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/u/outwrangle before everything went to shit in 2020, /u/emma_lazarus for a while after that, now I’m all queermunist!

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Ocasio-Cortez Says Democrats Who 'Resign Themselves to Fascism' Should Retire
  • He also calls for giving Israel veto power for the existence of a Palestinian state i.e. it'll never happen. If he wanted a Palestinian state then he would recognize it now the way other countries are doing.

    But you know what?

    The two state solution is a fucking joke anyway. If this was South Africa, would the solution be a two state solution?

    He's just lying so people in the US stop calling him Genocide Joe and vote for him.

  • Ocasio-Cortez Says Democrats Who 'Resign Themselves to Fascism' Should Retire
  • Every single one that endorsed Joe Biden, who is helping Israel carry out a genocide. He's a genocidier.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • To clarify, I didn't say to ban the ingredient itself, just foods with added sugars i.e. sugar-sweetened beverages, sugary snacks and junk food, sugary breakfast cereals, etc. We're talking about this in context of the tax, which doesn't ban raw bags of sugar.

    If someone wants a teaspoon of sugar in their coffee at home then whatever, that's not the source of the public health crisis. The problem is from convenience and processed foods. We could solve the problem. We won't.

  • Ocasio-Cortez Says Democrats Who 'Resign Themselves to Fascism' Should Retire
  • Is she talking about the so-called """progressives""" that have resigned themselves to endorsing a genocidier? 🤔

  • People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • Not my experience at all! If I'm day dreaming it's 100% narrative. Brains are weird.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • Not what I said.

    I said I prefer a ban instead of a tax. A tax just bans sugar for the poor. A ban effects everyone, so it's fair and more effective.

    But also, the optimum solution instead of a tax or a ban would be to make people's lives better so they don't kill themselves.

  • It's Only One Vote
  • The Court is out of control and you have nothing to say about it except "nuh uh!"

  • It's Only One Vote
  • Stick your head in the sand, I'm sure they won't sneak up on you while you're hiding away from reality.

    Prove me wrong. Show me literally any mechanism that can constrain the Courts that hasn't already been ruled out by Democrats and doesn't require Republicans to vote for it. They can accept bribes and overturn any law they want and openly support insurrectionists and there's jack shit anyone can do about it.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • Well to start, everything that's included in this sugar tax. Does anyone really need this garbage?

    But really, it's more important to give people lives that are good so they don't get sucked in to unhealthy behaviors.

    Give people something to live for any they won't kill themselves.

  • It's Only One Vote
  • SCOTUS can do literally anything it wants, they're not constrained by any actual rules or laws or anything.

  • AI taking over the world
  • The problem isn't that AI is going to catch up.

    It doesn't need to.

    As long as it's "good enough" then it'll replace us because it'll save the owners 0.01% in operational costs.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • That's why I favor outright banning added sugars, or even better, improve their lives so much that they don't want to fill the void with sugar.

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • They'll rule it's Constitutional to hunt Democrats for their pelts and you'll still be pretending the Court is legitimate. 🙄

  • Trump documents case dismissed by federal judge
  • That's the Thomas two-step. He uses these concurrences to issue marching orders to the judges below him, so that it can be challenged up to the Supreme Court and then his concurrence becomes precedent.

  • is it normal that I need to apply more sunscreen to certain parts of my body?
  • Your... face doesn't need sunscreen? That's the opposite of my experience!

  • LGBTQ+ Congress members all condemn Trump assassination attempt
  • Abortion bans are political violence.

    Political violence is already here. You can't stop it by being civil to Nazis

  • This wasnt even that long ago
  • I prefer the theory that he was a radical centrist.

  • People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • How do you think quickly if you need to say everything in your mind? Is the voice very quick?

    Pretty quick, yeah. It's basically my voice, but also, I don't need to breathe or move my mouth or anything. Ever heard the term "stream of consciousness"? Also, grammar and punctuation aren't necessary, I can just talktalktalktalktalk and I understand myself because I always know what I'm saying.

    I'm sure if you could listen to my thoughts it would sound like a fucking mess tho lol

    But also, there's a difference between when I'm just thinking about stuff to myself and when I'm busy doing something. If I'm in a flow state or "in the zone", I don't necessarily monologue everything I'm doing. I just do it, y'know? It's only when I slow down to think that my thoughts actually become dialogue again.

    It’s also unfathomable to me how people can think of what they need to do tomorrow and not see it.

    I can't imagine why you need to see it! I know I need to lay some mulch on my garden tomorrow, I don't need to visualize that? I can just make a mental note of it and keep that thought stored away as part of a to-do list. What would I even use pictures for when I can just tell myself "I need to do X, Y, and Z"?

