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Should jonringer just fork nixos? RingOS?
  • Uff, I don't have any links and haven't been tuned in too much, but amid all the toxicity on the forums, the nixos foundation got funding from some defense contractor and that kicked off a shitstorm. The forums became even more toxic than before with pro and anti defense contractors, which led to an open letter attacking the creator of nix and threatening with a fork.

    Amongst all of that a nixos maintainer called jonringer became a polarising character and was banned (?) temporarily. He recently wanted to join again and that kicked up the dust again and it's likely he won't be able to contribute anymore.

    A bunch of stuff happened in between like the creator of nix stepping down from his position (Benevolent Dictator For Life or something? dunno), many maintainers quitting, the foundation kind of giving in to the anti defense contractor crowd but the crowd not being satisfied and the pro-camp neither. A fork called auxolotl was created, but they don't want jonringer in it either, and probably other stuff.

    It feels like jonringer has a few people behind him but I don't know if he would have enough support to fork nixos 🤷

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  • Anyone self hosting on Mac mini M1/M2?
  • The problem with Mac hardware is that it's ARM and vertically integrated with everything Apple. Not all hardware is supported by Linux because Apple won't write any linux drivers and everything is reverse engineered. You're better off buying something non-Apple which linux properly supports.

    If power consumption is an issue for you get, a R9 7950X consumes as much and at times less power than an M1/M2 (I think even M3). Check out GamerNexus's charts. IINM AMD in W/Ghz performs better than Intel across the board.

    No idea where you are, but you can get a small factor PC from one of the vendors that preload linux, or configure a small form factor PC of your liking for cheap and put linux on it. You'll get more out of your money for the same or better performance with about the same energy consumption (or a bit more).
    Somebody I know who happens to live in Hungary got himself this cheap beauty. They deliver all over Europe, but if you live elsewhere on this planet, there probably is something similar like this out there.

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  • Let’s make games open source, so future generations can enjoy them
  • Not only do the games need to be opensource, but their toolchains too. It would also be great if everything were stored in content-addressable storage. Then it wouldn't be necessary to track down stuff by follow URL paths to dead domains.

    I hope that opensource game engines become more popular. It might just be a matter of time. Blender is now very popular and that's opensource.

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  • Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
  • a working study at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research suggested around a 10 percent drop in productivity, even as it noted that the cost-saving benefits of remote work could make up for some of that.

    10%? Is this something taken indiscriminately across all job types and job sectors? I mean, sure, being a barista remotely is going to be pretty tough, but being able to do thoughtwork in a quiet and clean work environment a meter from the bed is probably going to increase productivity.

    I'm glad 50% of Dell employees have a spine and told management to fuck itself.

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  • Software with politic opinion is are security threat
  • There is no way to completely protect ourselves from cyber attacks, but at least we can avoid software with an "opinion."

    Well... everybody has an opinion. It's inevitable as thinking beings. The difference is whether people are willing to act upon it.

    There are many projects with a Code Of Conduct out there that could be interpreted as very left leaning. There are projects with the express purpose of fighting subjugation or helping journalists' ability to report on political topics. Signal is an example of such a project. Are those projects to be avoided too?

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  • Should jonringer just fork nixos? RingOS?

    And others like him that have been ostracized. His mere presence seems to bring out quite negative emotions in people.

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    Israel Opposes Rebuilding Gaza’s Internet Access Because Terrorists Could Go Online
  • What kind of argument is that? "Fuck the internet if it can be used by terrorists". By that logic the US should kill their internet because right wing terrorists can use it to organize attack on minorities, women, and political adversaries.]

    any rebuilding effort must include unspecified “safeguards” that would prevent the potential use of the internet for terrorism

    What they'll most likely come up with is monitoring all communications and subverting encryption. A nation under digital subjugation. How is this even remotely OK?

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  • Solved: How can containers be forced to use a VPN?

    I'd basically like to run some containers within a VPN and some outside of it. The containers running within the VPN should not be able to send or receive any traffic from outside the VPN (except localhost maybe).

    The container could be docker, podman, or even a qemu VM or some other solution if need be.

    Is that possible? Dunno if this is the right place to ask.


    Use folks.

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    Resolved: Is there something that can update /etc/hosts from feeds?

    Pi-Hole and similar DNS adblockers just seem like a hassle. I can't tell my parents to buy a raspi, flash it, install and configure pi-hole, configure their routers or devices to point to the raspi, and do all of that from another city. Also personally, there's no time for that in my house.

    Is there a program or systemd service I can run that pulls blocklists from somewhere (git, http, ...) and updates /etc/hosts? Before I go off and write a python script, systemd unit file, and shell script to install it on the linux systems of friends of family, does this exist?

    Resolution comment: Tblock

    11 New robotic gripper for automated apple picking developed

    A robotic gripper developed by Washington State University researchers is able to gently grab the majority of apples out of a tree without damaging the fruit.

    New robotic gripper for automated apple picking developed
    1 Hydrogen, the net-zero hero?

    Green hydrogen could transform our energy system and solve many supply and emissions challenges. Whether this happens will depend on how economically it can be produced and how attractive it will be to consumers.

    Hydrogen, the net-zero hero?

    How could one implement a linux installer that runs on windows?

    From another comment I made

    > A linux installer for windows that works just like a normal installer on windows. You download the .exe, double click it, it opens a wizard you can walk though, and by the end of the process, after it reboots, you're in a linux distro.

