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what are the pros and cons of apt vs flatpak?
  • I wonder how much work would be needed to make a "FreeDesktop Linux" complete OS, with the runtime + whatever it needs beyond that. Then when you install a flatpak, it's just like installing, uh, I didn't think this through tbh.

  • Patriarchy harms boys and men, too. Helping them realize this is key to erasing toxic masculinity
  • I have actually never felt entitled to these things. What I mostly feel is a responsibility. If something breaks I'm supposed to know how to fix it. Because of this I have become good at fixing things. If we are lost I'm supposed to find where we are, so I study maps before I go somewhere new. If a decision needs to be made, again, eyes turn to me, so I need to know a little about everything, and never look indecisive. If an unexpected expense comes up, I need to have money saved away for this purpose. The punishment for failing things like this is not disapproval from other men or feeling less masculine. The punishment is that I'm viewed as less by my girlfriend. This is how I think things go hand in hand. By helping women get empowered, we can share responsibilities. By women helping us feel valued for ourselves, worthy of love, desired as we are, we don't need to constantly fear being seen as less... then, I don't know. Maybe it would also lead to men feeling safer to be better human beings. The impossible dilemma now, for me, is that I'm still expected to be successful in the traditionally masculine things, while at the same time not being successful in the traditionally masculine things. No way to win.

  • Any good Debian-based OS for a laptop?
  • There's a difference between stability and reliability. Stable means that functionality is the same over a period of time, no major changes to how it works. Reliable means that it doesn't crash all the time. If something crashes the same way for the same reason, it's stable but not reliable. If something changes a lot but doesn't crash, it's reliable but not stable.
    In practice what it comes down to is a choice if you want outdated but known bugs or new surprise bugs.

  • tankie censorship problem
  • thread as in threaded posts as opposed to other parts of the fediverse with another layout. it's not about the instance Threads, but the type of fediverse service allowing a lemmy/kbin type of conversation.

  • Top 200 Defederated instances from the Fediverse (May 2024)
  • The difference, and the best part of the fediverse imho, is that if you're not happy with someone elses rules you can become your own admin and set your own rules. The more we centralize power the further we go against that idea.

  • Folders and files sorted skipping preceding underscores?
  • Are you using Caja file manager? If there's no setting, it could be that the authors of that file manager just wanted it that way. You can try other file managers like thunar and see if they are different?

  • Pi Pico and ESP32

    I've been trying to navigate the differences and limitations in practice between the Arduino Nano ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico, and I'm at a point where I just want to get one of them and start experimenting. Possibly some other brand ESP32. My goal is to learn micropython and hopefully make some simple projects. My question is: is there a big difference for a beginner which I get in terms of online resources and ease of use, any pitfalls to be aware of or useful tips?

    Me, who doesn't use 'AI'
  • If you ever do write with pen and paper, it takes little effort to focus on just one improvement. A first step could be to try to get a consistent height of letters. When I'm in a hurry my "o" and "i" become way smaller than, say, "e". Just a quick look when you're done writing and a reflection like "next time I'll try to make this letter as tall as that letter when I write". When all lower case letter are as tall, focus on something else, like ascender height or baseline. Maybe your "l" tilts more than your "t", then that's a good thing to fix. One small step at a time.

  • Strange double line due to misaligned mirror

    Turns out a misaligned mirror made the laser hit the lens in a weird way, and then bouncing off something on the way out to produce this double line. Probably. What kind of strange troubleshooting have you done and what was the reason/fix?


    About the bear...

    So, I'm just assuming we've all seen the discussions about the bear. Personally I feel that this is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think a little about it. The knee-jerk reaction from many men seems to be something along the lines of "You would choose a dangerous animal over me? That makes me feel bad about myself." which results in endless comments of the "Akchully... according to Bayes theorem you are much more likely to..." kind. It should be clear by now that it doesn't lead to good places. Maybe, and I'm open to being wrong, but maybe the real message is women saying: "We are scared of unknown men." Then, if that is the message intended, what do we do next? Maybe the best thing is just to listen. To ask questions. What have you experienced to make you feel that way? I firmly believe that the empathy we give lays a foundation for other people being willing to have empathy for the things we try to communicate. It doesn't mean we should feel bad about ourselves, but just to recognize that someone is trying to say something, and it's not a technical discussion about bears. What do you think?


