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What are your favorite trade-specific or otherwise niche podcasts that are not necessarily intended for mass consumption?

I am curious about podcasts with high quality content but that are pretty centered around specific topics like hobbies or particular professions.

For example, there are a handful of ham radio podcasts such as Linux In The Ham Shack.

Tell me about some podcasts that keep you up in your interests or career that wouldn't make sense to share with most people you know.

People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I want a phone that has an eink display but an ecosystem for apps. I want my battery to last weeks, I want my communications conduits to be dead simple, and I want to be able to run an OTP authenticator on it.

    If the thing I'm expected to have becomes highly useful for the things I'm expected to have it for while also interrupting my bad habit tendencies, I think it would be a good fit for me.

  • If you are a Libertarian and hold liberty as your core value, why do you not believe in universal healthcare? Nothing impacts liberty more than sickness and death.
  • On a political spectrum, the term libertarian should relate to anti-authoritarian. So, I can see how the case can be made against socialized healthcare for them. It's not really about true freedom or liberty. And in the US anyway, it's largely just facade co-opted by the fascist [authoritarian and wealthy] right wing, ironically.

    The word "Libertarian" in US has less relation to the dictionary definition than "Republican" and "Democrat". These are names of parties over here, even if they have a namesake of governmental mechanisms.


    Ron Johnson said in a single breath that he was a libertarian and opposed the legalization of marijuana.

    Find the average "libertarian" policy position on border policies.

    US politics is unfortunately entrenched in tribalism rather than searching for the right tool to match a job or solve a problem and maximize outcomes, the libertarians over here are no exception.

  • Home Improvement recapitated
    Talk me out of an 18" dishwasher. (or into it)

    I am currently redesigning my kitchen in a 1930's Midwestern USA house. The kitchen has a decent floor area but the floor plan is oddly restrictive.

    My space next to the sink is such that I can either have a standard 24" dishwasher next to the sink and a slightly weird cabinet adjacent to it, or I could have an 18 inch dishwasher at 45 degrees flanked by two small but reasonably sized cabinet doors (or drawers), although the 45 degree plan would dictate a somewhat shallow custom counter depth on the flanks (like 18-20 inches).

    I think I would be more proud of the accomplishment of building the angled design, and I think the ergonomics would be optimal.

    But I'm not sure about the smaller dishwasher. I have never used a smaller one. It seems like it would be enough for my small family and still plenty helpful for gatherings.

    What are your arguments for or against letting it mellow if it is yellow?

    And if you somehow disagree with flushing it down if it is brown, I suppose I would like to hear about that as well.

    What are your ear buds cleaning rituals?

    How often do you clean them, and how? Any cautionary tales?

    Shitty Ask Lemmy recapitated
    If used condoms are boner ghosts, how come they never move?
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