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Linux and being speedy
  • I agree wholeheartedly and want to add that with Linux systems it's much easier to clean out the bloat and be left with a usable system. It's possible on Windows but might as well not be since the bloat is so deeply integrated into the OS and SDK.

  • Measuring cup holder

    Designed in freecad, printed in black pla on an ender 3 v2 neo

    the print popped off the bed near the end but it works fine 😅

    Cook At Home mvirts


    Made some delicious beef gyoza today. This is what's left after dinner, for the next few days lunch.

    3lbs ground beef ... A bunch of gyoza skins (about 3 packs) A small onion Salt Oil for frying (olive + a little sesame oil) Garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and rice vinegar for the dipping sauce Rice to go with it


    What is going on with /sys/kernel/notes ?

    Any thoughts on why cat /sys/kernel/notes gives me:

    LinuxLinuXen@ XenlinuxXen2.Xenxen-3.Xen����XenXen��&����� XenXeXeXen������XeXengenericXen Xenyes

    I'm beginning to look into another issue I posted about, but this struck me as odd


    Help w/ crash

    Any advice on where to go from here? This console was running dmesg -w to try and catch an intermittent crash... And this is what I got. I am using an el cheapo USB wifi adapter that I'm suspicious of.

    Everything was working fine until I rebuilt nixos with Nvidia support... Now my old generations of the OS are crashing after a few minutes (display on, no response to input, keyboard lights don't respond, SysRq doesn't work)


    malware on

    Anyone else getting random sketchy websites occasionally instead of the link in posts? Second try usually works fine.

    Mechanic Advice mvirts

    XC90 speed vibration

    I've been procrastinating a fix for a vibration that is speed related on my xc90. It starts around 45mph and comes and goes up to 65 or 70... I broke some stuff 'diagnosing' it, and once I fix that I'm going to take the awd driveshaft out. I'm assuming a bearing is bad, any ideas? I want to repair the driveshaft because it's really expensive to replace.


    All day, every day


    VLA expansion partnering with UNM Very Large Array working with UNM on major expansion project

    UNM is getting in on the $2 billion Very Large Array expansion project, aiming to enhance radio astronomy research and collaboration in New Mexico.

    Very Large Array working with UNM on major expansion project

    How many burqueños do you think are on Lemmy?


    If we make contact with a galactic civilization, humans who grew up in developing areas will be much better suited for it than ones used to living in the 1st world



    #1 America's favorite


    I found some old beans


    just for you nicetriangle


    we should be friends

    I mean it's a pretty small city, and an even tinier Lemmy community. Anyone part of nmlug? I've been meaning to go to a meetup for a while.


    let's play make more space on /

    I have the unique pleasure of waiting as /usr is copied back to my Ubuntu SSD after offloading it to a sea of spinning rust to save some space. Surprise surprise Ubuntu keeps almost everything in /usr these days and it didnt boot :l but hey, at least BusyBox in initramfs has my back for times like these. Can i mount a specific ext4 directory with options? the issue seems to be my attempt at using a bind mount fails while running from the ramdisk, for whatever reason it wont mount my large data drive on /data