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Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • Where is that not the case when talking about politics anywhere? Theater and life are coiled up around eachother and writhing, grasping at one another's throats; whether lovers' kisses, enemies' venom is the intent, usually one comes out on top. In your good faith opinion, what will it mean when Trump loses anyway? What is the auteur going for in that scenario?

    (In keeping with good faith I'll disclose my personal bias that I would prefer a different candidate to oppose Trump but that I also think almost any of them can get it done after Georgia, Georgia, and... Georgia where the wrong politician was topping everything by every conventional understanding or metric.)

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • It depends on where you draw the line for "attempt" - the Secret Service isn't an exactly candid organization (to put it lightly) and the media/public doesn't spend much time focusing on the foiled plots they do learn about (insert your opinion as to the "why?" here). My own assumption is that the threat vectors against those that are granted Secret Service protection are probably numerous and coming from many different directions.

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex Says He Boasted About Being a Mossad Agent
  • That would certainly make his unlikely career trajectory (constant lateral moves upwards once sussed out as a fraud or just plain bad employee) make even more sense than the typical "rich dad ergo fail upward" explanation.

    Now do Alan Dershowitz!

  • This pisses me off so much
  • You have to tell them that you love them, everytime, or it's not even close to a proper bye. That's how you get an in with the HR folks really quickly so you know that they have your back. Work on easy mode, more or less. Like and subscribe for more social lifehacks.

  • North Korean troops will become 'cannon fodder' if they aid Russia in Ukraine, Pentagon says
  • Intention doesn't always carry over well via text, but going from "shocking" and "I guess..." to "Do you not understand...?" comes across as a bit condescending/aggressive. Perhaps you thought I was being hostile? Or, perhaps I'm misreading the intent.

    At any rate, keeping in mind the things that don't carry across over text, I wasn't disagreeing with you and was merely speculating in a parallel fashion about those that don't return and/or are deemed unacceptable defection by the leadership in Pyongyang. I haven't picked over my initial comment but it's possible that I put a period somewhere a question mark was supposed to go or something. Regardless, I apologize if I came across as trying to argue against what you were saying, it was not my intention. I don't tend to process things in a strictly linear progression and that translates to words that come out sometimes a bit disordered seeming or perhaps seemingly lacking in explicit context where it might be needed to ensure clarity in what I'm saying.

    To answer the question rather than treat it as rhetorical: It’s quite possible that I don't know how North Korean defection usually works because I'm not North Korean nor a policy analyst/SME specializing in North Korea. I read the article and your comment and found myself speculating, given the situation and deepening ties with Russia (who are objectively experts at tracking down dissidents abroad) about what policy and procedures might be in place now the event of would-be permanent defectors that end up becoming anti-Pyongyang mouthpieces or are high rank enough to leak meaningful intel to an adversary (I doubt they are sending any such people to Ukraine). But, I'm not an expert, I'm just a person speculating and commenting because I enjoy doing so and seeing what others have to say (including you). Thanks for sharing the article, have a good one.

  • North Korean troops will become 'cannon fodder' if they aid Russia in Ukraine, Pentagon says
  • Or maybe they have an agreement to receive intel from Russia on the whereabouts of any problematic defectors/assistance dealing with them. I imagine the threat to loved ones back home is a huge deterrent for most would be defectors, though some are obviously desperate enough to overcome that and defect anyway.

  • 88-2: Only Markey, Sanders Oppose 'Expensive, Risky' Nuclear Power Expansion
  • I wish it was more widely known by the average person that coal ash is radioactive and contains heavy metals like lead and arsenic due to concentration of elements that were found in trace amounts in the coal and remain once the coal is burnt. It's horrible how poorly coal ash was handled (or purposefully used in construction) in the past and how contamination events still happen with little meaningful consequence to energy companies.

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • Kolibri for the Sega 32x addon for the Genesis/Megadrive. Most of the reviewers that weren't down with the game either complained about the difficulty or lack of story/making sense, but it was a beautiful game for the time that took the space shooter concept and made it into a game that was somehow chill while also being difficult enough to sometimes momentarily make you want to rage quit. If you enjoy games like the Raiden series, you'll enjoy this.

    Shout to Knuckles Chaotix (the most unique take on Sonic gameplay of the classic 2D era) and also Shadow Squadron (very Star Fox-esque), which are also slept on because 32x.

    Exclusive to the Genesis/Megadrive, it's a crying shame that the Vectorman games never received a third iteration and have seemingly disappeared into the grey goo of IP purgatory. Vectorman and Vectorman 2 were amazing for the time: they were arguably the best 2D platformers of the era, graphically beautiful, oozing with charm, and with an amazing soundtrack to go along with it all. It's crazy that the developers were able to squeeze the performance they did out of the hardware and playing emulated versions of it now still doesn't compare to how it feels and looks playing it on the original hardware with a CRT and a nice sound system (but you should still check it out absent that setup).

    On PC, also from the 90s, Descent was truly groundbreaking and unique. It's an FPS that said "what if you were playing as a space ship and had six degrees of freedom to move about?" It was also the first truly 3D FPS game.

  • Happy Juneteenth everyone!
  • I agree with all points (mustard included, I tend to use a bit of a coarse ground brown), but go further: Add a little truffle oil (and I mean a little, truffle anything is kind of like mustard in the sense that too much overpowers the flavor instead of enhancing it so it should be on the quiet side of subtle) and some parmesan/similar before grating the rest of the extra cheese on top and it's amazing. I also tend to add a bit of heavy cream and a little butter to the sauce. I don't enjoy most macaroni and cheese mainly because people make it boring, but this is the perfect medley of umami, acidity, fat, and salt without any one flavor being too loud. As a side I usually split and roast a loaf of bread with fresh garlic and olive oil on top and roast up whatever cruciferous vegetable I have around. It's a great comfort meal that I particularly enjoy on cold wet fall days.

    Edit: a word

  • Game Boy Camera