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Iced tea is now a 20 pack instead of a 24 pack
  • That's not tea, it's uncarbonated soda.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • Sounds perfect for my needs.

  • TIL the South Park WoW "guy" is based off a real person
  • "All characters and events in this show --even those based on real people-- are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated ... poorly. The following program contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone."

  • New addition, not sure on name yet...
  • The fact you caught this pic with a camera from 40 years ago (without burst frames) is pretty dang cool.

  • They moved the award button into the spot where the reply button used to be on the mobile app.
  • Unfortunately there are some communities (especially gaming ones) that just don't have a Lemmy equivently or don't have enough critical mass to be useful. I would say Lemmy is a great addition, but not a drop in replacement.

  • They moved the award button into the spot where the reply button used to be on the mobile app.
  • What's the other choice these days?

    Edit: Did some research, sounds like a few apps got API exceptions because they are consider accessibility apps. Am currently test driving RedReader. It's not bad and so far ad free.

  • Name a Superhero you just can't stand
  • For this same reason, he's one of my favorites.

  • For security reasons
  • Here's the thing, you own the domain, set up what ever email alias you want and send it to your primary.

  • ASUS Scammed Us
  • Honestly, I've had nothing but good luck with Asrock. The few times I've needed at MB replacement (one was for a 2 year old board that had a known issue, Intels fault, not theirs) they just sent me a replacement board after I sent mine in.

    Its probably been 5 years since I've had to use thier RMA process, but I'm still putting Asrock boards in everything I build. I build for pretty much all my friend and family circle (probably 3-8 builds a year) and I don't know of any that have had an issue so far (they would for sure come back to me for help if they did).

    Taichi is such a great enthuaist line and Steel Legend is a great mid range. I'll always recommend them.

  • After Buying Up Studios, Xbox Says It Doesn't Have The Resources To Run Them
  • Back in the day, devs used to not release games until they were done. Patches were bascially unheard of.

  • Majority of Americans over 50 worry they won't have enough money for retirement: Study
  • This was more of a comment on the poster above feeling like he's gonna be irrelevant when he's older. That's not true, at least in my experience, if you are passionate about IT, your knowledge will age like fine wine.

    I didn't mean to imply that you should have all the experience right out of the gate, just that you may start out thinking you know all that and will be irrelevant by 30, but that's not the case. Wait until you find out all the stuff you don't know! (this is a good thing, not bad)

  • Majority of Americans over 50 worry they won't have enough money for retirement: Study
  • That's funny because I'm an old person in IT and we struggle to find new hires that know how to troubleshoot beyond basic issues. Most of them might have been the techy for thier family but few have experience with actual enterprise solutions, that's only something that comes with experience.

  • What's a candy that's practically crack for you?
  • Oh man, thanks for reminding me of an addiction I had a few years ago. Time to hit up amazon.

    Edit: I did it, 4 diffent types on their way lol.

  • What's a candy that's practically crack for you?
  • Do Oreos count? If not, Swedish Fish.

  • What's the most fucked up movie you ever watched?
  • I had a friend describe it at a party we were at and I didn't belive him, so I went and downloaded a Linux iso real quick and we watched it. I wish I hadn't.

  • What's the most fucked up movie you ever watched?
  • Holy Mountain.

    That movie is WTF.

  • Top post of PCMR on Reddit today XD
  • Litterally two sliders.

    Or use shutup10

  • Tesla’s profits sink as the company struggles with cooling demand
  • I'm kinda not mad that he's crazy AND vocal. What I'm more worried about is when maybe when he older and wiser he shuts up and just starts funneling all that money towards his nutto crazy talk. At least now you can hear him coming.

  • NSFW
    I swore this would never happen to me. I laughed of those to whom it did. That'll teach me.
  • I've use the phantom spirit 120se on two builds now. They are CRAZY for the price. Also, I did the same thing with the first one.

  • Immich v1.102.0 - ⚠️ Breaking Changes (OPT-IN ONLY)
  • So the way I read it, if you want to opt in, you make the new changes they state in your yml. I didn't and just hit upgrade to pull the new images and it worked fine. I don't see any issues, but I'll be glad if someone says I did it wrong.

    I think it's only breaking if you pull the new yml and don't move your data.