    I just think we don’t understand our own internal processes very well. The conscious part may come long after we had the thought and if you say it or see it doesn’t matter.

    Well yeah, consciousness is an illusion. I think they've demonstrated with active brain scans that our conscious thoughts come after we've already made subconscious decisions. We make up our minds before we know it, consciousness is more like a way we convince ourselves to do the things we've already decided we want to do.

  • Political Violence Makes The Task Of Stopping Trump And Fascism Much Harder
  • They'd still need a figurehead to become the President. Who could it even be, without splintering Trump's coalition into disparate factions?

  • LGBTQ+ Congress members all condemn Trump assassination attempt
  • Do you think the right is waiting for permission from us? Did you forget about the plot to kidnap Gretchen Witmer? Or when Paul Pelosi was assaulted with a hammer by a right wing home invader? Or, you know, when they tried to do a coup?

    The right already believes it's okay.

  • Loaded mashed potatoes with a side of spicy cauliflower morsels

    The potatoes are mixed with fried tvp, peas, and carrots. The cauliflower are breaded and airfried, coated with a spicy buffalo barbecue sauce.

    Miiiight have cooked a little too much tho 😅

    Also here's an action shot !


    Potato Shipwreck

    Carmelized onions and garlic, cubed potatoes, bell peppers, and egg substitute; topped with hot-sauce, with a cup of white chai on the side.


    Chili Topped With Airfried Beans

    Just a simple chili made with four tomatoes, one onion, half a bell pepper, a three chipotles in abado sauce, a clove of garlic, a couple tbsp of chili powder, a tbsp of oil, and then topped with nooch and air fried kidney beans.

    I think I'll spring for mango or pineapple next time.


    Spicy Soy Sauce Ramen

    Did you know soy sauce Top Ramen is vegan? Maruchan isn't so don't get em confused!

    The greens are raw sweet peas and green onion.


    Veggie BLTs

    I've been slowly adding more and more veggies through experimentation, but now I'm at the point where I either need to use bigger tortillas or just be more picky about which veggies I want 😅 this is the configuration I'm using right now, though in the summer I like to use avacado instead of sauce.


    I heat the tortillas in a pan with a light coat of walnut oil and black pepper and assemble my fixins in the pan itself. !

    Sauce is also homemade! I save all the vinegar from pickled jalapenos and then mix that with equal parts coconut oil in a heated pan, then combine it with whatever seasoning I'm feeling like during that batch (rn I'm using nooche, though sometimes I go for an onion sauce or mustard). It's not super precise so there's no recipe, I've just got a feel from experimentation.

    Also the fake-on bits are actually a cheap local veriety I've found. Basically just smoke and salt flavored crunchy soy chips.

    Once I'm done, I pack up my chopped veggies to do this again in a couple days. I usually make four at a time every two days, and these are my pre-shift and mid-shift work meals. Served with a thicc pea protein chocolate drink.



    Biden considering executive action to close southern border, sources say Biden considering executive action to close southern border, sources say | CNN Politics

    The White House is considering executive action that would allow President Joe Biden to effectively shut down the border to migrants crossing unlawfully, according to three sources familiar with the matter—a maneuver reminiscent of controversial action from the Donald Trump ...

    Biden considering executive action to close southern border, sources say | CNN Politics

    And you all told me the blue maga border bill that Republicans rejected was 4d chess.


    Beans and rice on tortilla chips

    Kidney beans and rice with taco seasoning, caramelized onion and garlic, and I found out I can get dried habaneros near me! Definitely growing those this year, I forgot how good they are (haven't had any since before the pandemic 🥲 )

    Also that Perrona sauce is... okay. It's really sweat, throws off everything. Also not nearly as spicy as I was hoping! It's a cool color, you can't really tell but it's actually green, but it just didn't hurt me the way I like 😌


    Bean & Rice Tacos

    Pintos and white rice seasoned with cumin, cayenne, garlic, nooch, salt, msg, walnut oil, and then served with taco fixins on hard shells 💪


    Butter beans, raw brocc, and white rice

    I used to think I didn't really like beans, but when I got an airfryer I decided to see what they'd be like if I cooked them differently. Amazing~✨

    Smaller beans become a delicious crunchy topping or filling, highly recommended, but what's really interesting is those huge butter beans. They're disturbingly similar to chicken breast when cooked this way, so I cooked up some white rice, cut up some ice cold broccoli, and fried up some butter beans 8 minutes with walnut oil at 400o F

    And that's it! Super simple but so so sooo good.

