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How to deal with post-work exhaustion?
  • I'll say I've noticed that there are places in my house that trap me into an energy drain stasis, so I try to avoid letting myself get into my rot spot unless I'm ok with doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.

  • Women of lemmy - do you feel like you watch more or less porn than men, generally?
  • I think there are definitely less women than men but probably more women than it seems like.

    I know I don't mention I'm a woman unless it's relevant, like this post. Sometimes, I'll even purposefully use vague language or gender-neutral terms because I don't want to get condescending interactions or feel like I have to be a perfect representation of a woman in order to dispel stereotypes.

    E.g. Although I love technology and tinker with a home lab and small Arduino projects, I'm not about to look like an absolute CS genius if someone feels like confirming a bias they have about women and CS skills.

    AKA "You like baseball?? Name every player on the Cubs twenty years ago then."

  • Women of lemmy - do you feel like you watch more or less porn than men, generally?
  • Cis-woman with female bits here. Sounds like I might be an odd one out, but I float between amateur video, digital hentai manga, and Literotica.

    I have to have porn of some sort to orgasm with my hitachi. I can orgasm manually without porn, but it's not as full-body as the vibe orgasm, so I only do it this way when circumstances require it.

    I Netflix and chill myself maybe 2-3x a week, which is partially because it can take a while, and because other people, who aren't my partner, need to be in another part of the house because the vibe is not silent.

    So that's generally how much I use porn. 2-3x a week.

    To answer your question, if you mean the porn to bate session ratio is closer to 1:1, then I might win that over men because I use porn every time I jill off. If you mean a higher frequency of porn sessions, then men will probably win because I only DJ my EP a couple times a week.

    Side note: It seems like a lot of men can orgasm from photos, which is baffling to me. I can't get to Planet Orgasm from that train. Maybe it's different types of imagination versus a male v. female thing.

  • Hong Kong says school children sang anthem too softly
  • A cool org like the Satanic Temple will ask that their own seven tenants be displayed as well.

    This will cause the Christian right to lose their minds. Who could have ever seen this coming? They will say that it will corrupt the children. They will not let the tenants be posted. Raging mobs of Concerned Christian Parents will yell at their school boards.

    Cue lawsuits from the Satanic Temple.

    Suddenly and quietly, the lawmakers realize that they haven't yet broken the courts completely and they'll roll back the ten commandments requirement. From the side of their mouths, they'll blame the evil, godless liberals for the downfall of the US. You see, it'd all be milk and honey if we didn't ban Jesus (you probably haven't heard of him, right?) from the children.

    It's the same song and dance every fucking time. Please donate to the Satanic Temple and/or the ACLU so they can continue to push back against this bullshit.

  • New York bans “addictive feeds” for teens
  • Are you kidding? There's a whole "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO" segment of the US population that cries until they die of dehydration every time the government says "regulation" three times in a mirror.

  • Texas megachurch pastor resigns after admitting to molestation claims in 1980s
  • Ok, I thought I covered things like schizophrenia, where people can't always manage their treatment due to the nature of the disorder, when I listed illness, but I can see how that'd get missed.

    And you're right, I neglected to highlight the stigma of pursuing help for pedophilia. I guess I'm being idealist about the ethics of therapists and when they disclose or report.

  • Texas megachurch pastor resigns after admitting to molestation claims in 1980s
  • I have unhealthy urges due to acute anxiety. If untreated, it can absolutely mean I'm behaving in ways that harm me and those around me. Since I care about others and my own well-being, I go to therapy and take medication.

    I don't like it when mentally ill adults*, who don't care enough to pursue treatment, get let off the hook. He knows that he's trading these kids' futures for his own gratification and he doesn't care. Not all PDFs are like this--but this motherfucker is and therefore gets no sympathy from me.

    *This doesn't include people who have illness, delusions, or lack of resources, preventing them from getting regular treatment.

  • Catholic Bishops finally apologize for church’s role in harming kids at Indigenous boarding schools
  • I know it's a platitude, and so does everyone else, but it's important when you think about what it means when there is no apology or acknowledgement of harm done.

    It's a good first step, that hopefully leads to more, but at least stops gaslighting everyone's reality.

  • In Uvalde, Students Followed Active Shooter Protocol. The Cops Did Not.

    Across the country, states require more training to prepare students and teachers for mass shootings than for those expected to protect them. The differences were clear in Uvalde, where children and officers waited on opposite sides of the door.

    In Uvalde, Students Followed Active Shooter Protocol. The Cops Did Not.