    Andreas Tille becomes the new DPL

    Congratulations to Andreas! It seems like he has lots of ideas for how to improve things in packaging, and for communicating with other distros. Debian is a big ship to steer, and I personally hope the leader can facilitate people working together to reach our goals.


    What could your distro learn from another distro?

    For example, I'm using Debian, and I think we could learn a thing or two from Mint about how to make it "friendlier" for new users. I often see Mint recommended to new users, but rarely Debian, which has a goal to be "the universal operating system". I also think we could learn website design from.. looks at notes ..everyone else.


    DPL candidates

    What do you think of the platforms?


    OpenBSD 7.5 is released?

    The download page leads to install75.img, but the front page still says 7.4.



    I made this during a time I felt very lonely. Now I don't feel lonely anymore, I feel great (for reasons unrelated to crafting, but still).

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk

    Parsing HTML with regex



    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk

    Zero-clause BSD License


    Escaping % in \directlua

    Took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that \directlua is first expanded before it goes into the lua interpreter, and that \% is defined through \chardef (in plain), which means that it's not expandable. Luckily LuaTeX has the \csstring primitive. Is anyone else doing any fun things with \directlua?



    I was thinking about copyright and licenses today. If I understand correctly, if you create a work you automatically have copyright of that work. Someone created, say, the Zero-clause BSD license, which ought to mean that that person has copyright for the actual license text. Does that mean that we are not allowed to copy the license text without the license authors approval? The license refers to other works, but not itself. It would need to reference itself, or create some kind of infinite regress turtles all the way down kind of situation?

    Stitch 'n Bitch pmk

    Cross-stitch and GPL

    Hypothetically, if one cross-stitched a version of a picture that's licenced under the GPL, is this considered a "derivative work", and, what would be the practicalities of including the source and the license itself for redistributing? I mean the actual physical cross-stitched item. Has anyone done this before?

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk

    My Immortal

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk

    Kein Lebendiges...

    Whiteboard pen on random workplace whiteboard.

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk

    There's a...

    Felt tip pen on printer paper.


    The future of Linux

    I'm not proposing anything here, I'm curious what you all think of the future.

    What is your vision for what you want Linux to be?

    I often read about wanting a smooth desktop experience like on MacOS, or having all the hardware and applications supported like Windows, or the convenience of Google products (mail, cloud storage, docs), etc.

    A few years ago people were talking about convergence of phone/desktop, i.e. you plug your phone into a big screen and keyboard and it's now your desktop computer. That's one vision. ChromeOS has its "everything is in the cloud" vision. Stallman has his vision where no matter what it is, the most important part is that it's free software.

    If you could decide the future of personal computing, what would it be?


    Unhibernate times after ZZZ

    How long does it usually take for you to unhibernate after a ZZZ?

    I timed my laptop where it stops at the "unhibernating @ block xxxxxx length xxxMB", and these are my times:

    length 65MB: 1m 47s length 285MB: 3m 29s

    Are these normal times?

    Setting vm.swapencrypt.enable=0 makes no difference, and according to dmesg "acpi0: sleep states S0 S3 S4 S5".


    Output of file(1)

    Hello, I've tried to find someone else using OpenBSD in various places for a while now, but with no success, so I'm hoping someone will read this.

    I'm wondering what your output is from file(1) on a file you know has text encoded as UTF-8.

    On my system (7.3-stable) the output is "Non-ISO extended-ASCII text", and I'm trying to figure out if this is how it should be, or if I did something wrong setting up the system.

    So, if you have a computer with OpenBSD and a minute to spare, could you try running file(1) on a UTF-8 file and see if it identifies it as UTF-8 or "Non-ISO extended-ASCII text"?

    Thanks in advance