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The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • they voted for a geriatric...

    Joe Biden has won ONE state in all 2020 primary and general elections where there was a major party candidate that was running below the age of retirement: South Carolina, and that was because everyone skipped it in preparation for super tuesday.

    The other 99 contests either Biden lost or everyone still running was over 65.

  • Ridiculed Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror
  • They realized that no matter how much they charged as a one time fee, the people the got the one time fee enterprise license would eventually cost them more in computational costs them the fee. So they switched it to 6000 image generations, which wasn't enough for most of the community that made fixes and trained loras, so none of the "cool" community stuff will work with SD3.

  • Abortion Is More Popular Than Ron DeSantis
  • Just hope this isn't the reverse of gay marriage.

    SCOTUS legalizes gay relationships -> bunch of states pass constitutional amendments banning gay marriage -> SCOTUS overturns all those amendments by legalizing it nationwide

    SCOTUS overturns Roe -> bunch of states pass constitutional amendments protecting abortion rights -> SCOTUS overturns all those amendments by banning it nationwide

  • If at first you don't succeed...
  • Why learn to program computers or make art over years of training when half way through AI can come and take your job prospects and make it so all that time was waisted? Something that you can learn quick you can do for a while before it becomes obsolete.

  • Centrist Benny Gantz is quitting Israel's war Cabinet, citing frustrations with Netanyahu
  • Could Israel not pursue this war without the US?

    They could get weapons from other people or build them themselves, but the real question is could Bibi keep his coalition together with various international pressures applied. As soon as an election is called - if the hostages are not back ... well everyone knows what happened to Jimmy Carter.

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • While that might not be economically feasible, I've always wondered why plug-in electrics couldn't send power back into the grid. No solar? Send energy onto the grid during the day from the car and recharge during the off-hours at night. Solar? Recharge during the day and send energy onto the grid at night. Just make sure to set a minimum charge that will get you to a charging station.

  • Record-Breaking Accomplishments On Jobs And Unemployment Under Biden
  • Back during the last turn down, everyone's houses became worth almost nothing, but no one could pay the mortgage because there were no jobs!

    This time around, there are plenty of jobs, but people still can't pay the mortgage, since house prices are through the roof and the jobs aren't paying enough.

  • James Webb telescope finds carbon at the dawn of the universe, challenging our understanding of when life could have emerged | Live Science
  • I wonder what this means for the "warm universe" concept: that at a certain point from insanely hot right after big bang to freezing cool depths of space, there was a point at which the entire universe was warm enough to allow for the development of life in space. One of the problems with those theories was that carbon wasn't present when the universe was warm enough to have liquid water in deep space.

  • 3D Turn Test

    Gave up on ICON/PaMir/PiFu/Eva3D ever working on my computer and tried to make it work on my own.

    Workflow: Stable diffusion, Automatic1111. -Text2Img something that your model know the back and front of with a prompt. -Take image, feed into Depth map script, output Left/Right stereogram -Cut Stereogram into two pieces, feed either left or right into img2img with same prompt, low but non-zero de-noising, and depth map script again. Repeat on same side.

    Still need to play with the settings (de-noising and depth shift), up the resolution, change the prompt a bit while rotating. Hope someone else has better luck than I did. Anyone have a better workflow?