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California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • The problem is that in many places there are no alternatives to driving. Taking away licenses from "those who shouldn't have licenses" restricts their access to regular life so massively that you don't do it unless there's no more room to doubt the decision. The question moves from "do you meet the maximum safety standards" to "do you meet the minimum safety standards".

    The solution is to either make driving foolproof or to provide viable alternatives to those unfit (or unwilling) to drive.

  • Share images directly on hold

    Let me start off by saying I am a long time Boost enjoyer on Android. It's the only reason I stayed with reddit all those years. I'm currently using Voyager and the thing that's been keeping me there is just how apps handle image sharing.

    Ideally I'd like an option to share images themselves instead of links. Currently I use Voyager through chrome and chrome has this annoyingly amazing feature where when you hold an image, you can just directly share that image to other apps and it even suggests the most recently shared-to app in that menu. It's so amazing and I don't really understand why it's not more common.

    In a truly ideal world, I'd love it to automatically include a link to the post in the caption of said image. I know it's possible because H&M of all apps handles this wonderfully.

    I know I'm cherry picking on a high level but this feature is so integral to my experience. Love the rest of the app though!

    Thanks so much for all the love you put into Boost, Rubén.


    Account switcher when posting a comment

    I'd like to be able to switch between the accounts I have signed in with when making a comment. It would post from that account but continue browsing on the previous account afterwards.