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At least 1,300 hajj pilgrims died during extreme heat, Saudi Arabia says
  • While it is a horrible tragedy. It is a preventable one.

    And given the sheer amount of pilgrims (2,5 million by some estimates), it could have been a lot worse. Given that size some will die by sheer statistical probability.

  • Exclusive: Majority Of Voters Want Next Government To Take UK Back Into European Union
  • While what you are saying is true, the far right has been gaining recently all over Europe. And they have been more vocal about what they want.

  • What's your "back pocket" wish?
  • The problem is that they didn't want to pay dreamhost for a certificate. So https doesn't work. You need to use

    Except for some reason Jerboa (the client that I use) obstinately rewrites that to use https.

  • What's your "back pocket" wish?
  • Site not found.

  • Judge in Trump classified documents case to hear validity of special counsel's appointment, gag order request - ABC News
  • The US "justice" system is f*ked. Crooked judges all the way up to the supreme court.

    This delay tactic is just one of Many examples of how Trump has evaded jail time.

  • 'This kind of growth can’t be sustained’: As inflation rises, payday loans are undermining the Russian economy and threatening a new crisis
  • Payday loans are a cancer upon a society and should be banned everywhere.

    But Russia is going to be Russia I guess. "And then things got worse."

  • Kremlin bots spam internet with fake celebrity quotes against Ukraine
  • Yes!

    As stupid as it sounds people trust them more than the experts. We live in the post truth times anyway.

  • Saudi Arabia ends 80-year petrodollar deal with US for multi-currency sales
  • This is a momentous shift. The almighty petro-dollar has been dealt a serious blow.

  • Ukraine tests latest Finnish equipment

    The Defence Ministry has been relatively tight-lipped regarding the contents of Finnish aid packages for the war-torn country.

    Ukraine tests latest Finnish equipment
    Proton Pass for Linux
  • Shhhhh, don't give them ideas!

  • Do you still have a pay phone in your city or town?
  • We haven't had them in decades. They can only be found in museums.

  • Uusimmat tiedot Valkeakosken henkirikoksesta: yksi pidätetty, some auttoi mahdollisesti tytön löytymisessä

    Poliisi on aloittanut kuulustelut. Pidätettyä miestä epäillään tällä hetkellä taposta ja törkeästä lapsenraiskauksesta.

    Uusimmat tiedot Valkeakosken henkirikoksesta: yksi pidätetty, some auttoi mahdollisesti tytön löytymisessä
    iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • And a charging port. A screen if you are clumsy.

  • You are transformed into an animal of your choice, and must send a message to the president in order to turn back. wdyd?
  • Plot twist: You don't live in a zoo or as a pet. You are in the wild forests of South West China that are being logged. You run for your life as your habitat is being destroyed.

  • Jättimato and snipuhiisi doubleteaming me

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    A huge update has been pushed to me main branch!

    All of the new stuff in the beta branch has been pushed to the main branch. tons of new spells, enemies, materials, chemical reactions etc.etc.


    Noita's NEW amazing secret & unsolved Cessation questline...

    New content on the beta-branch!!


    Noita Devs, I Hate You


    Noita New Year's Content Patches!


    Potion mixing in the beta branch

    Crazy effects can be had with potion mixing as shown by DunkOrSlam


    A new species of mosquitoes potentially carrying West Nime virus found in Finland A new species of mosquitoes found in Finland – official count of species now at 44 | University of Helsinki

    The mosquito species Culex modestus has been found in Finland for the first time. In Southern Europe it is known to spread West Nile virus, but it is highly unlikely for the disease to occur in Finland.

    A new species of mosquitoes found in Finland – official count of species now at 44 | University of Helsinki

    Even though they probably don't cause illness this far north, this is worrying.


    New modifier spells , new enemies, utility box and various spell fixes in the beta branch


    FEATURE: Added 7 modifier spells FEATURE: Added 4 new enemies FEATURE: Item - Utility box UPDATE: Adjusted various spell mana costs and prices


    BUGFIX: Fixed Explosive Detonator being bugged in certain circumstances BUGFIX: Fixed a boss not dropping all the spells it was meant to BUGFIX: Fixed a secret dropping spells that it shouldn't BUGFIX: Fixed multiple spells have some erroneous/missing data


    Meat biome and other updates to beta branch


    FEATURE: Added 3 new enemies FEATURE: Added new small biome UPDATE: Shiny Orb is now more lucrative UPDATE: Moved a boss into a slightly more accessible spot


    FEATURE: Spell - Holy lance


    BUGFIX: Fixed Hookbolt having a buggy sprite BUGFIX: Fixed Giga White Hole not repelling projectiles BUGFIX: Fixed certain spell unlocks happening in an unintended way


    I finally got 100% progress!

    This has been 654,1 hours in the making.


    Rare materials and chemical reactions added to the beta branch


    FEATURE: Added new rare materials FEATURE: Added chemical reactions


    MODDING: LaserEmitterComponent - ConfigLaser - added damage_apply_hitbox_dmg_multiplier