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with the sharpener
  • Aw man I was so jealous. Youngest of 6 kids here, no new clothes or school supplies and definitely nothing extravagant as a 196 kit. Young me would have killed for that! Adult me a little too. Maybe I should go buy myself a big ol crayons kit.

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  • I thought the second photo was the head from the top, and had a hole in it. I wondered about the type of person with holes or prominent dimples in their skull and why it was so often it’s enough to be a meme.

    And then I studied further and it revealed itself as a tummy.

  • I doubt future generations will have “basement dwellers” because none of us can afford to own basements.

    “Basement dwellers” implies parents with multi level houses. I feel like the kid living with their parents for a long time will become more of a thing but they’ll be lucky to have the privacy and space of a whole basement.

    And so I say, basement dwellers? In this economy?

    In depth debate about Gnosticism Is there a specific religious term for the belief "God exists and he is evil"? -

    I am not an atheist, I genuinely believe that God exists and he is evil, like a toddler who fries little ants with a lens.

    I enjoyed the exchange of ideas here and the way things were described and debated. Made me happy to be on Lemmy.

    What the process for people getting their driving licenses where you live?

    Saw this comment from someone in Germany, 3000-4000 euros and very intensive process.

    YSK about the different “ways of knowing”

    On these types of forums it’s easy to jump into an argument about the technicalities or a post or comment.

    You should know, though, that there is a theory called Ways of Knowing which defines Separate Knowing and Connected Knowing. It’s been a part of my masters program I’m taking.

    Separate knowing disconnects the humanity and context from what’s being said and tries to only argue the “facts”. But facts, and the things people say, don’t just occur in a vacuum. It often is the case when people are arguing past each other, like on the internet.

    Connected Knowing is approaching the thing someone said with the understanding that there is a context, humanity, biases, different experiences, and human error that can all jumble up when people are sharing information.

    Maybe even just knowing that there’s different ways to know would be helpful for us to engage in a different level of conversation here. I’m not sure. I just wanted to share!

    Christofascist should be an oxymoron.

    I swear I’d not seen the term “christofascism” until this year. It’s an apt term for all the talk about the new speaker of the house, rolling back of Roe v Wade, banning books and increased persecution of LGBT+ rights…

    But if I was Christ I’d be pretty darn upset right now. I talk about love and tolerance and peace and you’re going to use my name to make shitty, power grabbing, political, oppressive moves? The fuckin audacity. I’d be flipping tables and calling out the hypocrites.

    I know it’s a conversation as old as time. I also don’t believe Christian’s should be able to point at it and say “yeh but that’s not MY Jesus.” Doesn’t fucking matter, they’re identifying as a You so if You don’t do something about it then it’s as good as doin it yourself.


    How do you like to sort your Lemmy feed?

    Hot seems meh. I usually go for Top: Day but then I run out. Recently tried most active by comments and liked it.

    How y’all sorting your feeds?

    How do poor people in the states give birth without money?

    I’m Canadian. And I’m already sorry for asking an ignorant question.

    I know you have to pay for hospital visits in the states. I know lower economic status can come with lower access to birth control and sex education. But then, how do they afford to give birth? Do people ever avoid hospital visits because they don’t feel like they can’t afford it?

    Do hospitals put people on a payment plan? Is it possible to give birth and not pay if you don’t have the means? How does it work in the states?

    How does it all work?

    Again. Canadian. And sorry.

    My work intranet said the IT manager’s office is in room 404. I went to find him but it’s some other random persons office.

    I thought it was an intentional joke but he didn’t seem to think it was funny, even when I explained the “404: Office Not Found”.

    I still think it’s objectively funny.

    What do you like about the vehicle you drive and would you have changed anythin about it?

    Realized that with my new job I’m at $500/month for gas. Starting to seriously consider a hybrid or electric but damn they expensive. Either way might just need something more reliable than my 320k+ car.

    Whatchya driving, do you like it, and why?

    What happened to online computer games?

    In like, 2005-2010ish I remember there being these awesome online games through sites like Mini Clip. All disappeared from the internet.

    I understood it had something to do with Java? Or… some plug in? I don’t really understand what either of those mean.

    What happened to online games?

    ELI5: RICO

    I keep seeing references to RICO in the Trump Georgia stuff. What is it and how is it relevant to that case?

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