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Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • And yet, if a 'top NASA official' were to 'leak' that the moon landings were actually fake, or a 'journalist' wrote a 'dazzling exposé,' we'd all dismiss the claim instantly as fake, instead of doubting the moon landing.

    Anyway, everyone knows the moon landed in 1982 in Wales and that orb up in the sky is a projection by the US government to cover up their mistake.

  • A cool guide of commonly believed myths
  • My favourite black hole fact, coming from the character of the space-time tensor and how it changes, is that as you approach a black hole, time goes sideways.

    I don't think my lecturer put it quite that way, but he showed that as you get close, the time dimension comes to look like a space dimension in the tensor, and the space dimension that points into the black hole, looks like a time dimension!

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Counterpoint: even without lock tight secrecy, leaks can be ignored and covered over. Also there are certain secrets governments really have been good at keeping for a long time.

    In and of itself, I don't think this is a good argument against any particular conspiracy theory.

  • Never know til you go.
  • If taking Cybertruck to an automatic car wash is necessary, Car Wash Mode closes all windows, locks the charge port, and disables windshield wipers, Sentry Mode, and walk-away door locking.

    Doesn't seem too stupid to me. The rest of your link looks mild enough too, just don't use anything harsh on your exterior or the steel won't look its best any more.

    Then again, I forget the sort of rich person who buys a Tesla is also probably the sort of person who cries if it doesn't look brand new every day, so yeah - sneeze and your beloved car is irrevocably besmirched.

  • low effort maymay
  • How did Arch get this bad rep?

    Because so many people love it and make a point of its 'brilliance', so it's funny to take it down a peg.

    Myself, long ago, I moved from Arch to Ubuntu partly for ease of downloads on bad internet in Asia (in-country package mirror, and obviously less downloads overall); and partly because I didn't want my time and mental energy to be 'on call' for a random breakage from an upgrade. Breakages were occasional for me, and normally easily fixable, but took immediate time and effort.

    I still think Arch is great, but I've got through some distro hops to end up currently on Mint, from wanting stability + a couple of binaries that are published for Ubuntu and not other distros.

    Was tempted by NixOS or Guix, but... not just yet.

  • Let’s make games open source, so future generations can enjoy them
  • Your nostalgia is a bad reason for starting anything really. Most hopefully you won't push your nostalgia on your children and force them to play outdated games.

    It's a dark path. Next you might start making them watch outdated films, maybe even reading outdated books. Before you know it you're teaching them pre WWII history and Newtonian mechanics.

  • A cool guide of commonly believed myths
  • First one that got me was the black hole. If I dig a hole in the ground, is that not really a hole? If I find a hole in your logic is that not a hole? If I model the flow of charge with positive 'holes' between electrons, are they not holes? And... do people really commonly think a 'black hole' is a traditional sort of hole? 'Hole' seems a perfectly reasonable name for what it really is.

    Now what a black hole really is is fascinating stuff, but not in a "see, people are so ignorant to think it's a hole" kind of way.

  • Plasma update breaks updates

    So, I updated Tumbleweed, and the updates to KDE caused my Plasma/Wayland session to restart, breaking the updates part way through. I wasn't watching at the time so took some while to debug!

    Spent some time learning how to use nm-cli, because new half-upgraded KDE wouldn't load the network widget. It looks like something else may have changed and mucked up in the half-update (and of course I rebooted like a wise-man/dummy/i-dont-know-but-at-least-it-didnt-make-it-work) but iterations of trying things in nmcli eventually worked!

    Finally tried zypper dup again and saw the session restart, so finished the job from the virtual terminal! At last, I seem to have a working computer again, and I might just brave updating my main laptop. (I cancelled the update while it was still downloading packages, after seeing the breakage on the other laptop!)


    Frozen Pseudoscience

    I finally watched Frozen 2 on the plane a few days ago. Did somebody pay Disney to shill for homeopathy?


    Ambridges Farm, or, There's More to Life Than Fishing

    Hi I've been gradually finishing my first and only-main farm, and wanted to share :-) It started as the central plaza and fish ponds (since I came to love fishing!) and grew from there. I was going to get all-seasons screenshots and post together, but that's going soo slowly; and, hey, content!

    Hope you like it! I think there's a little bit of just about everything there, and if you look closely you can see me sitting on a bench enjoying the flower garden. It's been single player until right at the end I added the 'guest lodges' to share with family and friends. I love how well they fit in places I hadn't planned!