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I use Arch btw

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Cube Purchase Advice

I'm starting out with a cheap Mo Fang Ge brand cube but it's pretty stiff for my taste. I saw some videos about speedcubes and how you can adjust them and all that, thought it was neat. What are some good cubes out there? I would want to avoid any Chinese brand cubes if possible because cheap and Chinese probably means their workers aren't fairly compensated.

Edit: after much research, I don't think a non-chinese brand cube will be possible. So I guess recommend me whatever the best options are. From the $10-20 range would be a good price for me.


Solved My First Cube w/o Video Today!

Fastest was 4:17. I'm trying to match it

Learned how to do it w/ video yesterday using jperm's 10 min tutorial:

Edit: I'll post my cube tmr if someone reminds me.


How are Book Bans Constitutional?

I know Florida, Texas, and other counties have tried and succeeded to ban books, I wonder how that is even legal since we have the first amendment. I tried doing research on this since Huntington Beach is banning books and people were petitioning against that at the main library.

I made a little post asking people to petition on the Orange County sub.


Huntington Beach Book Banning Petitions

If you're a resident of Huntington Beach, head over to the library and sign their petition. They're trying to stop the book bans. I don't want to see a mini Florida or Texas in orange county.

Found an article on the topic:


Beginner Linux Guides

Are there any good resources for helping someone getting into Linux? One of my friends I never thought would get into Linux is asking me for help. He specifically is an advanced Windows power user. I also had someone who was a complete noob, even to Windows.

For the noob, I suggested LMDE and Kubuntu and they've been having some issues installing LMDE.

For the power user, I suggested the easy distros such as lmde, kubuntu, nobara but also told them if they wanted to jump into the deep end, arch is cool.

However, my suggestions don't even cover DEs, WMs or what they even are. I just wish there was a good guide out there. I think that's the biggest hurdle, so many options and not knowing what to pick.

IAmA /home/pineapplelover

I'm Trying to Revive this Sub AMA


Travel Ideas US and Canada

Thinking about going somewhere with my family this summer, perhaps to Alaska, Hawaii (Kauai), or somewhere Canada.

I would like to experience nice outdoor stuff and do fun activities while I'm there. Any ideas?


USC Cancels Pro-Palestinian Valedictorian's Speech Over Security Concerns


Noob Starting Out

I don't want to spend a fortune and so I'm deciding to do classic recurve over olympic since it's much more cheap. What do you guys recommend to try out? The closest archery place has this kit for $300, should I go with it or pick and choose other stuff individually to start out?


Transfer Student Class Registration

When do I sign up for my fall 2024 classes. I accepted my intent to enroll already. I fear by the time I register, everything will be filled up.


Squid Industries Goodies

Apparently my cousin's best friend works marketing for Squid Industries and is Lucas's gf. So they sent me some stickers and some other goodies. Thanks Ashley!


Balisong Community /home/pineapplelover

Squid Industries Stickers!

Apparently my cousin's best friend works marketing for Squid Industries and is Lucas's gf. So they sent me some stickers and some other goodies. Thanks Ashley!



Squid Industries Stickers!

Apparently my cousin's best friend works marketing for Squid Industries and is Lucas's gf. So they sent me some stickers and some other goodies. Thanks Ashley!



My Professor Watches Psych

So since the beginning of the semester I noticed the professor says "jess" and "wait for iiiiit", after class today, I confronted him and asked if he's ever watched a show called "Psych". He said he does and told him it's my favorite show. One of the other students said they did also and they're gonna get a blue car like in the show.

This is the first time seeing someone in the wild that likes Psych, it's pretty cool.

Computer Science /home/pineapplelover

Where Should Comp Sci be?

From to school to school it could either be in the Engineering college or Science college. Some say it's a Math.

Is having it in a different college going to affect how you're going to be taught? I'm going to Cal Poly Pomona and comp sci there is located in the college of science but at Cal State Long Beach it's in the college of engineering. Does this matter and how?

ThinkPad /home/pineapplelover

ThinkPad Alternatives

So I'm looking for ThinkPad alternatives, so far I've see repairable laptops like the Framework laptop and the Tuxedo linux laptops. What other choices do I have if I want a tough, reliable, and utilitarian computer?


What Are Some Things You Regret Buying or Bought but Never Used?

I see posts talking about good BIFL items but I don't hear much about the other side of products that are bad or products you bought but don't even use.


Arch is Easier to Use than Debian

So the thing with Debian and any Debian based distro like Ubuntu or Linux Mint is there is no big centralized software repo like the AUR. Yes there is the apt repository but if you want something that's not in there, get ready to read the documentation or follow random guides.

For example, one of my friends wanted to download an audio tool called Reaper. On Windows this is just looking up the application and clicking on the .exe. It really depends on the dev if they include a .deb, sometimes you might need to download the .sh file or they may tell you to compile it yourself. Perhaps, you have to add a ppa. On Arch, all I have to do is Paru -S Reaper, if there are multiple Reapers I can look for that by typing Paru Reaper.

Now that Arch is so easy to install with the Archscript, and the software repo so vast and easy to use, is Debian really user friendly if you have to jump through several hoops to download programs?

Edit: yeah yeah there's flathub and stuff but that's more of a last resort, optimally, you want to get it the correct way.


Jean Memes

Alright. What's the lore behind all the jean memes?