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Unlike JD Vance whose platform is mountain dew and wokeness
  • Don't forget the temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

  • How do we feel about epoxy hot dog?

    Good? Remorseful? Personally, I regret not treasuring it more when we had it.

    Anyone want to join my new club? Newsletter to follow
  • All this FM stuff is proven camelshit. Messopotamia is a tetrahedron, otherwise how could someone travel to the four corners?

  • Brainstorming
  • Oh, there's a storm alright

  • i believe he made himself very clear
  • Someone gotta shop Obama's head on there

  • Strange Crossover
  • A moist owlette

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Obligatory: fuck Nestle

  • Beginner Sudoku question
  • Are the bolded numbers the starting numbers? In that case, one of those circled numbers was a starting value, and swapping them would essentially result in a "different" puzzle.

  • Ray cat
  • Wait, I've seen this one before...

  • Minimal with Live Forest Background

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    Gaelic Storm - Blind Monkey

    More monkeys!

  • Don't kink shame

  • Which are you?
  • Weed-brained

  • ELI5 how do we get light brown colors?
  • To get some intuition around saturation and lightness, try out a color wheel. Start with a color like #A68768 and then play around with the saturation level (labeled "S" in "HSL"). Have fun!

  • ELI5 how do we get light brown colors?
  • No worries, color is complicated and fascinating!

    "Brightness", in my experience, generally refers to the amount of light reflected (or sent from the light source). It doesn't directly affect the perceived hue, it's just a measure of how much light there is. It's hard to get an intuitive sense of brightness, because of how we perceive color.

    Saturation refers to the "purity" of the color--that is, how much light it reflects of other wavelengths. Gray reflects visible light in equal proportions, which makes it the least saturated. A surface that reflects only a single wavelength would be considered fully saturated, and appear as a vibrant hue.

    It might be more helpful to think about how our eyes receive different wavelengths. There are three colors we perceive: red, green, and blue. The closer the reflected wavelength is to these colors, the more those "sensors" in our eyes are activated. So for example, yellow activates the red and green sensors about the same amount (and less than pure red or pure green), so we perceive yellow. Orange is mostly the red sensors, with a little bit of green activated as well.

    We perceive brown when the blue sensor is also activated by some amount, because brown reflects a little bit of blue light (as opposed to "pure" orange, which wouldn't have any blue light reflected). The lightness/darkness of the color is mostly the overall amount of light reflected (the brightness), but the big difference in what we perceive is that little extra blue light that brown reflects, that orange doesn't.

    Brown is still considered "dark orange" because the primary wavelength that it reflects is an orange color. And dark browns don't need to reflect any blue light to be considered brown. But lighter brown shades will reflect a greater proportion of blue light than "light orange" would at the same brightness.

  • ELI5 how do we get light brown colors?
  • If by "light brown" you mean like a tan or khaki color, it would have to do with saturation--that is, sort of "watering down" the color with some blue tones. Neutral colors like gray and brown typically have a mix of a wide variety of colors, gray being the "true" neutral and brown being a bit heavier on the red/yellow tones.

  • Time to paint a giant mural... on the fucking moon


    Always two there is, no more, no less


    Photo share by default?

    This might sound antithetical to the privacy-by-default standard, but my wife and I currently share our photo rolls with each other (using Google Photos)--everything we take is automatically shared with the other.

    Is there anything in Proton Drive/Photos that would allow this? Even if it's only available within a family plan or something. I know that with Drive, we could share a directory and everything in that would be available to the other, but I don't see this as an option in the photos.

    Alternatively, I suppose we could both sign in to Proton Drive using a third account just for that purpose, but that's less ideal.


    What DLC/extra chapters would you buy in a heartbeat?

    And why is it, "Into Avernus: the Search for a Heart"?


    In the heart of the Rocky Mountains was a monastery.

    It was founded by a group of monks from the southern USA. Rather than building a chapel, they chose to live in a series of underground tunnels. The nearest town only saw the elusive monks once a year, when they would break their usual stoic diet and make traditional southern fried chicken for everyone in town.

    They were known as the deep friars.

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    Trace Bundy - Elephant King


    What image generators are y'all using?

    I have a hard time finding ones that will accept longer blocks of text. What are y'all using?


    You always know the exact direction of Pluto.

    The planet, not the dog.


    Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence

    Name that song! Or don't, I'm not a cop.


    An Idea to Steal Regarding Courts and Sentencing

    In one advanced culture, which has largely achieved pacifism through technological and cultural advancements, legal cases are heard by judges who have studied law and ethics extensively. Their maximum sentencing, though, is limited to temporary incarceration. For more severe sentences, such as permanent incarceration or death, the case is brought before the Matrial Seats.

    The Matrial Seats is a group of seven volunteers who have physically borne and lost children. Only those who have brought life into the world, and felt the terrible loss of it, have sufficient authority to pass the most severe sentences. Unlike the General Courts, the Matrial Seats are not specially educated, and contain members from various social standings.


    Posting and Commenting Not Working Since Updated

    Update: at the recommendation of others, I logged out and back in again. Seems to be working!

    Loving Eternity, thanks devs for all your work! updated today to 0.19.3, I think? Since then, I can load posts, but I can't vote, comment, or create new posts. When I attempt to do any of those, an empty toast bubble shows up, and that's it.

    Anyone else experiencing the same?


    Haha (b/j)eans

    Imagine looking for quality content on c/shitpost

    This meme created by (b/j)eans gang.


    I don't have time for your shitposts, I have to get to the joffice

    It's an open joncept space


    A Very Accessible OP Lightning Build

    Forgive me if this is well known already, but I don't think I've seen it posted here yet.

    The lightning mage build is pretty well known, involving adding in two levels of Tempest Cleric for the channel divinity that maxes out lightning/thunder damage. And it's been noted that getting lightning vulnerability is easy with a bit of water. But what I haven't seen is trying to double things with a crit.

    So why not mix in a few levels of Rogue? Here's the final split:

    Assassin Rogue 3 / Tempest Cleric 2 / Blue Draconic Sorcerer 7

    Assassin gives us access to easy crits on a surprise round. Taking Cleric to 2 and Sorcerer to 7 gets us a 5th level spell slot.

    The crux of this setup is the Witch Bolt spell. The Assassin feature only works with an attack roll--most of your other lightning spells are saves. Witch Bolt also scales really well (1d12 per spell level).

    So here's the math, assuming you're able to get a surprise round and throw some water:

    • Base damage: 5d12 (using your 5th level slot)
    • Double dice on auto-crit: 10d12
    • Channel divinity: 120 (max damage)
    • Draconic Sorcerer 6th level damage rider: +4 (assuming 18 CHA)
    • Vulnerability: x2 for a total of 248 damage
    • Two targets? Twinned Spell because why not

    Note that my screenshot was using a 4th level slot and using a Wild Magic instead of Draconic Sorcerer. Mainly there to show that the math seems to work in game as I've proposed here.

    Mixing in the Assassin makes sense for the lightning combo build as well: you can initiate combat by throwing water, then you instantly get your actions back to sling spells. And the other Rogue bonus action skills are helpful to get into position and land other attack-roll spells (by hiding first).

    The build is viable at every level, too. Levels 1 to 3 are Rogue to Assassin, pretty straight forward. Next are two levels of Cleric, so now you're an Assassin with Sanctuary, Armor of Faith, and Bless. Then on level 6, you start adding in the lightning, and your nova builds from 100 damage (pretty respectable for level 6), going up by 48 every two levels after that.

    You've got lots of flexibility here too. Want access to 2nd level Cleric spells instead of 4th level Sorcerer? Go with Assassin 3 / Tempest 3 / Draconic 6. Want more feats? Sacrifice a bit of damage and go with Assassin 4 / Tempest 4 / Draconic 4 to get three feats. Want to get two (slightly lesser) novas per short rest? Go Assassin 3 / Cleric 6 / Draconic 3.

    Thoughts? Any other big nova builds that don't require an overly-specific setup?


    Little Dreams

    They say to have big ambitions Reach for the sky, chase your dreams How bad can it be With so many stars to land among?

    But those goals are unwieldly My arms short, my legs worn The moon a bland dot behind And the stars still so far

    A small hand reaching A warm smile on a sticky face An invitation to share In some juvenile pursuit

    Let the cold stars sparkle And the moon have its space For me, these little dreams Are enough


    I was overwhelmed with emotion, being this famous.

    Every med student would learn my name, now.


    Ten Against Tim

    Was our idea for a ska band name in the early 00's.