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Skin care
  • I just insert something long and thin (usually a knife) between the lid and the glass rim, then gently lift just until the pressure is released. Probably doesn't cause the lid to mis-shape as much as from bashing it 😅

  • The old Lemmaroo ilikecoffee
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    The old Lemmaroo ilikecoffee
    What is a 'lemmaroo'? How do I participate?

    'Lemmaroo' is a portmanteau of 'Lemmy' and 'switcharoo'. The latter word is the name that was given to a long-standing tradition, originating from Reddit, wherein users try to form a long chain of linked comments across posts in various communities wherein a play on words has been made based on someone's unintentional ambiguity.

    If you still use reddit, r/switcharoo explains it perfectly, the key takeaway being:

    >A switcharoo occurs when a witty [lemmy user] feigns ignorance about which of two subjects in a post (typically an image) is more comment-worthy. > > These 'roos are linked in a chain; this [community] keeps track of the most recent link.

    If not, here's a summary of the key rules:

    Rules of the game:

    • Someone makes a comment which has some unintended ambiguity, and another replies with a joke based on the ambiguity.
    • You then reply with “Ah, the old switcharoo” (or {thing}aroo), and include a link to the most recent switcharoo comment, which is the latest post in this community.
    • Then, post a link to your comment here to grow the chain. Please follow the convention of: "Switcharoo: Thing A vs. Thing B" when titling your post. You may want the link to point to a comment one or two levels above your switcharoo so readers have enough context to get the joke.
    • As per the tradition, others can then reply to your Lemmaroo comment with "Hold my {subject of the ambiguity}, I'm going in!", and then "Hello future people!".

    Example comment thread: User 1: "I can't get my kids to eat their vegetables" (introduces the subjects - the kids and the vegetables) User 2: "You should eat them then" (ambiguity - the kids or the vegetables?) User 3: "Are you telling OP to eat their kids?!" (follow-up) User 4/YOU: "Ah, the old [switcharoo](link to latest post here)" (this is the roo comment) User 5: "Hold my kids, I'm going in!" User 6: "Hello future people!"

    Community rules:

    • Don't spam and be nice
    • Make sure it's not the same user making the set-up and the punchline, and ensure both subjects involved in the switcharoo have been correctly introduced
    • Title your posts as per the convention of: "Switcharoo: Thing A vs. Thing B"
    • Always link to the latest post so the chain doesn't branch out
    • Mods have ultimate say over what is or isn't a roo
    • Only link posts please
    (S22U Exynos, UK) What is this?

    I'm being forced into this update, and there's no changelog or info on what's being updated... Just a vague "system configuration update"... What is this?

    Misaligned/mis-sized menubar headings [S22 Ultra, Android 13]

    Also, in "enable markdown" in settings - editing is spelled with one "t". Also also, blocked instances disappear from the list when I tap "save settings". Please fix.

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