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  • No, you should have the freedom to use it if you want. All I'm saying is that you can't really call TeamSpeak a better alternative, when they're both just as bad (they're both proprietary). If you're looking for a better alternative, consider using Mumble, it's FOSS.

  • Stable diffusion on Arch Linux with a 7900 XTX?


    I've been having trouble getting Stable Diffusion to run on Arch. I bought a 7900 XTX a couple weeks ago to get away from NVIDIA, one thing I really liked to do was mess around in Stable Diffusion, but for some reason I can't seem to get it working. I followed the guide on their page, but I think it may be outdated:

    When I do 'pip install -r requirements.txt', it fails halfway through installing:

    Not sure what to do from here, any help is appreciated!

    ts moment
  • I may not read the source code of every tool I use, but even if the average user doesn't read the source code, having it available for inspection by others in the community increases security, trust, and overall software quality. All a user really has to do is look at the license of the software they use, typically a GPL or similar license, and consider how reputable it is. Not only that, but if you're on Linux already, you can just get most of the software from your distro's repositories.

  • Reality check
  • They're owned by a for-profit company, they collect data on you by default, they've already had privacy issues in the past, and they include non-free software by default. I would rather have a beginner start off with Debian or Trisquel. We shouldn't be trapping people into these distros because then they'll potentially get too comfortable and not make the switch. This is coming from someone who did start off on Ubuntu. Sure, it's more convenient, but we should be teaching people to value freedom over convenience. Even if the data collection is minimal, it's still data.

  • Advice on finding a partner?
  • Yeah, she's gone lol, I mean I'm 20 and she was 29 with a 9 year old kid and that's not really what I want in a relationship. But oh my god she was easily the most attractive girl I've ever talked to, both in terms of looks and personality.

  • Just booted fresh Debian install with 7900 XTX: Getting errors at boot


    So I just bought a 7900 XTX and put it in my Libreboot 9020 MT motherboard (I have a custom build that I made for myself), it says during bootup of Debian:

    "amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: firmware: failed to load amdgpu/gc_11_00_0_mes_2.bin (-2)"

    I took out the GPU, booted into the OS without errors, and checked if the firmware-amd-graphics package was installed, which it was. I'm new to AMD, wondering if anyone else has had the same issue before.

    It's Time to Bring Back the Steam Machine
  • Libreboot nowadays would most likely still contain blobs in the BIOS, but not as much as regular Coreboot. I don't know why you're being downvoted lol. If Coreboot is supported, they can port it to Libreboot.

  • Advice on finding a partner?

    I just got ghosted by the girl I was talking to, I want to find another girl to talk to. This girl and I met at the gym, but I don't want to be the guy that goes to the gym just to meet girls. I mean sure there's the bar and Tinder, but I want a real relationship. I mean, I guess it'll come to me.

    Any way to make forwarded notifications from my other user on GrapheneOS show the full contents of the notification?

    When I get notification from my other user account (which is named "Work"), it only says "Notification from Teams for Work"

    Teams = Microsoft Teams app

    I just hate having to switch back and forth between accounts to see the full contents of the message. I really don't want Teams or Outlook installed on my main account, I want my main account to FOSS, while my other account can have the other proprietary apps. I just want to be able to see the full contents of the message when it gets forwarded, and not just "Notification".

    How do I setup my own FOSS shopping website for my business?

    Hello, I don't have much experience in self-hosting, I'm buying a ProtonVPN subscription and would like to port forward. I have like no experience in self-hosting but a good amount in Linux. I'm planning on using Proxmox VE with a YunoHost VM. I already have a domain name from Njalla. I'm setting up a website for my computer store. I want it to have listings and payment options so they can check out there. I want my customer data to be secure. I don't want it to have any JavaScript or nasty trackers. I want it to be FOSS. Any help is highly appreciated!

    32 Senate passes bill renewing key FISA surveillance power moments after it expires

    The bill now goes to President Joe Biden, whose administration says FISA's warrantless spying power is vital to national security. Amendments to expand privacy safeguards failed.

    Senate passes bill renewing key FISA surveillance power moments after it expires

    "The House of Representatives had just passed Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This legislation would permit the agency, without a warrant, to collect from Google and other US Big Tech companies the communications of Americans talking, e-mailing, or texting with non-Americans outside the country—in theory to gather foreign intelligence, but in practice amassing an enormous amount of data on American citizens."

    We should be protesting against this! It's both unjust and harmful to all of us. Why must the government spy on our every move? I strive to live peacefully and commit no crimes, yet I am still subject to surveillance. It's absurd to think that just talking to friends abroad subjects us to surveillance under the pretext of fighting "terrorism." They haven't caught anyone significant, and this program seems more about conditioning us to believe that if we do nothing wrong, we have nothing to fear. Just let us live our lives freely! Moreover, as an advocate for free software, I see the TikTok ban as another tool of control, forcing us to conform to their dictates. Fighting tyranny with tyranny is not the solution. 🙈🙉🙊

    For people who have psoriasis/eczema/bad skin, how did you get rid of your dandruff?

    I've been dealing with dandruff since I was a kid, it's always made me really insecure and always wear a hat. I've tried plenty of different hair products, none seem to work. It's not just my hair on my scalp, it's my beard as well. I'm a 19 year old male (Caucasian), I've been already deciding if I want to go bald or not. I still get dandruff even with a buzzcut and stubble. My skin just sucks. Please feel free to recommend products. I'm trying to improve my life and I find this to be one of the most annoying things.

    Is there a way to download a Windows.iso anonymously?

    Hello, whenever I try to download the Windows.iso from Microsoft, it blocks me because I'm using a VPN. I don't really want to buy proxies or anything for this. I tried to download it off public WiFi but it was way too slow. I only need Windows for updating the EC firmware on one of my older laptops.

    The Windows.iso is going to be used offline, I don't want to link my IP to it. I mean, I guess since I'm using it offline anyways, I can just download the .iso with my actual IP, install it offline, and then use a USB drive that has the EC firmware/BIOS update on it and use that to flash the firmware offline? (This laptop can only perform firmware updates through a Windows environment)

    I feel like in a way, wouldn't I still somehow be linking myself? What if I flash the firmware and later when I connect the laptop to the internet, it somehow has like metadata/signature of where I updated my EC from? I'm planning on using Libreboot with Linux after I update it.

    Help me find this song

    Hello, I've been looking for a song that I used to listen to for the past couple months. It was a rap song with I believe a fat Chicano man in front of a pyramid with a lowrider in front of it (I'm describing the album cover). Had a heart beep style beat like 'bum bum - bum bum bum - bum bum bum - beep' it was cool as shit. The music video is where they speed around in a lowrider I think. I believe it may have been around the 2000s era, maybe the late 90s.The song is in English, I am not sure what else I can say about it

    Today I learned Lemmy
    Some owls have skinny long legs
    Today I learned Lemmy
    Vladamir Putin played the piano and sang 'Blueberry Hill' in English

    I don't like the guy, I just found this on YouTube and decided to share it

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