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19 June 2024
  • Used to have a great uncle who swore by the fact that if you stuck your finger up a wolf's butt it can not bite you. I don't know how true that is and I don't advise experimenting on wolves to find out.

  • Facebook is just full of these post and their bots but they usually just repeat everything.
  • Is there bots here or not? Tired of reading their message always try send me pictures of hoo-has and bajangas asking for money or want me to click their links to see into my bank account. I am on a fixed income honey, surprise, there is nothing for you to take. First of the month I already spent that money on my bills and food and cigareteses.

  • Grocery store prices are changing faster than ever before — literally. This month, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf.
  • I can't even go to Walmart no more without running into people I know. Back in the day I never did myself up before going to Walmart because I never saw anybody there that I have acquaintance with. Now everybody is shopping there and I feel like I have to get dressed up or I don't fit in. Sometimes even put on lipstick and you know how the prices on that has gone up. I'm on a fixed income and the best shade that compliments my skin tone but doesn't break me out costs almost $10 when it was $6.99 before COVID.

  • dogs or kids
  • Dog: Yeah, you see the problem is it's already in my mouth. If you would have asked a bit sooner, this could have turned out differen -- SQUIRREL OH MY GOD SQUIRREL DID YOU SEE THAT SQUIRREL IMMA MUNCH IT

  • What was your worst consensual sexual experience?
  • I'm old and unlucky enough to have had many bad sexual experiences, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, by modern standards, I've definitely had some questionable experiences where I was taken advantage of (i.e. intoxicated, emotionally vulnerable, etc) and which would likely fall into the non-consensual category these days, so I'll leave those out, since they were the worst by far.

    I've had plenty of bad experiences that were totally on me, so for the sake of my own ego, I'm going to disqualify those.

    The worse consensual experience I can recall at the moment was awkward and a bit weird. The guy was persistent and braggadocios while pursuing me. He was nice looking and we got along fine online and in phone calls, so when the conversation came up about meeting up for nothing serious, I was okay with that.

    We hung out awhile before getting intimate and he was nice enough, nothing seemed off. It's almost a stretch to call what we did together "sex", though. He wasn't able to get an erection. Not a problem honestly, there are still plenty of ways for two guys to have fun. We basically just snuggled together in bed.

    At a certain point, though, he just started saying weird or off the wall stuff. I do not know if he had taken some drugs or if he was experiencing a mental health episode. It was like he was hallucinating that he could see the night sky even though we were indoors in his room with the curtains pulled, since he kept talking about how pretty the moon was and things of that nature. And he would ask me the same questions over and over so I know for sure something wasn't quite right.

  • If your mind got transported back 10 years right now with no time to prepare, how could you exploit your knowledge for personal gain?
  • If it were maybe 15 years, I could very quickly identify some changes that would easily change the entire trajectory of my life.

    At 10 years, it's hard to say since by today's perspective, I've had my life in reasonable order and heading in the right direction for the past decade. So there aren't a lot of options to make different choices I'm certain would help me gain things personally. That being said:

    I would make a more concerted effort to leave the job I had in 2014. It was a regrettable decision to stay as long as I did and a very toxic work environment for me. I could have made more money almost anywhere else and by that point I had met all the important and amazing people that worked there during my reign, so I wouldn't have missed out on those friendships.

    I do have much better employment skills than I had 10 years ago and most of what I know and do would still apply back then, so I guess I could make use of that to climb the ladder a bit faster and/or earn more money sooner in my career.

    I suppose one day to day "exploit" would be that I'd know in advance if any specific purchase was a good decision or not. For instance, I'd know that the car I was going to buy ended up being a fantastic choice or that the piece of crap bookshelf was only going to last me a year before it started to disintegrate at which point I would have to replace it. This could be useful for saving money, since at the very least I could avoid purchasing the stuff that I know would not last or live up to expectations.

    I did not have a lot of money back then and certainly not enough to make good use of any stock market foreknowledge from today turn into a big payday. I don't keep up with lottery numbers. I'm not a sports person, so I wouldn't / couldn't make any money off that kind of betting.

    If I were motivated enough, I might try to teach myself some music / music production skills and then start releasing my own version of popular songs from the future that haven't been released yet. Maybe I'd luck out and end up with a lucrative music career! Or similarly, I might try to figure out the patenting process and then start patenting ideas for stuff that had not yet been invented, then do my best to become a bit of a patent troll.

