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How many email addresses do you have?
  • I find the exact same thing. I always use an alias when signing up for some stupid parking app or new healthcare system that I can't avoid and I've surprisingly never seen the aliases being re-used by anybody but them.

    I was expecting at least a data breach, but it's been clean for the past 10 yrs or so.

    It's possible data brokers are just good at stripping whatever is behind the "+" though.

  • How did you get into coding/programming?
  • I feel like you're trying to fight an uphill battle. I find it's always easiest to learn in a way that motivates or invigorates me.

    For example, I wanted to play games with my friends so I got into hosting a Minecraft server. It was hell at first to learn all the individual pieces, but I was motivated and it led me down the path of learning networking, basic server client architecture, and performance monitoring. That kind of spiralled out into making my own plugin, too. Despite the fact that I never ran a server with more than 5 active players or finished my plugin, it sent me down a path learning tons of new stuff because it was fun for me.

    I transitioned into webapp development later on by trying to make an idea I had come to life. This was well before I had even heard the word "startup" and I had no business sense, but I wanted to make something and was very motivated to hack my way through it. I didn't finish that either, but I still use those skills I learned today.

  • Redbox’s disc rentals are over
  • Seems like it could be converted to a vending machine pretty easily if you could add your own OS

    Already has security, waterproofing, payment processing stuff, and a screen to choose your item.

  • How do we disincentize car ownership?
  • Not to say that you're wrong, but driving does cost money in the form of registration, excise tax, gas taxes, and inspection. It's still heavily subsidized, but drivers don't pay nothing to use the roads

  • I'm voting for the nurse.
  • If the debate was the only thing I tuned in to (which I think is the case for a lot of people), I'd vote for Trump.

    He said a lot of true-sounding lies and didn't trail off every 15 words

    That's not to say I'm going to vote for Trump, but god damn I lost whatever little faith I had in Biden last night. It's a shame that he's the only one holding back Trump from getting in office again

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • I don't know anything about how it works, but I assumed it was absorbed by the skin on your head not the actual hair.

    I still doubt that putting vitamin whatever on your head everyday will actually make a difference

  • United Airlines passengers to see targeted ads on seat-back screens
  • It's truly amazing....they must stand at the front of meetings and just ask "how do we make our passengers hate us most?"

    Maybe I don't understand the economics of this move, but are they really going to make that much more money from targeted ads? If it's double the price, I assume it's worth it, but if it's a ~10% gain it's just dumb.

  • No more recharging CharlieCards online when new site launches

    According to the MBTA website, patrons of the T will no longer be able to use the site to reload when the replacement site is live.

    What innovation will they think of next!


    "Just walk to the airport" - Massport Massport asks travelers not to drive to Logan Airport during Sumner Tunnel closure

    State and local officials are working overtime to get out the word that the closure's impacts will be far reaching.

    The silver line works, but it's already crowded as is and still gets stuck in traffic near the airport.

    Haven't tried the Blue Line, though.