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Tough choice
  • Arch isn't that bad, it's a lot of what you have to do in Gentoo. Infact Gentoo is more manual and hands on than arch with a lot more room for error. Arch has a lot of systems service made specifically to make install and maintenance easier.

    I don't know how long ago it was when you tried it but I'd give it another shot, it might surprise you! There's a lot arch does to help you that most people don't even realize.

  • Democrats Donate More Than $50 Million Online After Biden’s Exit
  • I have a lot of respect for Biden. It takes a lot to admit that you might not be fit to serve anymore after listening to his peers, the public, and doctors and deciding to step down. I would have voted for him anyway, but it's rare to see someone forfeit their position like that.

    It won't really change my party vote, but I guess I have some reading to do in the next few weeks.

  • Tough choice
  • I guess I'm not that guy. I use arch Linux (had to say it for the memes)but I like coding, drawing, learning new languages, photography, and I'm thinking about picking up calligraphy someday.

  • Make it stop.
  • I'd hit no tip because I left a tip on the table for the waiter. Fuck the establishment getting a cut of the tip. I understand being in the waiters position though and if they wants to report that on their slip they can. I probably wouldn't tho, I've had managers that told me not to worry about it but don't bring it up with the owner.

  • Congratulations all.
  • I think a lot of people will have a bad day. Some will swear off PC gaming altogether and switch to console, others might look towards Linux thanks to a friend or a helpful individual online, and a small minority will understand the problem and actively avoid the companies that caused the problem.

    It probably won't affect sales of the company involved too much sadly unless everyone point their fingers at the company in the news.

  • What's going on y'all?
  • Thanks, I wish the same for you friend! I use arch so they're pretty fast at fixing stuff. Yesterday they pushed an update that minimized the crashing but it'll probably be totally fixed by today or tomorrow unless it's a driver bug.

    I was a terrible citizen and ignored the problem instead of reporting the bug. I just wanted to get some coding done so I just clicked the restart Firefox button over and over. That minor fix did wonders though! It only crashed two more times to my recollection.

  • Today I'm grateful I'm using Linux - Global IT issues caused by Crowdstrike update causes BSOD on Windows
  • If it was malicious it wouldn't have had the reach a trusted platform would. That is what made the xz exploit so scary was the reach and the malicious attempt.

    I like open source software but that's one big benefit of proprietary software. Not all proprietary software is bad. We should recognize the ones doing their best to avoid anti consumer practices and genuinely try to serve their customers needs to the best of their abilities.

  • Average Louis Rossman viewer



    When the Internet gets taken over by GPT