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  • My cousin always posts about how he'd be loyal to you forever but if you cross him he'll kill you. Usually it's text on top of pictures of skulls or bugs bunny with a gun so you know he's serious.

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  • There's another thread I was reading where it was talking about the scientific method, and then someone talked about a religious guy they knew, and then BAM. Next comment was "and my dad did these horrible things".

    Like it was so loosely related the two comments would have no issues getting married.

  • The only thing standing between you and your dreams
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    Ya know, take a moment to look around. Think about yourself a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago. What were your biggest problems then? What are your biggest problems now?

    My hope is that you have better problems now than you did back then. I also hope you are doing some things now that you only dreamed of back then. I hope you had the courage and opportunity to make the moves you used to be terrified of.

    The thing with success, is that it's not the top of some mountain. It's this elusive thing that keeps you dreaming for more and more, because you don't just stop dreaming if you "attain" success.

    "When you take a moment to accept things as they are, you don't need to hope anymore because you realize where you are is kind of okay."

  • Minimalism
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    Treasure this moment. One of my best gaming memories was moving into a new place with a roommate after being homeless for two weeks. We didn't have furniture, we just had a frozen pizza, a six pack, and his switch with smash ultimate on it. We played on the half all night. It was a candle in the darkness, knowing that even without much we had a roof over our heads and each other. Just pure relief and joy.

    Move in floor beers are the best.

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    *denim intensifies*
    It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • Folks who think Biden and Trump are the same are folks who are privileged enough to not be effected by the outcome of this election. To them they are the same because roe v Wade didn't affect them. Student loan debt forgiveness didn't affect them. Socialized healthcare didn't affect them.

    And if it did, it just goes to show how strong the tankie propaganda machine is. It's all or nothing with these people and history has shown that line of thinking is soaked in blood and betrayal.

  • Biden should have pardoned Trump on federal charges, Mitt Romney says
  • I mean I do agree with the points that it would be torture for Trump to have to choose between being the focus of a witch hunt or the pitiful disgraced president who only was saved by the kindness of his opponent. When I heard Biden is "throwing down the gauntlet" to debate Trump again, I let out the biggest groan. If I were him I wouldn't give Trump a platform to look like an equal. I know it feels good to want to beat the living shit out of Trump, but I understand from a political perspective that it might not be the best strategy to win in 2024. I liked it better when Biden was acting senile and not childish.

    After that it's hard not to see the negative consequences of pardoning Trump. There should be a message to other politicians that we are not afraid to send you to jail.

  • Is there a point where therapy holds you back?

    I've been in therapy for 10 years, and with my current therapist for 4 of them. I love him and he's great, and don't get me wrong therapy is a life saver, but I recently hung out with a childhood friend and we talked about some deep things. My therapist is a pro and doesn't offer advice other than helping perspective shifts, but my friend made some observations and suggestions that hit home. He just straight up said "huh, it sounds like you should call your mom more" and "you know, I see what you do and I don't think the weed has been stopping your productivity, but if it's in the way of happiness you need to do what you need to do" (my big thing with weed was I would kick myself for not getting shit done while high).

    I realized I haven't really opened up much to friends and partners, primarily because I'd say "I'll just hold this for therapy". Way long ago I dated someone who was very "I'm not your therapist, please leave that for Tuesday", and I kinda kept that. It's easy for me to talk to someone who doesn't know anyone in my life and I trust will be neutral, but at the same time I have had trouble communicating with people in my outside life.

    I dunno, just was a thought.

    It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • I think the imperative phrase here is backyard garden. They aren't referring to a 40 acre field of wheat and potatoes, they probably are thinking a 10'x10' raised bed.

    Edit: operative not imperative

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    aww beans

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    > The Eurobean Mind Cannot Comprehend

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    Holland bigger than Texas confirmed

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    > Holland has so much space

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    it takes 13 hours to travel from Texas to Texas

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    > The US has so much space

    How do you deal with the situation where you are invited to play a game, only to find it's wildly complex and takes 4 hours to finish, and you find yourself not wanting to play it within minute 5?

    This has happened to me a few times. One I remember was the game Alchemist, where I just sat there confused as hell for 4 and a half hours while three guys were all talking about strategies. Tonight it was Terraforming Mars, where I was told it would be a 3 hour game, but by hour 4 we were halfway done. This time I said "it's 11pm, I have work in the morning, this will be my last hand" and the host got very passive aggressive with me. I just don't know what to do in these situations.

    ^Also is there a word for this? My girlfriend said I was "held game hostage" but I don't see that used in my searches.^

    Update: I sent an apology for leaving early, and he wasn't too frustrated about it and understood my frustration which was nice. I told him I didn't think it was my cup of tea since it was so dense, but he kept trying to sell me on the game.

    I just gotta learn how to decline with this guy, he is a bit of a "won't take no for an answer" person, but I'm still learning to be firm with boundaries.

    I'm really a 45 minute or less person, and prefer games with like... 5 rules. I have communicated that before, but he really wants me to play the games he loves which I take as a compliment.

    He did have me playing Dominion for a while, and that was a time when I just would suck it up and play for his sake since he was going through a divorce. We literally had the parks and rec sketch where I said "I don't really like Dominion" and he said "what do you mean? You've played all the games!"

    He housed me when I was homeless, so it's hard for me to decline things with him since he showed me that huge kindness.

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    Were younger siblings more likely to leave Europe for the Americas?

    I remember way back someone talking about how most European explorers to the new world were younger siblings, as back in Europe older siblings were more likely to inherit land/ family business/ be more successful in general, leading to younger siblings leaving to try and find success abroad. Is there any truth to this theory?

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