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What could Apple force app developers to do that would improve your iOS / macOS experience?
  • Bummer, Bitwarden can’t always get the App ID. They do say it’s about whether the dev surfaces the info.

    Realized even if I looked it up another way, it wouldn’t matter since if the app doesn’t surface it Bitwarden will never automatch it.

    (Would be surprised if 1Password could somehow get the App ID when Bitwarden can’t, should test just to be sure since I’m curious.)

    Thanks :)

  • cringemaxxing and nonsensepilled
  • "I've been on gel that makes you orange for three years but I still greyscalemode in public" (I've been using a gel that makes my skin appear orange for three years, but I still appear in a muted, grayscale-like manner in public)

    "My spectral decomposition is too close to homogeneous everyone can see it" (The distribution of colors in my appearance is too uniform and lacking in variety, so it is obvious to everyone)

    "I have accepted my fate as an orangecel desaturatoid" (I have accepted my fate as an orange-colored, desaturated and dull version of myself)

    "luckchromatic primaroids such as yourself could never understand" (People with normal, vibrant color perception like yourself could never truly understand my experience)

  • Don't hesitate for a second. Rob them blind. They rob you.
  • Don’t hesitate to advocate for Universal Basic Income (UBI).

    Maybe consider how greedy capitalists will fight back (and to be fair whether life would get more difficult for retail employees).

    If IRL stores are just big vending machines, you’d have to get into credit card fraud or something to shoplift 😳

    That’s probably a huge hassle - always looking over your shoulder, wondering if your TOR (internet privacy) settings were up to snuff…

    tl;dr guillotines

  • Predictive Emoji have sucked for 9 years

    >I use predictive text for one thing: emoji. I always, always, always want to see emoji suggested when I type any word or synonym that matches an emoji. Workarounds are not permanent, and using the emoji keyboard or Siri are not optimal. Please allow me to enable predictive emoji in all apps permanently forever. Thank you!

    -My feedback to Apple

    Feel the same? Submit here:

    Also as far as my time estimate, that’s how long there’ve been complaints about the feature. I do know Text Replacements and sending yourself or using emoji repeatedly in a given app are possible workarounds.

    What's the best possible justification for vandalizing a library?
  • It’s true what they say, libraries really never would be allowed to exist if the concept launched today…

    But think of the potential short-term profits and how there totally wouldn’t be massive long-term detriment to industry.

  • What could Apple force app developers to do that would improve your iOS / macOS experience?

    Mine: require setting a URL to support password managers. You download an app, go to login, tap the password field, and open Bitwarden. Does it find your login? Half the time, nope! The dev didn’t tell Apple one time what their URL is, so everyone now has to search their password manager every time.

    Political Memes lemmingnosis

    Dr. King, 2024

    >B. A. Friedman

    >The arc of fucking around is long but it bends towards finding out.

    >May 30, 2024 at 2:13 PM

    Adapted for the felon president (via Quote Investigator)


    Fuck Alexander Belogubov rule

    AI Is Poisoning Reddit to Promote Products and Game Google With 'Parasite SEO'

    Screw Spez/Musk too? Aight but if a critical mass flees the spam-ridden husks of reddit/Twitter, the bots will come for us too.