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Frog in my pond (OC)
  • It’s just a small pond (that I need to clean again). Not worth traveling for but it is nice to have around. It also has 13 goldfish living in it. You can see one in the picture below.

  • 32000 bikes on Berlins Autobahn
  • Wouldn’t it be better to compare 32,000 people in vehicles? Doing really rough math, someone else who doesn’t suck at math should run through it lol. But hand jamming some numbers gives me a bit over 20 miles (32.5 Km) of flowing, 3 lane, 4 person cars to get to 32,000 people. It’s like 9 miles (14.5 Km) with bumper to bumper LA stopped traffic. 50 person buses, bumper to bumper is 1.8 miles (2.9 Km).

  • Dine in style

    Connect A Song runjun

    The Pixies - Where is my mind? Where Is My Mind? - YouTube Music

    Provided to YouTube by Beggars Group Digital Ltd. Where Is My Mind? · Pixies Death to the Pixies ℗ 1997 4AD Ltd Released on: 1997-10-06 Associated Perf...

    Where Is My Mind? - YouTube Music

    Might have to get rid of a certain squirrel

    This is the 3rd time I’ve had to pull my car’s blower fan. The two other times only had one walnut. So this is a whole new level of nonsense.

    Photography runjun

    [OC] Fall Leaves

    AI WackyWorld: Oddities Unleashed! runjun

    Bing Image Creator had a stroke while trying to make a meme