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"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you :3." - Nietzsche

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Never give up
  • That sounds like the words of someone who quits right before they change the other person's mind

  • Which TOS episode was this?
  • Correct, episode 109. It was actually Kirk's first appearance on Car Talk. You can tell he didn't do much open mic banter before this from how awkwardly he answers a lot the questions. Many fans find it to be one of the more relatable episodes, especially the part where he breaks down and talks real about his brother. As funny and meme-worthy the later Car Talk episodes with Kirk as a guest are, something about his first episode just makes me go back and listen to it again and again. It's like a warm blanket for your soul.

  • The Elder Rules
  • Lol did you even read my comment? I'm into neither furries or loli. Perhaps you have a hard time reading from up there on your high horse.

  • Alignment Chart Shitpost
  • They're both neutral evil since neither are flushable.

  • The Elder Rules
  • I'm not a furry or into loli stuff but I think there's a big difference. Furries do closely resemble adult human bodies in every way, however lolis resemble human children.

  • What are the rules?
  • That's when you have a transmission kid instead

  • me_irl
  • I'll say "What a save!" when my group screws up or loses because you can take me out of rocket league but you can't take rocket league out of me.

  • Megachurch Conducts Successful Nuclear Missile Test
  • This is one of those "Oh that's so crazy. That would never happen in the real world."

    And then ten years later some American court rules that their right to bear arms and "one nation under god" extends to nuclear warheads.

  • Threaded has hit the App Store!
  • Also it's easier to onboard new people when the UI closely resembles what they're used to.

  • Canada's historic Copa America run ends with semifinal loss to Argentina
  • As long as they tried their best and had fun, no one can be upset

  • This comeback
  • Nothing wrong with admiring hot people in a discrete and respectful manner.

  • Alpha males
  • They are also prone to infestation, since they are full of bugs.

  • Give me those tools. 🔧🛠🔨🪛
  • I got my current job which i quite like on indeed. I applied for a job i wasn't qualified for, had an interview, and they liked me enough to offer me a job that wasn't listed.

  • This is such a cool fact
  • My bedridden grandmother is ruining it for us all

  • Rule (Penance 12/100)
  • "Peopley" sounds kind of like "peepee".

    Follow me for more cool phonetic tips and tricks.

  • elon rulemusk
  • I'm more of a supporter of the Republic than the CIS

  • Should half naked pictures of anime characters be marked NSFW on Lemmy?
  • Anime girls are the most oppressed demographic 😔

  • Uh oh
  • 1In this context stuffed bird refers to a Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Do we know if saved collector caches will convert to spotlight caches if they're not opened?

    I didn't see this addressed anywhere so I'm not sure if I should be saving them or not since I'm at max credits.


    Is there a way to save/ bookmark a post without going into the comments?

    I'm only asking because it might be something that's there but I haven't figured out yet.

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies, I just realized it's because my post view mode is on "list" vs "cards". I found this viewing mode to be most similar to RiF which I was using prior.