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A cool guide for bikini season
  • Fat is your body's energy store. When you need energy, your body will consume it from your bloodstream. If there isn't enough there, it'll break down fat to create more.

    So what consumes energy?

    • Moving
    • Thinking
    • Being alive

    The last one is what uses up the most energy and you're already doing it.

  • A cool guide for bikini season
  • This comment is the reason why they teach us how to structure essays in school. I should not have to read this far into your comment before getting any hint of what you're trying to say.

  • How do you inform yourself on topics which don't belong to your field of expertise?
  • I'd usually start with easily digestible content like YouTube videos or ChatGPT. At this point, I'm not too concerned about the correctness of the information. It mainly gives me vocabulary that I can then look up for further reading along with the perspective of one or two individuals. That might be all I care about, and if so, I'd stop there and go on with my day. If I want to dive deeper, I'll look up textbooks and papers on the topic, or any other relevant primary sources. Basically do a light literature review.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • Locals: shop around for the place that sells it at the lowest cost. Take extra time to go to different stores for different products even if they're all available in one place. Regular price too high? Vote with your wallet and don't buy it. Good price but you don't have much money? Buy less.

    Wealthy foreigner: This is cheap. I'll take it.

    No one needs to know your income. The price may be the same for everyone, but if you're willing to pay a higher price, then they'll be more likely to keep the higher price, thus reducing everyone else's buying power. If you buy more than the locals and help eat up their stock, that again incentivises keeping prices where they are, or even increasing them. The storekeepers don't care about how much money you have. They look at whether things sell or not, then make their decisions based on that.

  • App or community for "Is this AI?"
  • Anything we can provide is just a drop in the ocean of data they already have. Plus, this was how image generation worked before we got diffusion models (see "generative adversarial networks") and they never reached the level of image quality that diffusion models did.

  • If everyone is fired by AI, who's going to buy the products and services made by the companies if no one has money anymore?
  • Why would we need anyone to buy things? Remember that money is an abstraction for resources. If you can do everything with AI, then you already have all the resources you need. Whether or not someone else needs what you produce is irrelevant when you already have access to everything you could want.

  • Stop. Calling. Everything. AI
  • It's not completely subjective. Think about it from an information theory perspective. We want a word that maximizes the amount of information conveyed, and there are many situations where you need a word that distinguishes AGI, LLMs, deep learning, reinforcement learning, pathfinding, decision trees and the like from the outputs of other computer science subfields. "AI" has historically been that word, so redefining it without a replacement means we don't have a word for this thing we want to talk about anymore.

    I refuse to replace a single commonly used word in my vocabulary with a full sentence. If anyone wants to see this changed, then offer an alternative.

  • Don't hate the game, hate the players.
  • How would this account for people who do put work into increasing the value of their land? If you decide to permanently settle down somewhere, naturally you'd want to make improvements to your home and the surrounding areas to improve your quality of life.

  • What scientific discoveries greatly weakened religion and the case of God ?
  • I'm trying to help OP reach an answer to their question, therefore the definitions I'm working with are the same as that of OP. What I personally believe should be categorized as a "higher being" is irrelevant because if it's different from OP's definition, it won't help them reach their desired answer.

  • What scientific discoveries greatly weakened religion and the case of God ?
  • I don't think OP is asking about the existence of humans, or animals, or any other physical entity. If they were, you can trivially say that you exist, and therefore god exists. That's unless you want to go into ontology and question what it means to "exist", which I'm pretty sure also isn't what OP intended.

  • Bug: Scroll position jumping around The penultimate list of Free Linux games, with over 100 titles! - SLRPNK

    This list is a little old, so some of the links may not work anymore, but overall it’s still a pretty solid compendium for any budget concious Linux (or Windows) gamer! -------- Know of a game that should be added to the list? Leave a comment below! ^_^ Also check out: * The LibreGameWiki [https://l...

    I suspect this is a problem with posts that have extremely long bodies like this one:

    I'm trying to scroll down to the top first comment and inevitably overshoot. When I i try to scroll back up, it suddenly jumps back to the middle of the OP's body.


    On a scale of 1 to 5, where do you shop?


    When can babies start eating bread? I don't know, but you can buy it for $37.39!

    I was looking up when babies can safely start eating untoasted bread and one of the images led me to this website that sells... stuff? Are they selling me the question? Who knows.

    Then if you scroll down to the related products, you can buy a basketball club for $30, down from $15!


    I'm guessing this is some phishing website looking to steal credit cards. I also still haven't found an answer to my original question.

    Reinforcement Learning howrar

    Introducing SIMA, a Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent A generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments

    Introducing SIMA, a Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent

    A generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments

    Show link domains without opening it

    Is it possible for posts to show the domain (TLD and SLD) of link posts?

    Use case: I don't want to watch videos so I want to avoid clicking YouTube links. I would like to know that they are YouTube videos without having my phone spend the next minute trying to open YouTube.



    I want to get an idea of how people generally feel over the course of the day. Feel free to submit multiple answers at different times.

    datahoarder howrar

    How do you store your metadata?

    By metadata, I'm talking about things like text descriptions of a photo/video and where they come from, or an explanation of what a certain binary blob contains, its format, how to use it, etc.

    The best solution I have right now is xattrs, but those are dependent on the file system, and there's no guarantee that they will stay when the files get moved, especially if the person moving them is unaware of its existence. The alternative is to keep a plaintext file with this metadata alongside every photo/video/binary/etc, but that would be a huge pain to keep in sync since both files have to be moved together.

    So my question to you: do you keep this kind of metadata? If so, how do you manage them?


    How can we deal with misinformation?

    With the rapid advances we're currently seeing in generative AI, we're also seeing a lot of concern for large scale misinformation. Any individual with sufficient technical knowledge can now spam a forum with lots of organic looking voices and generate photos to back them up. Has anyone given some thought on how we can combat this? If so, how do you think the solution should/could look? How do you personally decide whether you're looking at a trustworthy source of information? Do you think your approach works, or are there still problems with it?


    General Purpose / Random stuff

    Is there a community meant for anything that doesn't currently fit into the existing communities?