimensions don't quite match.

    In Blender, the dimensions are 178mm x 142mm, but when I import it into Cura or PrusaSlicer, it imports it as 180 x 138mm. I can manually adjust the dimensions, but why is this happening? And will it mess up my fit in the end? Who do I trust here? I don't want to waste hours printing for nothing.


    Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live

    I've been listening to this a bunch lately. This is the cleanest-sounding concert recording I've ever found on youtube.


    Any chefs or connoisseurs to tell me if I'm crazy for this idea?

    I want to put grilled paneer, arugula, and salmon roe on a cracker as an appetizer or early snack.

    I feel like the salty/umami roe with the bitter/peppery freshness of arugula on the grilled paneer would taste nice. In terms of texture there would be the chewy/squeaky cheese, the crispy cracker, and the pop of the roe.

    I'm thinking a cracker like a triscuit, but I feel like they're too thick for what I'm trying to put together.

    Anyway, before I spend time and money to make a concoction that tastes like garbage, does anyone have any opinions or suggestions?


    What can I do about internal walls that can't be seen?

    I have a model I want to print that has multiple layers of internal walls. They are useless and can't be seen in the finished product, like a hollow cylinder inside another hollow cylinder.

    I can't seem to figure out how to prevent the slicer from including those useless parts. I've tried with Cura and PrusaSlicer. Is there another tool I should be using for this?


    Need help with bed leveling my Ender 3 S1 Pro

    I just got my printer, got it all set up, followed all the instructions, and it looks like it should be working, but it's not.

    I've gone through the auto bed leveling, then adjusted the height with a piece of paper. Now, trying to run my first test print, the only thing the printer will do is attempt to auto-level itself. If I let it go, it will just do it over and over. If I hit the stop button, it gives me error message 203 (Probing Failed), the screen locks up, and the printer keeps attempting to auto-level over and over. The only thing I can do is turn it off.

    What am I missing?

    Edit: So it turns out the included test files are no good. I downloaded a benchy and it printed just fine.


    How do you bond parts together and hide the seams?

    When you make something that's too big for your printer, how do you hide the seams from bonding when aesthetics are a priority?


    My hydroponic habanero experiment

    This is one of two habanero plants I started as an experiment a couple months ago. This one has about 40 peppers growing on it right now and a ton of open flowers.

    It spent most of its time in a tent, but I brought it outside about a month ago, and it's taking quite a liking to real sunshine.


    Steam Link over wifi

    Anyone have any experience playing over Steam Link on wifi?

    It seems like no matter what I do, the performance is really shitty. Both the host and the client are in line of sight of the router, and I can get 500+ mbps and my latency seems good, but the performance is garbage. As soon as I go wired, I can get great performance at 100mbps or less.

    Is there a good way to mitigate this? Am I doing something wrong?


    Spoiler - Got a quest line blocking bug in Below Zero, anyone see this before?

    I found the Kharaa antidote in the pengling cave, and I got the voice lines confirming it, but it never unlocked the blueprint for it and I can't craft it. Is there a way around this, or am I missing something else?

    I didn't want to look up spoilers, but I couldn't find the injectable vessel after I found the vaccine itself, so I looked it up and it said it unlocks after you find the antidote in the cave and you have to craft it.


    [Solved] PC partially powering off

    This is new since yesterday, I don't know what's happening. My PC has been partially powering off suddenly and without warning. My displays lose input, my peripherals turn off, and the computer stops responding to everything. It's still "on" with fans spinning and the power button's LED is lit, but won't respond to holding down the power button to force it to shut off. The only thing I can do is turn it off at the power supply or unplug it.

    I thought it was a one-time thing, but it happened again today. I've never seen this before. Anyone have any insight into what's happening?

    Edit: I ran a memory test which came out clear. I ran stress tests on CPU & GPU, which didn't cause any issues. My temperatures have always been fine, with nothing ever going above 75 degrees. Eventually, the BIOS lost track of the date/time so that pretty much gave it away. The computer eventually stopped booting entirely, so I replaced the CMOS battery and everything seems to be running fine for now.

    For the record, replacing the battery on an ITX build without taking the whole thing apart is somewhat of a pain.


    Materials for simple wall shelf

    I want to build a simple wall shelf to hold a projector and probably a few other small things; no heavy weights.

    I have some cheap 7" x 9" shelf brackets (just L-brackets) that I was thinking of screwing into 3 studs and getting some kind of 12" x 36" board to span the three brackets with a bit of excess on both ends.

    First of all, is this a good plan? Are my brackets good enough for what I want to do/is there a better or simpler way to do this? This is a rental, so a few easily-patched screw holes are fine, but I can't do anything major or permanent.

    And second, what type of material do I want to use for the shelf itself if I want to avoid bowing/sagging in the longer term?

    Thanks for any help.


    Pages automatically scrolling back up

    If I open any post that has comments and scroll down, after about 5 seconds, the page just scrolls back up to the top of the page. I think the page is not just scrolling back up but actually refreshing.

    Is this normal behavior? It has only been happening for me for since today.


    Steam has forcefully re-enabled my chat and I can't disable it again

    Does anyone know how to turn off chat so it doesn't pop up when I open steam?

    The latest update has re-enabled it for me, and the option to not open it doesn't seem to exist anymore. I have it set to not sign in, which it doesn't, but it still opens the chat box every time.