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Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • Skill issue tbh

  • egg_irl [Transfem meme]
  • Fucking me, exactly, so much. And it's so hard to get others to really understand too

  • Top Tips
  • Apparently I'm really good at sucking dick, despite only having done it a handful of times. I want to do it more but I'm wary of apps and don't really know how to meet people in person, I'm really shut in

  • How transwomen/transmen dream
  • I mostly dream of drowning myself

  • Teddy
  • What a stretch! I'm jealous

  • Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • Check out hardspace shipbreaker for that but good

  • Make the most of every moment
  • LIKE I LITERALLY QUOTED, your comment BEFORE that one

  • Make the most of every moment
  • No I mean "Eventually you'll be desperate enough to do something" sounding more like "eventually you'll work up to commiting suicide =D" than "eventually you'll be motivated to fix things =D"

  • I giggle every time rule
  • It's... so counterproductive. It's like zero waste, we don't need a few people doing it perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly. By being such dicks and so combative about it, they actively are stopping people from having anything to do with them and reducing their animal product consumption. I've recieved various responses to this, from "If someone being mean to you stops you from not continuing to torture animals then you're a really shitty person" (and like yeah you don't have to convince me, I'm already suicidal, but contrarianism and not liking groups that are dicks to you is human nature) to "I don't care, you're evil and deserve to feel bad" it really seems to me like those people ironically just like hurting others and don't really actually care about improving lives for animals. Give up animal products? Sure! Give up shitting on people? NEVER! Certainly not all vegans are this way but the vitriolic ones online certainly are and give the rest such a bad name.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • Girldick tho

  • I giggle every time rule
  • I can't handle not wanting to kill myself, let alone a giant change in diet. What's this, another way in which my existence is detrimental to others? Add it to the fucking pile, it'll be enough to get me to kms eventually.

  • Make the most of every moment
  • Oh if you're trying to positive, you should really rephrase the first comment.

  • Rule (Penance 15/100)
  • I sure wish my book was shorter

  • "If blaming women didn't fix your life, you just didn't blame them hard enough"
  • Being unable to secure a relationship is probably too specific, more just the loneliness epidemic in general. I guess it's less "being single" and more "utterly given up any hope of making romantic and/or intimate connections connections with another human being". One of those is a lot more suicide inducing than the other.

  • What a helpful little kid
  • Yeah, that's absolutely something a toddler would do

  • Make the most of every moment
  • People keep telling me I can't kill myself and that only makes me want to prove them wrong

  • An arriving plane and a departing one tried to use the same runway, spurring an investigation, FAA says
  • If no one gets the joke in the first place then there was nothing to ruin

  • Friendly encounter
  • Look at that periscope tail, she's si happy to make a new friend!

  • Squiring rule
  • It sounds to me like people on duty and people sleeping should not have any overlap hahaha

  • Any chance direct messages will be supported any time soon?

    It's the major thing holding me back from buying ad free. Trying to view dms instantly crashes the app and it's very frustrating.


    Stopped being able to be in denial on friday...

    and this popped into my head. As a friend said, it's confusing and scary but ignoring just makes you feel more confused and scared, and that's so accurate.