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What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • Realize that one of the main determinants of your lifelong happiness will be your choice of partner.

    Don't get too serious with someone that isn't going to elevate you, but also make sure that you're elevating your chosen partner.

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • Distrotube hits hard. I remember the video showing everyone his collection of increasingly larger guns was the checkout moment for me. Even saying one of them was great for kids. As a non American maybe I just don't get it.

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • Boogie2988. I thought he seemed like a reasonable, unbiased person when I was watching around 2016. Kind of just moved on with my life after realising he was just following YouTube drama.

    Have checked him out in the last year or so and it's not looking good for him. The really sad thing is that he could have just taken his money and lived a chill life, but he seems to want a spotlight and to feel important even if it's because people are shaming him for being a washed up b list youtuber.

  • US Record Labels Sue AI Music Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement
  • I think with all the frivolous lawsuits based on music sounding similar in cases like Kate Perry and Ed Sheeran lately, you'd be crazy to release AI generated music right now. Marvin Gaye's estate probably have lawsuits already drafted up.

  • Why install other Linux ISOs on Steam Deck?

    Seen a few times bazzite has been mentioned, but just have seen another user say they have OpenSUSE installed.

    I'm not sure what the benefits of these options are, especially non-steamOS ISOs?


    Why is Lemmy obsessed with the word "enshittification"?

    I see it referenced constantly here, not quite as much on Reddit. I know what it means, but just wondering why such the popularity over on this side of the fence?


    Very excited

    I really didn't think this was going to happen. Lemmy is missing an app at the level of boost for reddit.

    If the UX is close to what BFR was, then this will really help with platform migration.