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My new Seiko 5 Sport loses about 5 seconds a day. Is this normal, can it be improved. How often do you guys adjust the time to set it right?
  • To my knowledge, the only automatic movement that is going to be notably better in terms of accuracy is Seiko’s Spring Drive, which will get you to +/-15s per month. It’s actually a fascinating bit of mechanical and electrical engineering, and one of the few real innovations that have occurred in mechanical watchmaking in quite a long time.

    In terms of adjustment: I usually set my watch a tad fast (i.e. round up to the nearest minute) on my seiko, because it doesn’t have hacking seconds and is kinda fiddly to get it to sync super precisely, and then just tweak it when I notice the time getting out of whack with what my phone or computer says.

  • Michigan stands out for its aggressive bird flu response. Will other states follow its lead?
  • So I get what you’re saying. But this was inarguably a Trump admin thing, regardless of which part of the government or military actually carried out the plans. This sounds and feels like a thing he’d do, and in fact fully aligns with his bullshittery of calling Covid the “China virus” in countless press conferences around that time. It’s a deeply stupid tactic, because this is the sort of shit that diminishes the soft power of the US in the long term.

  • How does Lemmy (Mander in particular) sort "hot" and "active" posts?
  • Rust is not a niche language. It’s a strict and strongly opinionated language by design. People with background in strongly typed languages, who additionally use opinionated linters and formatters have an easier time adjusting. JavaScript “devs” (note: distinct from “software engineers”) probably pull their hair out over a lot of stuff in because in my experience, many js devs know enough about the language to work proficiently in a couple of frameworks, but haven’t really dug into the nuances of the language, and also have limited experience with strong typing.

  • FAA investigates counterfeit titanium used in some Boeing and Airbus jets
  • Explain?

    It’s a news aggregator whose primary standout feature is scanning for similar articles across tons of news sites across the ideological spectrum, and points out where stories are predominantly or entirely present or absent from one side or the other. It’s not perfect by any means, but I think it does actually provide some meaningful value in terms of offering the context of possible political narratives, especially in entrenched two-party systems.

  • Russians told to mobilize to inflict 'maximum harm' on West in response to sanctions
  • I have a prediction:

    • this will incite random Russians to do shitty/violent/terroristical things in “enemy countries”
    • Russia will claim tHaT’s nOT WhAT wE mEAnT (it is what they meant)
    • countries will clamp down even further on Russian immigration; law enforcement agencies will surveil and detain Russian nationals who are engaging in such actions; citizenry the world over will become more hostile to Russians
    • Russia will try to use this as a geopolitical diplomatic lever at best and a casus belli at worst

    It is, after all, literally what they did to Ukraine from 2014 onwards.

  • Got my first ever watch, aside from super cheap ones. I am very happy.
  • The engineering of the spring drive movement is actually pretty insane. It’s mechanically-powered, but uses a quartz regulator (mechanically powered via a very tiny generator) to keep perfect time, and uses inductive braking to adjust the speed of the hands super accurately. It’s a bit of an engineering marvel, to be completely honest. More details, if you’re curious.

  • Microsoft in damage-control mode, says it will prioritize security over AI
  • I’ll wait until they demonstrably prioritize security. Corporations will say literally anything to avoid negative PR.


    But also, this isn’t actually about Recall:

    Microsoft is pivoting its company culture to make security a top priority, President Brad Smith testified to Congress on Thursday, promising that security will be "more important even than the company’s work on artificial intelligence."

    Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, "has taken on the responsibility personally to serve as the senior executive with overall accountability for Microsoft’s security," Smith told Congress.

    His testimony comes after Microsoft admitted that it could have taken steps to prevent two aggressive nation-state cyberattacks from China and Russia.

    According to Microsoft whistleblower Andrew Harris, Microsoft spent years ignoring a vulnerability while he proposed fixes to the "security nightmare." Instead, Microsoft feared it might lose its government contract by warning about the bug and allegedly downplayed the problem, choosing profits over security, ProPublica reported.

    Holy fuck. This is like National Security level shit. As in, potentially dire implications on supposedly-secure SCI-related systems. There will probably be Very Fucking Serious criminal charges of the type that you can’t rub money on to get out of.

    Say it with me now: this is what happens when you let the business and finance idiots run the show.

  • North Dakotans Approve Age Limit for Members of Congress

    A ballot measure left voters to decide whether 81 is too old for some political jobs. It was one state’s answer to an issue that has been a focus of national debate this election cycle.

    North Dakotans Approve Age Limit for Members of Congress

    Surprisingly based from ND, to be completely honest


    Garlic Noodles with Tiger Prawns from Thanh Long (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

    Also available with a roasted crab, which is what they’re famous for, but this version is still delicious, because those noodles are straight crack


    Senator Feinstein has passed away Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90

    The California Democrat, the oldest member of the Senate, had been declining in health for months.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein Dies at 90