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Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • Jesus Christ this thread is full of people who don't realize they're the judging hipster in the post.

    Ubuntu isn't the entry level distro that you move on from once you've gotten your feet wet, and your not very subtle pats on your own backs for using something different aren't earned.

    Does it do everything the user needs from it? If so, don't tell them that they need to "graduate" to a "better" flavor.

  • Chinese woman jailed for reporting on Covid in Wuhan to be freed after four years
  • Braver than most western journalists, who regurgitate the corporatocracies narrative and manufacture consent on their behalf.


    Hopefully she's given a good job and granted asylum somewhere in the west ASAP, so she can go on with her life.


  • Chinese woman jailed for reporting on Covid in Wuhan to be freed after four years

    Not everyone of course but there's way too many people over there who will justify anything the Chinese government does or just ignore criticism by saying, "what about what the US does?!!?!"

    How they cannot understand that the US and China are both dystopian hellscapes is embarrassing.

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  • It would take a super genius to understand that they're either a non-native English speaker or made a simple typo/autocorrect issue. Also, since it's completely impossible to even guess at the point they're trying to make through the context of every other word in their comment we all owe you a debt of gratitude for calling this out!

    Thank you, [email protected], for adding something incredibly meaningful to the conversation and the world as a whole!

    Oh no.. I just saw this comment in a different thread from 2 hours ago, and it MAKES NO SENSE:

    Doctors today face a demand form their services that, while we can't guarantee will get them.jigher wages, can give them more leeway against unwritten political rules of speech.

    What is a doctor's "demand form?" And "them.jigher" isn't a term I could find anywhere on the internet! I don't understand what the author, [email protected], was trying to say! It's all just gibberish!

    I feel good calling it out though. I'm sure that [email protected] will be grateful for my much-needed help and not think I'm a dick for detracting from their point to assert my knowledge of English grammar over them.

  • There's no coming back from that
  • Since when are independent shops no longer an option? I just checked their site and it says you can take it to independent shops, but risk warranty.

    You answered your question.

    the evidence seems to suggest people are happy with their Teslas

    Your "evidence" are people who live on your block and your boss. You might be an engineer but you're no statistician.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • It's true, I spent way too long replying. I usually avoid engaging but I think it was the absurdity that made me throw away what had to be at least a combined hour of my day. They knew the true nature of the universe and tried to convince an atheism group.

    It was obvious pretty quickly that they weren't in a place where they could accept their belief being challenged, but maybe a really bored person read it all and took something away from it.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • I get that you feel like you have to "win" and that since facts and logic aren't on your side you want me to feel upset which would give you some sort of moral victory. You try and change the topic away from you claiming your own god (predestination) in response to an atheism comic no less, to debating my mental health which could put me on the defensive and begin to get under my skin like I have to you.

    It doesn't work when you're so transparent though. And even if it had, you'd still walk away knowing that some stranger poked a few holes in the latest belief structure that you were trying to use to make sense of your reality. That would be a fun challenge to an intellectual but just sucks for someone like yourself who wants to be right and feel smug.

    There's hope though. You don't have to stay like this. As you get older and mature, your awareness can help you to become someone who's interested in learning instead of being right. Then you could grow into a real intellectual thinker instead of cosplaying one.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • If you were able to take in anything I've said you wouldn't have asked that, though you've made it abundantly clear that you don't currently value the process of learning. I've never cast judgement on the theory you've chosen to call The Truth. Through everything I've said, you either refuse or can't understand what I've clearly laid out. Your issue is blind acceptance of something you heard. Your arrogance and lack of actual knowledge told you that it sounds neat and makes sense at 30,000 feet so it's Truth.

    You go for personal attacks because you have nothing of value to retort or add. Your Knowledge was challenged and you reacted with anger and name calling because you can't reasonably address anything I've said.

    You and religious people have a lot more in common than you think. You all believe that you've found The Truth. Whether it's Jesus or some theory you actually know practically nothing about, you're drunk on feeling superior and think you comprehend the very nature of existence. There's no real difference between you and any religious person because there's as much hard evidence for one belief as the other. You believe there's a difference because you chose to go all in on a theory as opposed to a god, and that makes you feel smug.

    You're a kid who doesn't know much about anything, and you think you've got existence figured out. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad and common.

    Hopefully you'll grow out of this but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that may not be the case.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • Our current understanding of math tells us that it's 4, and simple addition like this led to higher levels of mathematics that we've used to do things like place humans on the moon.

