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“CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
  • Agreed. And props for making a point that isn't palatable. The first one is complicated. Not many folk I talk to can set aside their revulsion and consider the situation logically. I wish we didn't have to in the first place.

  • Bird rules
  • Honest question: I know the birds aren't grounded, but is there any kind of effect such as (feels stupid, but I'll type it) a vibration? I would believe there are EM fluctuations within a close range, but ones that may effect a bird less than an insect?

    Writing it out helped me, I'll leave it in case others are in a similar place. I have no qualms with learning why my first guess isn't correct. My day to day is filled with too many folk that know their little corner of life. They tend to scoff at people (me, usually) who came to the field later in life without formal training.

    Creativity and original thought in new situations should never be looked down upon. We all have room for improvement.

  • Day one and done
  • I've been on both sides and they're both true. Biking in to get ingredients for one meal is quick. Taking a car to gather a week's supplies (I still have to go back for something later) is a bigger endeavor.

    I try to time it with my work schedule, which changes a lot. Old people block aisles and chat from 10 to 12. It's deathly busy from 3 to 5.

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