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John Cena announces retirement from WWE wrestling
  • You can’t see him, the time is now.

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • Microsoft already knows that people keep windows around either because they want multiplayer games or are scared of linux.

  • Trump Allies Urge Him Not To Be a 'Raging Asshole' at Debate
  • People considering Trump already know he’s a dumb criminal that satisfies their bias against politicians and paying taxes. He can do no wrong, bonus points if he makes them laugh.

  • Trump Allies Urge Him Not To Be a 'Raging Asshole' at Debate
  • Trump can do wtf he wants, the bar is always much higher for Biden to clear.

  • He remains at large
  • The solution for a toddler with a gun is an adult with a gun. Or something. Idk, I'm not american.

  • Easier said than done
  • it’s tru deau President Trudeau

  • 22 June 2024
  • weekends be like

  • Fauci: Trump really believed COVID would “disappear like magic”
  • Trumpists in general are strong believers in magical thinking.

  • What do you think of this prediction?
  • Valve is a whole company of people like Gaben.

  • SSD is eepy rule
  • solid feature

  • Also me, from life
  • sometimes you just

  • What.
  • let them fight

  • How are you parsing JSON on the command line?
  • jless to know what the hell I’m looking at and then maybe jq

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • Don’t forget that this also unlocks using Linux for a lot of folks now.

  • book club fed
  • Worst case for him is house arrest, so actual golfing.

    Best case, he’s back to fumbling as a non-convicted criminal, so still golfing.

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • I’ve adjusted my mood light to green at 70%