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Is there any actual standalone AI software?
  • Whenever these corps talk up the danger of AI, all I think is "nice marketing dept bro"

  • Pornhub Pulls Out of Nebraska
  • Don't lie to us, you'd do this for free

  • How far should a programming language aware diff go?
  • I was into this until I realized that it's not open source and not even available outside of vscode and GitHub web

  • Biden set to announce support for major Supreme Court changes
  • Well, he's immune now so clearly he should just assassinate anyone who is in opposition /s

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • I'm down but if it can't handle a 5s dc then rip

  • Rishi Sunak reveals his favourite meal is sandwiches in last-minute appeal to voters
  • Huh weird that then he hung out with an extremely tattooed bikini model in that same show. Very awkwardly. In the back of the photo (see pic #2)

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • I just got a new laptop and was genuinely gonna try windows 11 and wsl for my coding needs. But in first boot, it demands internet to do updates. Ok, I connect to coffee shop wifi. Nope, won't do it because it can't handle the click through screen to accept wifi ToS. Fine. I take it home, where my Internet is great but has a glitch where it drops out for a few seconds now and then. Turns out that windows will literally cancel updating and demand I reconnect and restart for the kind of drop that I barely notice day to day. So I gave up, plugged in my ArchLinux thumb drive, and mkfs.ext4 before rsyncing my entire old computer to it

  • GPL violation follow-up - some bad news and some good news
  • Wow people actually do this??? Good job

  • No taxation without representation either!
  • Yes! America does not believe in taxing people without representation. Well, except American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

  • What's new in Joplin 3.0
  • As a side note, I'm amazed that this lemmy thread has twice as many updoots as reddit. Looking forward to the day when I don't need to go on Reddit at all (it's just for Joplin and NeoVim)

  • What's new in Joplin 3.0
  • Have it on mine today after updating!

  • What's new in Joplin 3.0
  • Mobile plugins!! Yesss

  • <marquee> is going to change everything
  • After a few years of corporate framework stacks, I'm back to writing plain HTML/JS/CSS, and wow, what a joyful float down a river that is

    Even with no transpiler or minification, bespoke HTML is extremely efficient and pleasant to use. I write little script tags with query selectors where I need them, they get efficiently loaded on the pages that use them

    I use Hugo to do imports / classic server side rendering, and it's stupid fast and efficient. I can compile 500 pages in 0.5s on a dualcore machine with 4gb of ram. Resources (like images) can be processed, converted into multiple file types and resolutions and then automatically cached. It feels so zen

  • Question About Bamboo
  • The main thing with bamboo is trimming it low, so that it bushes up instead of growing tall and bending over (where it propagates). There's a bunch of varieties, you want clumping bamboos that don't tend to spread much

  • 'Critical' vulnerability in OpenSSH uncovered, affects almost all Linux systems
  • That's a spooky one. From first glance - 500 employees and zero click takeovers of phones? Yikes. Makes me want to not have a phone... Ofc Google/Apple/USA have had this capacity for ages

  • 'Critical' vulnerability in OpenSSH uncovered, affects almost all Linux systems
  • It's shit like this that makes me convinced that governments can easily hack into pretty much every system

  • We Need to Talk About the State of Calendar Software on Desktop
  • I'm kinda annoyed that this whole thing was pretty much a pitch for Tauri, and that's a pretty lame looking webapp thing with typescript and whatever browser engine you happen to have lying around

    Tauri is tryna be all like "hey look at our install size, it's smaller than electron!!" ... like anyone cares about install size much. The problem is the memory/cpu use of web apps, which tends to 5x a decent native app. Maybe one day, with webassembly...

  • Showing off my new alien spaceship themed tabby.nvim setup :D (feat. neovide, fzf, airline, markview)
  • Neovide yeah - helpful for partner programming so it's not warping around

  • Showing off my new alien spaceship themed tabby.nvim setup :D (feat. neovide, fzf, airline, markview) Watch tabbar | Streamable

    Watch "tabbar" on Streamable.

