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I don't have a problem.
  • That is very fast. I count in days.

  • What email client are you guys using?
  • I recently (months ago) switched back to Evolution from Thunderbird. I used both of them several years. I had a webmail phase in between. Thunderbird has/had enoying issues displaying mail threads.

    For calender I switched to gnome-calendar, because it looks very modern.

  • What's the best light desktop env to install in a Linux distro?
  • You could try Niri. I have tested it with a ~10 year old notebook with a 1st gen Core i5 cpu.

    But, even newest Gnome runs smooth on this machine.

  • What is your favourite shell to use
  • Even on Windows I try to avoid Powershell. I use bash through GitBash there, too. But, I don't mind using Powershell for work, because some workflows are already implemented in ps1-scripts.

  • She takes after her dad
  • It is a bit sad, too!

  • #148 Variable Styles · This Week in GNOME
  • It is nice to see improvements to the file chooser, but why do buttons look so different from all other buttons in Gnome? What was wrong with the less rounded buttons?

  • #148 Variable Styles · This Week in GNOME
  • It is nice to see improvements to the file chooser, but why do buttons look so different from all other buttons in Gnome? What was wrong with the less rounded buttons?

  • Love me some arbitrary executed code /s (Plasmoids are not themes)
  • This is so wrong. Especially the assumption that almost no one would want to have more than 1 DE installed.

    Most DEs have their own configuration which don't conflict.

    If the maintainer of a distribution has their shit together library incompatibility is no issue. Even on Gentoo you have to ignore everything portage is trying to tell you before you get in trouble.

    In the past I even ran two DEs at the same time, sort of. You could start an xfce-panel while using enlightment or good old classic windowmaker.

    Later I used Gnome and running my own fork of dwm in a nested Xserver. With wayland this option hasn't gone thanks to Xwayland.

    If systemd is correctly set up for it, you get a different seat for every DE, no matter if some seats are hosting the same DE or a different one. I am not sure what will happen if you have several graphical logins with the same user, never tried it.

  • Thoughts on the Epiphany Browser? (not Chrome botnet crap, or even FF-based, GTK+ WebKit-based) (+ A good framework for web automation?)
  • I recently switched to gnome-web (epiphany) from qutebrowser because it has gotten better in the past months. If a page makes the browser slow, I blame the webpage. In most cases, I can avoid the shitty webpage.

    But still, I hope it catches up for the instances I have no choice and open a different browser for a specific webpage.

  • Senior dev be like...
  • "I cannot attend EOD daily today, I have to get the kids from school early."

  • Senior dev be like...
  • I have a blocker for Friday afternoon meetings.

  • Linkedin
  • It goes on like this:







  • text clarity on windows is so good, can I get the same on linux?
  • I wonder what someone has to do to have worse looking font rendering on Linux. I find the font rendering on Windows worse in every regard and inconsistent (size). On Linux I just set hinting to slight and anti-aliasing to greyscale and all my fonts look nice. Same font with same size on Windows (VSCode is the only program I use on both OS) looks slightly blurred; only the fact that my work display has a higher pixels density makes it ok for me.

  • Battery sizes explained
  • That's why they are only half the length. ^^

  • Linux Mint looks to fork more GNOME Apps because of libAdwaita
  • Yes, the minimize button can go away as soon there is an extension that re-adds it for users running gnome classic (a set of gnome shell extensions which includes a classic task bar).

  • Be careful /s
  • Sheeps are cute!

  • Did Fedora 40 break something for you?
  • Thx, that was what I needed to understand Fedora atomic a bit better. Cool concept!

  • Did Fedora 40 break something for you?
  • Does Fedora atomic use a rolling release model?

  • Dual booters be like
  • I care.

  • I’m a social vegan, I avoid meet


    Gentoo-based distros

    I am looking for a distro that is based on Gentoo or is heavily inspired by it. I am a long-time Gentoo user and Debian on system where I don't have the time to maintain it. I love the flexibility of Gentoo, but although my hardware keeps up, I find my self often not willing to wait hours for an update on my main machine. I am glad that there are some binary packages for some programs and I use flatpak, too. But even though, updates take too long, time I want to spend using my computer. I thought of going to Debian everywhere, because it is stable and does not move too fast regarding major updates. So, Arch-based distros are no option for me.

    Can someone of the community recommend any Gentoo-based distros?