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What is the best strategy to grow lemmy community/instance?

From my experience and from what I'm seeing there are two ways of how people get on the platform in general:

  • slowly, over time - this results from people getting to know the platform through various ways
  • rapidly, which basically results from some fuckup of other players, and it has to be a pretty big fuckup cause the strength of the bonds that people developed with FB, TT and reddit and the established network effect is huge.

I try to grow my instance. Obviously I'm doing approach number one, cause we are not in the middle of any fuckup currently. And it's tedious. People just ignore you. Cause your communities are basically empty. But they won't grow without people. And it's a vicious circle. And so when I'm doing that I don't have time to create content on the other hand. But creating content when nobody is reading is also tedious. But without content people won't come here. Another vicious circle!

And of course, in my case I'm alone. But we could assume that there is more than one person, maybe there are 2 or 3 or more. They might still struggle with similar problem.

So there is option number two - wait for the next fuckup. But you have to be prepared. So try to build content. Without engagement obviously. Talk to an empty wall. Like many succesful content creators did in the beginning. And then fuckup happens. And when you suddenly have a wave of new users, they see that you at least try to make a good content. This content might attract the wave.

Idk, I'm just wondering how I should invest my time and energy. Maybe we need to be flexible. Maybe do a little bit of both right?

What do you think about it? How do you grow your communities? Especially in the beginning? There should be some 101 article on this with some list or something. Or even a lemmy community "growing_fedi_community"


Do you think Reddit IPO is going to affect the fediverse?

One week is left to reddit IPO. Should we be prepared for increased discussion on the internet about social media and fediverse? It would be a good time for our instance promotion. Apparently WallStreetBets are preparing to short the reddit stock, they might be onto something. If they will be succesful I think fediverse will be mentioned.

On the other hand, I just went to WSB. Looks like they aren't really interested in fediverse. Almost no talk about it


Ideas for subforums

I came up with some ideas for subforums. I just created a subforum in my instance called "Made in Poland". The idea is to share polish both big and small local businesses so that polish people who are more conscious of the need of supporting their own economic environment this way have a nice source of data.

I thought that this subforum could also be helpful for non polish people, like tourists that might want to buy local stuff when they visit. And in turn I thought about another forum for people who maybe would want to know about my country. Havent yet made it but it would be a forum where people post things about Poland that every visitor, every person interseted in our country should know. Probably only good stuff (XD I mean every country has their dark side, but maybe thats for a even different subforum XD) that we are most proud of, you know. Like best places to see, best food to eat, events and so on.

And I thought that maybe you might wanted to do something analogous but for USA (I assume that's HC's country of origin, unless your aiming at being an international instance, but that still doesnt exclude possibility I talking about )? So you could similarly do subforum called "Made in USA" and "Best of USA" or something like that for people that are not from US. I'm not sure if this would be practical given the fact how enormous your country is but maybe? So maybe don't include companies like Apple or Google which I think everyone knows are from US and I'm not sure if nowadays these companies are best examples of companies to be proud of (saying that and I'm still using google products every day xd). And also best of "USA" would be place to show what you are most proud of about your country, best places to see etc for non US people to know when they visit or just want to know. Maybe in your case it would be better to create more fragmented subforums? Idk

Just food for thought

EDIT: I removed part about covering news by each instance. Not sure if it makes sense. At least for you I mean. Plenty of sources to find on the web I guess. In our case though its different cause only polish know polish so maybe that's something to think about.


Apparently there is a way to get to know the fediverse instance hosting IP even if we are behind proxy like cloudflare

it's about activitypub protocol itself calling our real host public key to validate http signature . Is that commonly known fact and can the fediverse be improved here?


[for future generations] Ok guys I can confirm that reddit immediately shadowbans a user after they create post from Tor with an account created with Tor.

If anyone has more cases would be nice to know. For example if I create account with tor but post not from tor? Or If I create account without tor but post with tor? etc

another case: [POST, Tor created account, normal browser, cleaned cookies, same PC, post created short after creating account]: not shadowbanned but can't post, getting error "Sorry, this post was removed by reddit filters"

UPDATE: So I think if you try to post on sub from account that was banned on sub, reddit tags the title, body and image and so next time no matter the account if you try post same content, it wont go through. That's what happened to me at least. I tweaked a title a bit, and trimmed the image and reddit finally accepted it.

Will be updating this maybe. I'm trying to post something to community I was banned from.


Idea for promotion

Reddit had a short outage (that's what you say it?) today. What came to my mind is we could use a script that checks if reddit has issues and if it has it could notify us through gmail or whatever and then we have we quickly make a twitter post with appropriate hashtags #redditdown etc. Everyone during outage goes to twitter to ask what happened, that's how they could know we exist. How we can check if the reddit is down? Haven't investigated it yet. There is this site or starters:

EDIT: Not sure if it's worth the effort because such events occur very rarely.

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