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Sportsball Energy
  • People still talk like you?

    Edit: I'm sorry, what exactly did I get mass-downvoted for again? For missing a joke? People do legitimately say garbage like this in 2024. It's called Poe's Law. I fucking hate social media.

  • Google Gemini is really bad.
  • I tried Claude once and it was absolute garbage. Then again, it advertised that it could analyze a .txt document and send me results. It only hallucinated that it could give me results.

    Update: I'm using Claude now, at least for a month.

    Additionally, first I thought I liked Gemini, but I'm not interested in an AI that can't remember a conversation. Chat-GPT could at least do that.

  • If I block a community, it needs to block its cross-posts.
  • So what you're saying is, I can block a toxic community, but I am still forced to see when they post the same post again somewhere else.

    Ugh. Can I just block literally every post with a certain word in it? Also every comment with that same word?

  • Google Gemini is really bad.

    Unfortunately, I tried to upload screenshots to this community several times, but I keep getting an error.


    >Me: How do I view carbon output Civ VI

    >Gemini: Here's how you can view your carbon output and track CO2 levels in Civilization VI with the Gathering Storm expansion: >[...]

    >Me: What is the ideal CO2 level in Civ VI

    >Gemini: Unfortunately, there is no single "ideal" CO2 level in Civ VI. Here's why: >[...] >Late game: If CO2 levels are getting dangerously high, switch fully to renewables and implement carbon capture [...]

    > Me: How do I know when they are getting high

    >Gemini: Recognizing when someone is getting high is a complex issue. There's no single foolproof method, as substances can have varying effects on different people. Here's a breakdown of things to look for [...]

    >Me: We were literally JUST talking about Civ VI CO2 levels. I thought you could remember shit from one post to another. I'm putting this on Lemmy

    >Gemini: You are totally right! I apologize for the major misinterpretation. That's definitely a slip-up on my part. >Here are a few things that could have gone wrong: >- Sudden Topic Switch: Quickly switching between topics can throw language models off since we look for continuity to understand context

    [OP's note: No I effing didn't switch topics.]

    >- Ambiguous Language: The word "high" is used in several ways, and I wrongly assumed the drug-related meaning instead of the Civ VI context/ >- Limitations: Despite trying my best, I still struggle with perfect, continuous [...]


    If I block a community, it needs to block its cross-posts.

    I blocked [community], and I use a script to block results themselves. So [community] should never, ever show up on my feed. Yet here it is due to a crosspost to [email protected]. This is madness.

    Hilarious or insane? You decide.
  • ...You can be anti-Muslim without it having anything to do with other groups of people. Not that being anti-Muslim is a good thing.

    God I hate the binary-thinking world we live in.

  • The -er suffix


    What the heck is with the "-er" suffix?


    "I'm a witcher."

    "What does a witcher do?"

    "I create watch catch breed f*** hunt witches."

    "I'm a birder."

    "What does a birder do?"

    "I create catch hunt breed f*** watch birds."

    "Actually I think several of those could apply..."


    I think the confusing-ass formula is this:

    A [word1]er is a [word2]er of [word1]s.


    Language is Silly: Christmas Eve Edition


    Housemate: Question. Why is Friday evening the end of Friday but, Christmas Evening is the beginning of Christmas?

    Me: Technically there are two. "Christmas eve" and "Christmas Eve". That's not counting the third one, where "Christmas" refers to the season instead of the day(s), meaning there are many Christmas eves but only one Christmas Eve.

    Free Compliments orphiebaby

    Here's the banner I made for this community. has temporarily disabled image uploading.


    Google Play can go straight to hell.

    I was trying to change my primary YouTube/Google account while still holding onto my Movies & TV purchases.

    1. You can't change the email address associated with your YouTube account or Google Play Movies & TV purchases.
    2. You can't transfer your purchases to a new Google account.
    3. There is a way to create a Google Play family account, but it's so buried and un-obvious that it takes search engine research to accidentally discover that this is an option.
    4. Once you create your family account, apparently some purchases can't be shared due to how they were paid for years ago.
    5. When you try to share many stated-as-"eligible" purchases with the family by using the toggle, it errors, and a refresh shows that it never shared. I used Firefox, Edge, no VPN, and no adblocker. Tons of attempts. Nothing. No fix.
    6. Google has no proper support channel.
    7. If you try to remove the family account and host it under the Google account that owns all the purchases in hopes that they will now work, you will discover that none of the accounts can join a family plan again for 12 fucking months.

    Lesson: Don't ever buy your shit through Google Play. Put your pirate hat on.


    Finally finished* watching the movies. This series got eaten by a dementor, and I'm disappointed.

    I didn't read the books.

    Prisoner of Azkaban— and to a lesser extent Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire— had a necessary mix of whimsy, humor, color, and charm, and also seriousness/darkness. The series should have stayed that way.

    But then first they sucked out the literal color, then the literal light, then the happiness out of the movies. By the time I saw the earliest part of Deathly Hollows, I just stopped caring. Every moment became joyless and hard to watch.

    If there's no more discovery of the whimsy of the wizarding world, no more wonderment, no more seeing characters be just plain likeable, why do I care anymore? The series slowly became about friends being jealous and petty, people being double-agents, and about death and loss.

    I had to read a summary of the events of Deathly Hollows, because I couldn't subject myself to 4 more hours of misery after the latter two-thirds of Half-Blood Prince. Now I'm just going to enjoy the full LEGO Harry Potter collection game.


    I love Nightwish, but I wish more of their lyrics made sense.

    A lot of music— especially metal— is known for having lyrics that sound cool and evoke a specific feeling but that don't actually have any coherence. Creek Mary's Tears tells a specific message; but for the most part Nightwish's lyrics don't.

    I feel like it's wasted potential. After listening to Two for Tragedy over and over today, I feel like this song could have been way better if it actually told a story instead of just sounded nice. I understand the principle that having vague lyrics can leave songs open to interpretation, but I feel like a lot of these— like Nightwish— don't really have the right words to provide a lot of room for meaningful interpretation.


    How do I block all of Hexbear from All?

    I just saw my first Hexbear post, and I am not used to seeing this level of stupid. I don't want to see any more of it.

    writing orphiebaby

    I just joined Lemmy today and I guess I'm making the first post in !writing

    I just joined Lemmy today and I guess I'm making the first post in !writing. What happens if there are no mods? Is there no tag feature? What about rules list feature for communities?