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Am I old now?
  • I can drop my physical license and it won't be damaged. I drop my phone, that's like an eggshell these days..

    Why would I want my ID on a fragile device, that thieves like to steal no less?

  • The Dairy Industry Must Act Faster to Keep H5N1 Bird Flu from Starting a Human Epidemic
  • Who are we to dictate where H5N1 goes?

    Obviously it's in cows and other creatures as well, so clearly it's not restricted to birds. Face the facts, it's not a "bird" flu, and it shouldn't be called that anymore, as it's obviously not exclusive to birds.

    H5N1 works for me. At least the technical name doesn't mislead people into thinking only one category of animals can get it.

  • Why do they say that the tyrannosaurus rex is a long ancient ancestor of modern day chickens?

    Did they determine this by comparing what DNA fragments they've managed to recover, or by physical skeletal structure similarities, or what?

    I'm no expert in the field, but I just don't see it.


    Many people don't use the upvote/downvote buttons properly.

    It's kind of disappointing how people tend to use the upvote/downvote buttons. Sure, if it's an opinion you don't like, then downvote it to hell.

    But if OP is posting a link to a legit article. That's not an opinion, that's facts. Downvoting facts makes them less likely to be seen by others.

    Use those buttons wisely. I don't like it any more than many others, but I'm gonna tap that upvote in hopes it might help more people see the news!

    Downvote me if you want, IDGAF.

    Trailer Park Boys over_clox

    Trailer Park Boys - The Kittyman Sea Shanty

    I am pleased to see a Trailer Park Boys community on Lemmy!


    Is this a mosquito?

    I've never seen a green mosquito before...


    Is this a mosquito?

    I've never seen a green mosquito before...


    Recently updated to Jerboa 0.0.66, now my notification/time/battery bar is hidden unless I manually drag down to check.

    I'm otherwise liking most of the fixes and updates, but it is rather annoying to not be able to just glance up and see the time and current battery level.


    My graduation gift, a TI-82

    A gift from my Calculus teacher upon graduation.

    Yes manual included. Sadly the 0 (zero) button no longer works, due to battery corrosion... ☹️


    My old TI-36X Solar

    This is the calculator that got me through junior high and high school. It even handles fractions, which is what you see on the display there.

    355/113 is a very close approximation of PI, accurate to 6 decimal places.

    Yes the calculator also has a proper constant for PI, but 355/113 is a pretty nifty trick in it of itself.

    355/113 = 3.14159292, at least on this calculator.


    They say the opposite of pro is con right?

    Well if the opposite of progress is congress, then what's the opposite of prostate?

    Memes over_clox

    A work in progress, FUC QUE...

    Fuck You


    Boeing is changing their brand name

    We here at Boeing Airlines have realized our continued recent issues and failures, and for that we sincerely apologize to any and all affected passengers and crew members.

    We have decided that from this point on, we will now be changing our brand name to Boing as we upgrade all of our airplanes with spring technology. That way if any of our planes fall out of the sky, they'll go boing boing boing...