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Which of the four Avatar nations would you rather live in?
  • Yeah I guess they are generally more… grounded

  • If you ever worked shifts and transitioned to a 9 to 5 job, how difficult was the change?
  • I also work 3x12s and mostly love having the 4 days off. The downside is being able to do virtually nothing on those days besides eat and sleep. I think one advantage of the 9-5 week is being able to still do a few things more often. It’s hard to practice hobbies and maintain the house with gaps on days that I’m working.

    What you value changes slightly as time goes on. Having the more consistent day might be more appealing now. And if you dont like it, there are always nurse jobs that are in need. Maybe there is something in between the hospital and that gig, like dialysis nursing. Worth a try.

  • Why anxiety makes you notice more negative things
  • For sure, it’s difficult to break that cycle of anxiety. It has been helpful to understand it a little better. I think out of the strategies that she lists at the end, the one about challenging your assumptions has helped the most. I kind of imagine what advice I would give myself in that moment or what I would challenge someone else on.

  • TIL Wisconsin was originally spelled "Meskousing" From Meskousing to Ouisconsin to Wisconsin: How the Badger State got its name

    The name originated from the English spelling of a French version of a Miami tribe name for what's now the Wisconsin River.

    From Meskousing to Ouisconsin to Wisconsin: How the Badger State got its name

    According to the state’s historical society, Jacques Marquette first described the region in 1673. The cursive M was later misread as a W by Rene Robert Cavelier.

    The meaning of the word was discussed:

    > However, the hypothesized meanings were derived incorrectly from the Ojibwe language, not Miami, because the latter had not yet been mastered by modern scholars.

    > Another possible origin for Wisconsin's name was mentioned to WPR in 2019 by University of Wisconsin-Green Bay elder in residence and member of the Menominee tribe, Napos. He said he "was always told the name came from the Menominee word 'Wēskōhsaeh.'"

    > The first part of that word come from the word "Wis-cu," which Napos told WPR means "something good." The ending of "Wēskōhsaeh" is locative, meaning "'a good place to camp,' or 'to make a clearing' or 'to basically live.'"

  • I would also love to see a sepia color scheme option in addition to the dark/light mode. The less harsh contrast is nice on eyes.

  • 'I was killing myself': San Francisco program giving alcohol to addicts may save lives
  • I think because that to minimize damage for a full acute withdrawal. As I understand it, benzos increase GABA that is depleted from alcohol, because NMDA recovers more quickly and is excitable, causing the twitching, seizures, etc.

    This seems like a slow wean off with social and housing support to replace the dependency on alcohol. Kind of makes a lot of sense.

  • Best Android ANC earbuds in the near future?
  • I tried some Anker Liberty 4 earbuds and have found the ANC pretty good. They do stick out a bit so lying on your side wouldnt work, but there are these smaller ANC earbuds from Anker that might be worth a try:

  • TIL of Waldorf schools
  • Huh, that’s interesting that it was around the same time period. It also sounds similar, minus some of the mysticism and anti-science and more anti-government. I wonder if those students had better experiences. Again, I’m sure it depends on the specific instructors and leadership members at the location, since the curriculum is not centralized. I have to wonder if this could be an advantage to having more emphasis on the topics important to that community/region, as opposed to a generalized education curriculum.

  • Interesting titles
  • What is the overall goal to teach them? Do they need to be journal articles? The most “grabby” headliners I have noticed are on marketing items. Especially if you want to appeal to a younger audience, you could screenshot examples from Snapchat tabloids. “Top 17 ways to get your SO to notice you more,” “Prince Harry did the unthinkable,” “How to instantly cut fat out of your diet,” etc.

    Their goal is to “hook” you into reading or scrolling or watching. Journal articles might do this on a much milder scale. “Novel method for disposing of plastics.” So you think: Novel? Must be revolutionary. Let’s find out.

    Idk I hope that helps.

  • Today I learned loopy

    TIL of Waldorf schools

    I mentioned to someone how I think there should be more hands-on learning in schools and he told me to look up Waldorf schools. Very interesting to say the least. Rudolf Steiner had very unique philosophies, some very weird or outright morally questionable, but some that I think were an appropriate reaction to the “thinking in the box” that is often dolled out in school.

    The parts I agree with are that kids are taught engagement with crafts (eg, carving), music and creativity, an inquisitive exploration (reminds me of the Socratic approach), and an adaptive progression of subject matter that is based on the students’ individual levels. It reminds me a lot of the origins of the liberal arts being the skills a free person needed to engage the world, which included music and logic/rhetoric.

    The parts I don’t really agree with are the pseudo-spirituality, the pseudo-science, and the racist parts of Steiner’s theory. I think I would need to do a thorough investigation of the specific school before I would consider sending my student there, but the philosophy definitely seems to meet some needs of students that are otherwise under-developed in the current school systems.

    What are your thoughts?

    CMV - “platonic love” does not mean “non-romantic”
  • Romantic love as a whole, as opposed to friendship love, family love, love of a passion, etc. Romantic love between partners conventionally includes some kind of physical love, does it not?