    There's a slim chance I could save the lives of some relatives, but honestly that's hard to know. I had one family member die suddenly of a heart attack and another that died of an accidental drug overdose. I also had a friend that ignored people's advice to go see a doctor and ended up the problem she was having was cancer, which she passed away from. Apparently, one of her doctors even told the family that if she had gotten treatment a little sooner, things could have turned out quite differently. We'd been telling her to go for at least a year, but if I could go back I would try a lot harder and be more persistent.

  • Crab has a stalker [Extra Ordinary Comics]
  • Happened to me last week. Checked on a butter bell with Amazon's and message pop up that I did something illegal. Called the number they provide and next thing I know I'm getting all kind of messages from FBI. Hung up an let my grankids deal with it. Turns out they can get your address from urine, not sure how but it does not matter. It's a scam.

  • Club Q mass shooter sentenced to life in prison on federal hate crime charges
  • It saves the government and courts (and by extension tax payers) a whole lot of time and money. There's no need for a normal trial and all the extra crap that comes of that (like appeals). It also removes/reduces the risk(s) of a death penalty sentence (much more expensive than a life sentence), further trauma for the victims as well as their friends and families, and avoids the extremely unlikely but still possible chance that the accused is found not guilty or uses some other legal maneuver to avoid real consequences.

  • The Condiment Wars
  • Where I live, the big 3 are mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

    If I had to limit it to the "big 3" you listed, I would have to go for mustard. There are so many different types and of the options listed, mustard is easily the healthiest (or can be the healthiest) since a basic mustard is going to be low in sodium, sugar, and fat while also containing healthy phytonutrients.

    Mustard is also much more versatile than folks in my part of the world give it credit for. It seems like a cultural thing / learned behavior rather than based on actual taste preferences. For instance, a fairly bland yellow mustard actually goes well with french fries. A spicy mustard (the types that are almost like horseradish) goes well with a variety of roasted veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower. Honey mustard works well with chicken in various forms. Lots of cheeses pair well with different types of mustard. I could go on, but I'll stop here.

    Since the majority of folks are discussing condiments that aren't in your "big 3", I would say that my actual favorite condiment is hot sauce. I'm not a connoisseur by any means and I don't have refined tastes. I don't even like super spicy hot sauces. But I do use hot sauce of some type with almost every meal and I go through a lot more of that than mustard or ketchup. Granted, hot sauces tend to be high in sodium, so I try not to go overboard.

  • Processed foods are hiding in plain sight — and that could be a big public health problem
  • It is a little confusing

    I wonder if you're overthinking things and/or perhaps mixing up concepts based on your questions.

    What they are saying is that diets higher in processed foods, especially when a significant number of calories come from highly / ultra processed foods, tend to translate into people who are less healthy and have higher rates of chronic disease.

    This isn't saying that all unprocessed foods are inherently healthier than all processed foods, nor is it an attempt to label every specific food item good or bad. The article even addresses that some of these labels (ex: ultraprocessed) are a bit nebulously defined.

    Also, it's important to consider the reasons why certain types of processed foods are problematic, as the reason(s) can be different from product to product or even brand to brand. For instance, processing can destroy, neutralize, or even remove important nutrients (ex: vitamins and minerals). Processing may involve the addition of or concentration of salt, sugar, fats, preservatives, and other chemicals that can all contribute to chronic health issues. Some processed foods avoid or minimize these concerns, others seem to embrace them all like it's a competition.

    Pasta is not one monolithic thing where all types and brands are the same. Some will be more or less processed than others. I'm surprised grapes would be confusing, if they're raw grapes they're unprocessed, if they're canned/jarred/preserved, then they're processed. I'm not sure what the tofu question has to do with anything, as this isn't about classifying each and every food item as good or bad. People do eat cooked chicken that doesn't have salt, oil, sugar, preservatives added. But even so, raw chicken is one of the ingredients in a lot of at home recipes. In the context of processing wheat into white flour for pasta, most/much of the vitamins and minerals are removed, and the carbohydrates (starches/sugars) are concentrated. It's not really equivalent to removing an organ from an animal. A closer, but not perfect analogy, would be removing those livers, then extracting only the oils/fats/lipids from them ... and then that liver oil would be more akin to a product like pasta or white flour.