    That never would have happened if we'd collectively said, "2+2=4 and now we know all math."

    We don't Know All Math. Check out all the unsolved proofs that our best mathematicians haven't been able to solve. And those are just the questions we've thought to ask due to our current level of understanding.

    People who acted like you used to believe that they were having a drought because enough virgins weren't blood sacrificed, as that was the contemporary thinking. They were just as unbending as you in believing they knew The Truth. We have the benefit of hindsight and advancements in science to better understand and predict droughts. You're lacking the ability to see your place in history objectively and understand that what you call Truth is merely a theory of today that requires infinitely more understanding.

    If you're not ready to accept that you don't know The Truth, that you're not in the special club of enlightened people like everyone who goes to the Flat Earth conferences also believes, I understand. It's not an easy transition from "I'm so smart that I understand the very foundation of reality" to "I'll never know The Truth about anything but I'm excited to keep learning." It's not something that happens quickly either. It's a whole shift that changes how you see everything, and it can initially lead to feeling like the mom in the comic. I hope you can make that transition someday as the earth always needs more scientific minds.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • If "triggered" means to be influenced to think or act due to stimuli, then sure, everything is triggering to everyone all of the time. You were triggered to respond. I was triggered to pee when I woke up.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • It sounds like there's already some cracks in your foundation, and that's a good thing. If you were privy to The Truth you surely wouldn't care about what one person thinks about how flawed your thought process is. You definitely wouldn't tell them to shut the fuck up.

    That shows that you're a bit rattled and don't like having your authority challenged. If you can become aware of this predisposition within yourself, you can start to change it.

    Anyone who "knows how it all works" stops learning because there is nothing more to learn. They started digging and got all the way to the bottom and there's no more to go. You said you wish you had a 1,000 times more understanding which doesn't align with your position of owning The Truth. Either you understand The Truth or you have a lot of understanding to go. You can't have both. And spoiler, no one has ever come anywhere close to The Truth in any discipline. What we can do however is increase our understanding to be used in meaningful ways and to create and test current and new theories as we keep moving forward.

    You can accept this, or tell me to shut the fuck up and down vote my comment. If it's the latter I hope that this either planted a seed or was meaningful in any way to someone else.

    I'll edit my comment to respond to the edited addition in your last one:

    The truth is that you don't and won't ever know The Truth. Knowledge is a journey, not a destination. Claiming to know The Truth is arrogance and leads to the end of learning. Intellectuals seek to learn more and keep digging while they understand that they'll never reach the bottom.

  • Victory? [elder cactus]
  • I guess you were also predestined to not address any of the points I made?

    Telling someone that their thought process is flawed/immature is not the same as being triggered.

    If logic doesn't move the needle, how about this: every person who thinks they have it all figured out is seen by most others as an arrogant douche.

    If you ask any real scientist who's running real research and experimentation - those people who have 1,000 more understanding of the subject for which you claim to hold "The Truth" - they'll tell you that every new discovery leads to many more questions. The last step of the scientific process isn't, "sit back and enjoy having figured it all out." It just starts over.

    The reason I think (hope) you're younger is because it's more natural for younger people to believe that they get it, they understand, they have the answer. After all, that's much of what school pounds into us: here's The Answers. Repeat them back to me for full credit. Most education is focused on creating a foundation for different subject areas as opposed to teaching students how to learn and think for themselves. Having "the answer" and being "right" is heavily encouraged and younger people gain validation from it. It's natural to continue reaching for more truths and answers instead of innately valuing the learning process itself.

    A lot of people never grow out of that stage. Feeling like you own all the answers can be quite comforting. That's why the mom in the comic is broken on the floor. She just lost all the answers that got her that far in life. You probably relate to the guys in the first frames who know The Truth (god isn't real) but you're also being represented by the woman on the floor. You don't know how to cope with the actual truth which is that you don't and will never know The Truth. The best you can do is accept your current level of understanding in all its deficiencies and to keep learning more.

    If you currently possess the ability to take in what I said and accept some new Truths about yourself, great. I'm really writing for anyone who might see this and benefit from your example.

  • A still from an ad for a new show, Tracker, on CBS - Anything jump out at you?

    I'm not saying the show was made by Nazis but it sure looks like a graphic artist is

    A still from an ad for a new show, Tracker, on CBS - Anything jump out at you?

    I'm not implying that the show is made by Nazis but someone in graphic design may be

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