    7 Israel orders more Gazans to flee, bombs areas where it sends them

    Israel ordered people out of swathes of the main southern city in the Gaza Strip on Monday as it pressed its ground campaign deep into the south, sending desperate residents fleeing even as it dropped bombs on areas where it told them to go.

    Israel orders more Gazans to flee, bombs areas where it sends them

    In Khan Younis, many of those taking flight on Monday were already displaced from other areas. Abu Mohammed told Reuters it was now the third time he had been forced to flee since abandoning his home in Gaza City in the north.

    "Why did they eject us from our homes in Gaza (City) if they planned to kill us here?" he said.

    At a home in Khan Younis that was struck overnight, flames licked the collapsed masonry and grey smoke billowed out from the rubble. A child's stuffed toy of a sheep lay in a pile of dust. Boys were picking through the wreckage. Next door, Nesrine Abdelmoty stood amid damaged furniture in the rented room where she lives with her divorced daughter and two-year-old baby.

    "We were sleeping at 5 a.m. when we felt things collapse, everything went upside down," she told Reuters. "They told (people) to move from the north to Khan Younis, since the south is safer. And now, they've bombed Khan Younis. Even Khan Younis is not safe now, and even if we move to Rafah, Rafah is not safe as well. Where do they want us to go?"

    6 ‘All men 16 years and above, raise your hands’: how al-Shifa raid unfolded

    Israeli troops entered Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital in a ‘targeted operation’ at 3am and remained there well into the afternoon

    ‘All men 16 years and above, raise your hands’: how al-Shifa raid unfolded

    The end of the article jumped out at me:

    >The Palestinian health ministry said 40 patients died on Tuesday, after five days without the fuel needed to power generators that fed dialysis machines and other vital medical equipment. The hospital had also run out of clean water, and doctors said they were subsisting on dates to survive as food supplies dwindled to nothing.

    >Corpses were piled in front of the hospital, with staff too terrified to move between buildings. The UN’s office for humanitarian affairs said staff at al-Shifa, for decades the linchpin of Gaza’s medical system, had begun preparations for a mass grave to entomb 180 bodies in front of the facility, as there was no way for them to leave in order to bury the dead.

    15 36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks: Workers are being burnt out by overtime

    Americans say they are being required to work an exorbitant amount of overtime to compensate for staffing shortages that have plagued the economy.

    36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks: Workers are being burnt out by overtime

    Of particular note:

    >The Association of American Railroads, which represents freight railway operators, said its members have been hiring in recent years to address staffing needs and recognize employees' desire for better scheduling. The group said the number of overtime hours worked by BMWE union members increased to 4.7 hours per week in 2022, compared to 4 hours in 2016.

    >Cory Ludwig, who works as a machine operator repairing railway tracks in Iowa, said he’s been working Saturdays and some Sundays along with 10- to 12-hour shifts since September. Recently, he worked 13 days without a day off. With the mandatory Saturday work, he’s had to rely on friends and relatives to take care of his five-year-old and nine-year-old kids. He said the overtime demands have increased as he’s seen the number of workers assigned to his crew go down.

    >“You fall asleep and then you wake up in the morning and you go right back to work. It can really break a person down, it gets really wearing on a person after a while,” Ludwig said. “With less people trying to do the same amount of work, working long hours, working multiple weeks in a row without one day off, you get irritated and you get burnt out.”

    >Recently one of the union’s members had been working 22 hours straight when he fell asleep on the job, an error that could have put his colleagues’ lives at risk but also could have been avoided had the employee had a rest period, said Ballew. Another member was recently disciplined for refusing to work through his scheduled days off on short notice so he could care for a family member having health issues, Ballew said.

    >“The stress it puts on marriages and parenting and the things you leave behind for your spouse to deal with or the things you miss, that kind of stress builds up,” said Ballew. “In the rail industry, we have noticed recently a spat of suicides and I can’t help but think there is a correlation there.”

    Thank God Biden stopped the railroad strike!

    I swear if I hear another fucker say that the railroad workers got everything they wanted because Biden helped them negotiate I'll lose it.

    Good thing I voted for the lesser evil in 2020! Gosh if I had stuck to principles we'd have had a genocide or something 😒


    Did Israel bomb a civilian evacuation route in Gaza? | Financial Times Did Israel bomb a civilian evacuation route in Gaza?

    Experts say evidence suggests most likely cause was a missile

    The nug:

    >While assertions have been made by both sides about the incident and death toll, the available evidence is less clear. However, analysis of the video footage rules out most explanations aside from an Israeli strike.

