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[for future generations] Ok guys I can confirm that reddit immediately shadowbans a user after they create post from Tor with an account created with Tor.

If anyone has more cases would be nice to know. For example if I create account with tor but post not from tor? Or If I create account without tor but post with tor? etc

another case: [POST, Tor created account, normal browser, cleaned cookies, same PC, post created short after creating account]: not shadowbanned but can't post, getting error "Sorry, this post was removed by reddit filters"

UPDATE: So I think if you try to post on sub from account that was banned on sub, reddit tags the title, body and image and so next time no matter the account if you try post same content, it wont go through. That's what happened to me at least. I tweaked a title a bit, and trimmed the image and reddit finally accepted it.

Will be updating this maybe. I'm trying to post something to community I was banned from.