    Watch tabbar | Streamable

    My new design direction for neovim is "you just sat down in a homie's spaceship and have no idea what any of the buttons do" -- you can see how I did it here with tabby.nvim:

    I'm an oldschool vim guy, so a lot of my plugin tastes lean towards the ancient. Telescope?? Nah I had that figured out with fzf.vim many years ago, and it's stupid fast. Harpoon? Nah, I have marks, permanent undo and location memory, alternate files, fast search. Plus I love using fzf in my terminal so it all blends together so well. I still use vim-plug, it's pretty much perfect, and have no interest in lazy or whatever the new flavor-of-the-year package manager is

    Neovide continues to be what I believe is the future of neovim. The performance is best in class, probably theoretically better than even terminals can achieve (since rendering can be done much more selectively, understanding vim concepts like floating windows and such, which have compositing in neovide). The idea of "progressive improvements" in a GUI rather than trying to make something totally different is a great call. In the future, they are likely to implement a new age of image rendering too, which would be aware of z-index layering (so you could have a floating window on top of an image -- current image-in-terminal approaches just put the image on top)

    Airline -- well, this is in the category of "if it aint broke dont fix" -- Airline has been in development for like 11 years and has 2700+ commits, 17k+ stars on github. I mean, this is a ridiculous history, that's more work than most projects on github, just for a statusline. I don't tend to chase trends or replace vim code with lua - who cares - vimscript is stable and reliable

    Shoutout to the Maple Mono font -- with a lot of amazing ligatures that I didn't have before, super cozy. Demo recorded on an 7 year old samsung chromebook running Wayland/Pipewire Arch with a dualcore cpu, 4gb of ram, 14nm intel integrated graphics, and a 32gb harddrive. Linux is so cool, being able to do that. The ending was... not on purpose lmao

    Finally coming around to using Linux. How's it on a tablet?
  • I don't think tablets are fully supported but I see gnome devs continuing to make steady progress there. Stoked for a future where (real) open source catches up to phones and tablets, we are close...

  • Do you like America? Why or why not?
  • America is the center of the world, hate all you want. This is the cutting edge today. Hollywood is the dominant music/media power. Silicon valley is the dominant technology power. NY is the dominant financial hub. The hippie cultural revolution was largely here, and the civil rights revolutions that inform modern morals. America spends more on military than the rest of the world combined, and therefore has massive influence

    So that's my context for being here. I was born pretty far away in Europe, which is great in its own ways. But if you really want to play the game at the highest level, America is the place to do it. Everyone else is just trying to catch up. Or they are enjoying a happy low stress life of wine and women with a high standard of living and low inequality — which are definitely unamerican ideals XD

  • compiler.nvim: language aware compile menu

    Zenith said:


    This compiler detects the filetype you are using. From there it detects the entry point of your program and compiles it with the correct compiler so you don't need to setup anything.

    Currently it is on beta state and only works with c. More languages available in the coming days.

    I rather releasing it now in case someone wants to participate and leave comments before I solidify the architecture.

    I coded this for NormalNvim so take a look there if you want too.



    hypersonic.nvim: overlay window helps you write regexes


    First! Flowerpatch: Indoors just released. Check out Indoor FLOWERs and new tech Flowerpatch – Collectable Cannabis Cards & Farming Game

    Flowerpatch is a peaceful Ethereum indie game about farming cannabis. In the world of Alvita, you take the role of a fun loving Koala. Build up your farm, work with others, collect loot, and earn ETH by trading your own custom strains!

    • Build Adobe Huts
    • Corruption V2
    • Storage
    • Autocrafting Machines

    Applying to be a mod here too

    Hey guys I'm one of the most active mods of the Joplin reddit. I'd like to be modded here too and help build the community / roll people over


    Applying to be a mod

    Hey guys, I'm currently one of the active members the neovim reddit (hugelung), and I'm in full support of migrating to lemmy. I was hoping to be modded here, and helping migrate content / roll people over


    Applying to be a mod

    Hey guys, I'm currently one of the active members the neovim reddit (hugelung), and I'm in full support of migrating to lemmy. I was hoping to be modded here, and helping migrate content / roll people over