    >The devastation underlines the heightened risk civilians are facing as tens of thousands flee the north, on Israeli orders, during hostilities. The bodies of at least three children can be seen in multiple clips verified by the FT.

    >At least 1,400 Israelis have been killed, according to the government, including many women and children. At least 2,500 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardment, about half of them women and below the age of 18, according to Palestinian officials.

    >On Saturday, Israel told Gazans that it would refrain from bombing two evacuation routes for six hours, including Salah-ad-Din street, where these explosions took place, so that civilians could continue to move south


    A 57-year-old UPS driver in Texas died after collapsing in the heat while making deliveries

    >Following months of negotiations with Teamsters, UPS announced in June that it would install air conditioning in new trucks starting next year. The company said it would send new trucks to the hottest parts of the country first, if possible. The company also said it would retrofit its existing package cars with cab fans, exhaust heat shields, and cargo area ventilation.

    >"While these improvements will make a difference in the months and years ahead, we had to fight like hell to secure them," the Teamsters union said in its social media post Thursday. "Chris Begley should still be alive to experience them. All companies, including UPS, need to remember that their past failings to protect workers can have deadly serious consequences in the future."

    Chris Bagley should still be alive and it's a damn shame the Teamsters failed to protect him from social murder. Only new trucks? Only next year? They drove trucks without fans, heat shields, and ventilation? What the fuck.

    The Teamsters could have, at the very least, demand a total halt on driving trucks without fucking fans. "Oh but that'll cause package delays!" Well I guess we just have to murder drivers for the sake of logistics.

    If anyone tells me how great and historic the new contract is one more fucking time I'll fucking lose it.

    United States | News & Politics queermunist she/her

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on How She’s Changed - The New York Times

    >I want to read you two recent headlines from New York magazine. They were written within a week of each other. The first is “A.O.C. Is Just a Regular Old Democrat Now,” and that accuses you of compromising on your progressive ideals as you work within the party system. And then came the rebuttal, which was “The ‘A.O.C. Left’ Has Achieved Plenty,” which argued that your wing has pushed the party leftward. Why do you think your role is still being parsed this way by Democrats and by those on the left?

    >>Part of it is because we haven’t really had a political presence like this in the United States before. I think very often you had this consummate insider that was bankrolled by corporate money and advancing this, frankly, very neoliberal agenda. And those were the people that we were used to seeing in power. And so I think over time there’s been an inherent association between power, ascent and quote-unquote selling out.

    >>I often say to my grass-roots companions that the left, for a very long time, was not used to having power in the United States. And so when we encounter power, we’re so bewildered by it —

    Yes, the reason we are suspicious of you is because we're too fucking stupid to understand. Thank you boss queen!!!

    >Moving your ideas internationally, even if they might conflict with the foreign policy of the leader of your own party?

    >>I wouldn’t necessarily characterize my foreign policy goals as oppositional to the president’s or to the United States. I am a member of Congress. I have sworn an oath to this country, and I take that oath very seriously.

    That says it all, doesn't it?

    >Do you feel more comfortable in the Democratic Party now? The way you described it initially was fraught. They rejected you, and you were definitely trying to change the party. You have said you’ve pushed the party leftward. Many would agree. So is it OK to be a regular Democrat now?

    >>The activist in me always seeks to agitate for more. I think despite there being progress, many people are still woefully underserved in this country. But the Democratic Party has changed dramatically in the last five years. Even if you just look at the numbers, I believe it’s something around 50 percent of House Democrats have been elected since 2018. And so what is considered center and moderate now is dramatically different than what it was five years ago.

    No no wait, that says it all.

    Being center and moderate is good now folks!

    14 Big win for Kimberly Sheets bucks Warren County trend

    Republicans thought they could win Warren County with a 2020 election denier. Kimberly Sheets proved them wrong.

    Big win for Kimberly Sheets bucks Warren County trend

    >County GOP activists could have picked a less controversial nominee for the auditor's race, but they stuck with Whipple. The move backfired spectacularly.

    Overreaching is the norm for the Party now because the base doesn't give a shit about electability anymore. That's good for Democrats... until Republicans stop caring about elections entirely.


    Over half of likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers believe Trump won 2020 election

    Imagine the thought process of "the election was stolen, so I'll vote harder next time"

    Extremely American


    What the hell is this horror show shit that keeps showing up in Pocket?

    Look at it! What is that? It looks kind of like a cross section of a human, kind of, except the eyes are pools of blackened fire and the brain is sending electrical pulses out to... are those Jupiters? Why? Why??? This is absolute nightmare shit lol