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Unlike the image, I definitely encourage people to do this
  • I'm unfamiliar, can someone fill me in

  • Be rule do warcrimes
  • No you dont

  • Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on IDF artillery shells during Israel visit
  • Same lady who rolls up her windows when traveling through the "bad part of town"

  • HR session rule
  • Rest I. Peace

  • Name That Song lilsolar

    Iraqui/Arab song name?

    it's banger

    Russia finds vast oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory
  • Mfw u say Russia is cancer but USA isn't

  • Human rights
  • True. In thay case I'd carry a portable one

  • Human rights
  • I've used that as a kid and I always wished public bathrooms had them asw.

  • Trans community ally
  • Comments disabled lol

  • Emoji Rule
  • And Laos 🥰

  • Emoji Rule
  • Where pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • Please delete this for ur own good.

  • Biden left without an easy solution as campus protests heat up
  • Epstien Island footage has entered the chat

  • Anon goes to the gym

  • Secret document says Iran security forces molested and killed teen protester
  • Based, but where did it say "Original documents and/or evidence cannot be shown"