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Apparently controversial, in this day and age
  • You lost me when you lied about non-votes “fAcTuAlLy” benefitting trump. That is a blatant falsehood that assumes people would automatically vote for Biden instead. Your fear mongering and dishonesty won’t win over a single vote.

  • Apparently controversial, in this day and age
  • Nope, that isn’t how math works. A vote for the Green Party is equivalent to not voting at all. Lying about it and stamping your feet won’t change anyone’s opinion. Also you guys always assume the GP voters are a subset of democrats when in reality most of them are not. Most would not vote for democrats if their first choice were taken away.

    They’re just a convenient excuse for you whenever Dems lose because it’s easier to blame them than to hold dem leadership accountable for their very obvious and repeated failures. And it’s surely easier than holding yourself accountable for constantly nominating weak candidates. I mean you all got handed fucking Obama and still fought tooth and nail against him in the primary because you’re so scared of even slightly rocking the boat. Dem voters are gigantic cowards and enablers

    You will not shame people into voting for Biden, it’s actually insane to see you all trot out this failed tactic yet again

  • The New York Times source code leaked by a 4chan user
  • Nah fuck the entire node ecosystem. It’s proof of how bad people have become at software design. Especially web devs. It’s crazy to me how many devs introduce breaking changes because of their “philosophy” or because the original design was straight up terrible.

  • Draw your own conculsions
  • Expectations are a lot different for high schoolers than adults in their 20s. I absolutely got rejected quite a bit in my 20s for living with my parents. Not by everyone but it was common. My 20s mostly came after the 2008 collapse, coincidentally or not.

    This is in the US by the way and I’m sure it’s a cultural thing. In many countries, living with your parents until you’re financially stable or married is normal.

  • Starfield's New Maps Are Great, But Boy Those Cities Are Tiny
  • I actually felt like I had to suspend disbelief a lot more in Skyrim than Witcher. Witcher at least felt believable, but then I go to the “Cloud District” in Whiterun and it’s the size of some guy’s porch. It just made the world a bit hard to take seriously. I’m not saying that Skyrim is a bad game, I enjoyed the hell out of it, but I definitely preferred Novigrad to anything in Skyrim. Still plenty of places to go in Witcher.

    Also from what I understand, Witcher had hundreds of people working in it, but Bethesda still sticks to a fairly small team size, which I’m not convinced can be competitive in a AAA space after seeing starfield

  • Americans Are Open To Cheap Chinese Cars. That’s 'Scary' For The Rest Of The Auto Industry
  • Most of rural America wasn’t served at all, you had to travel to a town with a train station. For smaller towns, no lines were ever built. It’s a completely unrealistic idea. It also doesn’t address the issue of local transport.