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VPN by Google One shuts down
  • They are not primarily a domain registrar, they are a website builder SaaS. So they will probably try to sell you on that product when you renew, but many registrars will try to upsell you, so that’s not uncommon. If you are planning to transfer away, I can certainly recommend Namecheap, I’ve used them for many years without issue

  • Chinese coast guard ram and puncture Philippine military boats in disputed shoal
  • Right, they’re pushing the boundaries as much as they can with plausible deniability, because they want the west to make the first move so they can point at it and go, “we were never hostile, they started it”

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • That’s what I love about the game. It took them awhile to get there, but kamikaze ninja? Fun build. Pure netrunner? Fun build. Armored ballistic assault? Fun build. Hybrid between any of the builds? Also fun. The combat feels great no matter which route you take

  • Someone appreciates you at least
  • Depends on the how lean of a mix you use too. I use fattier ground beef for tacos (80:20 lean to fat) and drain the fat after browning. I find that with that ratio draining doesn’t dry out the beef at all. The other key I’ve found is to cover the serving dish with the beef, while it’s sitting between being scooped for servings. Seems to dry out much faster if left exposed to open air

  • Get rich quick
  • Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Yes, they are dumping massive resources into SMIC. Yes, they also want to maintain imperialism over Taiwan, and TSMC is a part of that. Some of it is fear-mongering sure, but China is consistently confrontational in the South China Sea and beyond. There’s a reason they enforce an abrasive naval presence there and continue to press against the Philippines.