    How could something like this be implemented?

    My idea:

    Best case scenario where multiple data partitions exist and can accommodate the user data stored on C:/ + there's a swap partition -->

    • download a linux iso
    • deactivate swap
    • replace swap partition with ISO contents
    • modify contents to auto install linux with settings from wizard
    • add boot entry to boot from old swap / modified ISO
    • reboot
    • install linux with a nice progress animation
      • move user data from C:/ to other partition
      • replace C:/ with linux
      • install alternatives to programs found on windows (firefox for edge, gimp for paint, inkscape for ..., libreoffice for MS office, etc.)
      • move user data to /home/$username
      • configure DE with theme (gnome for macos look, kde with theme for windows look)
      • other customisations
    • reboot into linux

    Dunno if this is feasible in the best case scenario.

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    Does anybody actually use trunk based development in their company?

    I've heard it thrown around in professional circles and how everybody's doing it wrong, so.. who actually does use it?

    For smaller teams\ !

    "scaled" trunk based development\ !


    Public personal dev accounts: opinions?

    I feel like there are many devs out there who expose a lot of personal details and opinions all over the web. Maybe it's just me, but when starting out with the internet I tried my best to separate my personal details (name, age, sex, country, ethnicity, family ties, relationship status,...) from usernames in public.

    Seeing devs do it willingly and voice opinions on divisive or sensitive topics kind of messes with me. Aren't y'all afraid of missing out on job opportunities if someone reads your opinions, code, or other stuff tied to your personal accounts? Or letting anybody (maybe family, friends, acquaintances, ...) in on your personal life, mindset, opinions and other personal information?

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    43 CID concept is broken

    Hello everyone! I really like the ideas behind IPFS and I want to share some feedback about the design of the IPFS. The core of the problem is that CID concept is wrong in it’s current implementation. I know it sounds blunt and harsh so let me clarify: IPFS at its core claims to be a content add...

    CID concept is broken

    TL;DR IPFS's "content addresses" don't actually address the content but a tree of the content stored in a protocol buffer, making it impossible to convert a hash to a content address.

    DHT of CIDs? More like a Distributed Table of Lies!


    Does an anonymous git service exist on I2P?

    Some projects have been DMCA'ed and hosting them on I2P could be a viable alternative.


    How are companies or developers supposed to make a full time living with OSI opensourced projects? The Open Source Definition

    Introduction Open source doesn’t just mean access to the source code. The distribution terms of open source software must comply with the following criteria: 1. Free Redistribution The licens…

    There has been a lot of talk about companies and individuals adopting licenses that aren't OSI opensource to protect themselves from mega-corp leechers. Developers have also been condemned who put donation notices in the command-line or during package installation. Projects with opensource cores and paid extensions have also been targets of vitriol.

    So, let's say we wanted to make it possible for the majority of developers to work on software that strictly follows the definition of opensource, which models would be acceptable to make enough money to work on those projects full-time?


    TIL: FairCode is the software model Redis, ElasticSearch, etc. use

    Fair-code is not a software license. It describes a software model where software:

    • is generally free to use and can be distributed by anybody
    • has its source code openly available
    • can be extended by anybody in public and private communities
    • is commercially restricted by its authors

    How do you holistically document microservices in a multi-repo setup?

    Let's say I had a few microservices in different repositories and they communicated over HTTP using JSON. Some services are triggered directly by other microservices, but others can be triggered by events like a timer going off, a file being dropped into a bucket, a firewall rule blocking X amount of packets and hitting a threshold, etc.

    Is there a way to document the microservices together in one holistic view? Maybe, how do you visualise the data, its schema (fields, types, ...), and its flow between the microservices?


    Bonus (optional) question: Is there a way to handle schema updates? For example generate code from the documentation that triggers a CI build in affected repos to ensure it still works with the updates.

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    IBM nearing deal for cloud software provider HashiCorp, source says

    April 23 (Reuters) - International Business Machines (IBM.N), opens new tab is nearing a deal to buy cloud software provider HashiCorp (HCP.O) , opens new tab, according to a person familiar with the matter. Hashicorp's stock surged 24%, giving it a market value of $6.1 billion, after the Wall Street Journal first reported the talks.


    Do particles get mass from the higgs field by moving through a higher dimension?

    So, I watched The Higgs Field, explained - Don Lincoln and there it explains that particles are massless and it is only through their interaction with the Higg's field that they gain mass. However, how are they "moving" through the Higg's field? Is it through a movement in the 3rd dimension or a dimension above?

    And related, does the movement through the Higg's field generate gravitons that affect particles they interact with by "pulling" them in the opposite direction of which they were traveling?

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    What are algebraic data types and why are they named as such?

    The wikipedia articles are terribly written (for math loves or people who just need to refresh their knowledge).

    What is a "sum" of types? What is a product of types? Is it possible to Cat x Dog or Cat + Dog? What does that even mean?

    2 Microsoft Cybersecurity Disaster Triggers Customer Doubt, Competitor Opportunity

    A federal watchdog group's dareport exposes major flaws in Microsoft's cloud cybersecurity, demanding urgent action from CEO Satya Nadella to address widespread shortcomings and restore customer trust amidst escalating cyber threats.

    Microsoft Cybersecurity Disaster Triggers Customer Doubt, Competitor Opportunity