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Labor group demands California’s $20 minimum wage for fast food workers extend to all sectors
  • Won't the market pretty well extend the minimum wage? Not to disagree with the premise, but in Germany, for example, the union represents about 1/3 of workers, and whatever the union is able to negotiate basically becomes standard for all workers. Why? Because people will gravitate to those jobs with a protected floor.

    If in 6 months wages in other sectors don't follow, then the workers will drain toward fast food and the other industries will have to be competitive.

    But yes, I don't see why the law is discriminating here. Just raise the whole minimum wage.

  • Omigod.
  • Heterosexual age gap is about 2-3 years in the US and parts of Europe. It's almost like women are allowed to choose who they want to be with, and it's not a binary choice between a man with an undeveloped brain (allegedly) and a man who needs all the power in the relationship.

  • Pros and cons of getting a job at a very small software company? (14 employees)
  • Small companies are great. Opportunities for growth. Always the chance to switch to a bigger company later.

    In my experience the micromanaging is LESS at a smaller company. No middle managers who have to justify their existence.

  • The Glasses! They do NOTHING rule.
  • I think it's more the manufacturer knows it can't cover both eyes and so tells you not to use it that way. If your eyes don't hurt, I'm sure the damage was very minimal. But what do I know.

  • The Rat King

    The perfect sipping drink on a spring day, this variation on the Rat King shot will impress your friends.

    3/4oz of each campari, cynar, Jaegermeister, malort, Fernet branca is stirred over ice. A bar spoon of Benedictine as a topper, plus an expressed orange peel as Garnish.

    Wonderful notes of bitterness, vegetal, mint, cigarette smoke, and licorice compete for your attention. The orange oils meld with the mild spice of Benedictine to mellow it all out. The perfectly balanced drink. I'll be making it as a freezer door cocktail ahead of my next party.

    Nezumi owners?

    Just curious if anyone of you own any Nezumi watches. How are they? Worth the money? Etc

    Was eyeing their GMT as I want a GMT and it fits my style and price range.

    2 Google’s self-designed office swallows Wi-Fi “like the Bermuda Triangle”

    Bad radio propagation means Googlers are making do with Ethernet cables, phone hotspots.

    Google’s self-designed office swallows Wi-Fi “like the Bermuda Triangle”
    Mezcal Manhattan

    Grilling shrimp for tacos so I wanted something with mezcal.

    Riffing on the Manhattan recipe I did the following:

    1.5oz mezcal

    . 75oz sweet vermouth

    . 5oz pasubio amaro

    Stirred over ice, served with lime garnish.

    Very good. I feared it'd be too smoky and pulled the mezcal back to one and a half ounces but I think next time I'll stick closer to the 2:1 ratio of liquor to vermouth. A little smokey but also sweet and the agave shines through. Would make again.


    Tell me. What's your fetish. Whisper.


    Sometimes they just get cocky.

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