    For example, Sternberg’s 8 Types of Love. “Passion: based on romantic feelings, physical attraction, and sexual intimacy with the partner.”

  • CMV - “platonic love” does not mean “non-romantic”
  • Yeah that makes sense. If enough people say “I could care less” to mean “I couldn’t care less” for long enough, that’s the meaning to people.

    I guess the etymology is just interesting.

  • change my view loopy

    CMV - “platonic love” does not mean “non-romantic”

    …or at least only non-romantic love. I’m learning about history of western philosophy and understand that Plato’s Symposium describes his theory on love and that a person initially desires physical love, but then eventually grows to love things that feel fulfilling, and eventually love the ideal form of beauty itself. It seems like more of a spectrum/progression that includes romantic/physical love, not abstaining from it. “Platonic love” would seem to include physical love and doesn’t seem consistent with the dictionary definition of “friendship love.”

    Any thoughts on that?


    My wife and I were walking to the checkout lanes…

    and I always make us use the checkout with a cashier (not self-checkout) because I’ve been on a kick of promoting local business and such.

    On the way out, I unintentionally walk toward the non-automatic doors and just about walk into them before I catch myself and push the door open. Without skipping a beat she says, “What, are you trying to keep those doors employed too?”


    collapsed comment count overlaps with upvote/downvote count

    It looks like it may be happening because I have commenters’ instances visible and larger text size selected. Not the worst thing, just minorly inconvenient.

    I am still thoroughly enjoying the app and use it pretty frequently. @gromdroid I hope you get the chance to continue refining it as time and life permits. Thanks again for your efforts.

    Rise of drug-resistant superbugs could make Covid pandemic look ‘minor’, expert warns
  • I can also confirm two countries in South America that allow this as well.

  • who is on Lemmy (the sociology of Lemmy)
  • That’s a good question. From what I gather, Lemmy (and most of the Fediverse) is an alternative to something, with less focus on the money/advertising. So I would guess most people are looking for an alternative way to connect about common interests. And because it’s not the easiest path for social media, I would guess most people have a desire for agency/self-reliance.

    And because the whole Fediverse seems to be a different way of approaching social connecting, it takes a little more understanding of computer technology, so I would also guess most people have a least a higher than average affinity for computer technology. Linux and Programming Humor are larger communities.

    That said, I have enjoyed a somewhat active participation about woodworking, gardening, jokes, news, medical updates, etc. Like mentioned in another comment, the different instances will have somewhat different norms and practices.

  • High blood pressure in kids doubles their risk of cardiovascular disease, study finds, bringing a call for routine screening
  • The risk for complications due to chronic hypertension is well known by now, and screening would be nice to increase because of this. But are we just accepting that children have more hypertension now? Should we investigate and address root causes? Is it due to increased childhood obesity or high cholesterol? Chronic stress? Could we improve those to lower blood pressure in the first place instead of just screen and prescribe?

  • Married folks of Fediverse, if you could turn back time to few weeks or months before your marriage, what you would do differently (if you would like to)??
  • I guess not something that I would change, but I’m very glad we started with a marriage counselor. We did not have any overbearing concerns, but it has been immensely helpful in understanding each other and having a healthier relationship. Sometime people get weird and say “Oh no, a counselor, what’s wrong with your relationship.” Nothing. That is the point. Talk to one to get a baseline and when (not if) challenges come up, you don’t have to waste sessions filling them on your back story. Honestly, I think it should be required to do like three sessions before signing the papers, if nothing else to have someone point some things out that youre blind to otherwise about yourself.

  • If you take care of your parents or other elderly, how are you preparing to age gracefully?
  • As someone who cares for elderly people sometimes, please please fill out an advanced directive (not just a living will). It’s a sort of “if this, then that” for health scenarios. It’s immensely helpful when when caring for someone not well, and can be much more stressful without one. I have had dying, incapacitated patients wait weeks for guardianship or POA-HC to be processed before care can be changed to comfort measures, because they did not have one on file.

    Get one from the hospital you would likely go to, fill it out, give them a copy, keep a copy, and give a copy to who you list as a decision-maker. You do not want to add the stress of logistics to an emotionally difficult time.

    I think as a society we should embrace death more. Pretending it doesn’t happen just makes things worse when that reality of mortality unwaveringly stares you in the face.

  • colorful wood

    Found on here:

    Reposted many times; I cannot find the original artist.

    Which is the best Lemmy app for mobile?
  • Try Lemma if you’re on iOS. It’s very smooth and has the right balance of features and simplicity imo.

  • Camper? I hardly know ‘er!
  • Picture of tents camping. The text shows: “You can’t run through a campground. You can only ran, because it’s past tents.

    Side note, is this because the image isn’t loading or for visual impairment?

  • Camper? I hardly know ‘er!

    Oncologists' meetings with drug reps don't help cancer patients live longer
  • For the sake of argument, what percentage are aimed at improving quality of life (not extending someone’s life)? I assume most or all are intended as treatment, but I’m curious.

  • Mushi-Shi

    Mushi-Shi (cropped) by Alena Aenami


    This seemed like a nice spring-y thing to look at. I hope you enjoy it.

    first completed wood project
  • Thanks for the tip for the chamfer. Someone else mentioned that too, so I’ll definitely try that and see if it can reduce the tearout. Im not sure if I’ll put a finish on it, but maybe I’ll try linseed oil. That seems minimal and this whole thing is an experiment anyway haha

  • Who's the most famous person you've met?
  • I drove the bus driver for Slipknot back to his bus.

    I also partied with Pretty Lights and Griz in a campsite but didnt know it at the time. Super chill people.

  • first completed wood project

    I made a joiners mallet. I’m trying to challenge myself by only hand tools. The wood was found in the basement; I think hickory head and I have no idea what the handle pieces are. The handle and head were each laminated and the handle was mortised in, wedged, and glued. I rounded out the handle with a spokeshave and rasp.

    There are plenty of things I could have done differently, but I’m just glad I pushed myself to finish it. And now have a fairly heavy-duty mallet, so I dont need to swing on the chisels as hard. I think if I were to make another one, I would find a single block of wood for the head instead of laminating cut pieces.


    Shellac then burn or vice versa?

    I would like to wood burn some designs into a nightstand but may want to add more burning down the road, after I coat it with shellac. From what I could gather, people mentioned to only burn and then seal, otherwise the burning after the shellac could cause issues, like releasing inhalants. Is that really an issue with shellac since it is “natural”?


    I used to be a standup comedian…

    now my desk job is something I chair-ish


    How do you know when saw files need to be replaced?

    I can’t tell if I’m sharpening incorrectly or if my file is just worn out. Is there a way to tell? I read somewhere to replace after like five sharpening a but that seems really short.


    bug - crash when reopening app

    If I close the app for a few minutes and then reopen it, I’ll usually swipe down to refresh the post I was on, and the app crashes.


    Winter Winds

    by Michal Kvác

    Direct Download:

    This is a crop from the original that is in landscape and probably better as a desktop wallpaper, so I know this isn’t high resolution, but I really enjoy this artist’s style and wanted to share.


    Wisconsin power outage due to snow Outage Map | Wisconsin Public Service

    View real-time outage information within our service area.

    Many power outages across the state due to snowfall causing tree branches to take out power lines. Be sure to report that you have a power outage so the power company is aware of it. WPS phone number is: 800-450-7240, and here is the link to report if you have WE Energies.

    It sounds like it may take a few days to fix. Make sure to stay warm and be safe. Run your faucets at a fast drip to help prevent them from freezing.


    Book on helping a family member with addiction accept help

    The book I’m not sick, I don’t need help by Xavier Armado came up quite a few times when I attended support groups. It’s apparently pretty helpful in working with a friend or family member with addiction that is denying treatment. I have not had the chance to read this; have any of you read this? What did you think? Were there other books you’d recommend?


    time on posts are different

    I first just want to say thanks again for putting the time and effort that goes into making Lemma. It’s still my main Lemmy app.

    I just noticed after making a post a few minutes ago that the post in-app shows a much old timer. For example, I posted about 7 minutes ago (which shows on the browser) but Lemma shows 6h. The post prior to that one showed something like 12h when I first posted it. Is that maybe referencing when the server synced or how ever that works between instances? Those were both posts to instances other than my home one.

    Edit: I tried it on the same instance has my home instance and similarly got 6h ago


    French press or borosilicate pour over?

    I currently use a pretty nice Ninja coffee maker but I’m trying to simplify my coffee experience and found using a pour over coffee maker to be somewhat therapeutic. It may sound weird but I felt more connected to the coffee.

    So I think I’m down to deciding between a borosilicate carafe pour over with a 304 stainless steel filter and an insulated French press (also 304). I have never used a French press and I like the idea of having the insulation on either, but then I second guess myself and think “Can’t you just make more coffee if you need more or pour more hot water? Why do you need to keep it hot?”

    What are your thoughts about it?

    Today I learned loopy

    TIL most ancient texts were read out loud and it was strange if someone read to themself

    > Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, manuscripts in Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, the illuminated Christian Gospels, the Talmud, the Koran—with these forms and collections of writing came the expectation that a person would read them out loud and would, in a manner of speaking, conjure their reality. > In his book A History of Reading, Alberto Manguel points out that Aramaic and Hebrew, the “primordial” languages of the Bible, draw no distinction between reading and speaking. The same word stands for both. Buddhism and Hinduism also give an exalted place to the spoken word.

    >The opening words of The Odyssey—“Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story”—make this clear: The storyteller is acknowledging at the start that the tale he tells is not his own, and that he hopes for divine assistance in telling it well.

    I think it is pretty interesting that people engaged with reading this way. The author of this article notes that it becomes a living story. This also had the benefit of reaching persons that could not read. I wonder if the content was remembered more vividly through both seeing and hearing the words.


    Why anxiety makes you notice more negative things Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    I haven’t watched the other videos in the series, but I found this one pretty interesting about anxiety and trauma / adverse experiences can lead to “only seeing the bad things.”

    Let me know what you all think of it.