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What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • In my younger years I passed out in public 3 separate times, once it was just me and my mom outside a bank, which wasn't too bad, but the second time I was at an all-school assembly, and the third time I was at an Easter Sunday church service, and every time it was embarrassing as fuck.

  • I wore a pride hat and my conservative co-worker lost her mind.
  • Offering to go with her to HR about it was the right move. Let her dig her own grave right in front of them. With any luck, she'll get fired.

  • How long would it take to travel 80 miles in a car travelling 80 miles per hour?
  • I'm horrific at math, but even I know this shit. I do feel for her though. When you suck at math, even if the answer is easy and you have it right, you constantly second guess yourself because getting the right answer feels too easy, so surely I'm wrong, right? Because it's math and I'm always wrong.

  • What thing could your parents do the most significantly better than you?
  • They are both intellectually superior to me and my brother, their only children. I'm pretty sure he and I are a bit of a disappointment to both of them, but they would never admit that.

  • Folks, what is your favorite kind of soda?
  • I'm addicted to Polar seltzer if that counts

  • What is your favourite species of bat? 🦇
  • I was lucky enough to spend a semester abroad in NSW Australia when I was in high school and I volunteered at a wild animal sanctuary there and they had some flying foxes. They were so cool, but you had to be careful when you entered their cage because they would either climb all over you or piss on your head.

  • What is your favourite species of bat? 🦇
  • The Large Flying Fox. Absolute unit of a bat.

  • Midvale school for the gifted
  • I had this on a T-shirt in the '90s

  • What's been the craziest moment of your life?
  • Hey, that post on that other instance was mine ;)

  • political polls
  • I got called to take a Gallop Poll once. I was totally surprised and probably sounded like an idiot to the person on the phone because I kept saying shit like "I can't believe you actually called me, I always hear about these but I don't know anyone who's ever actually taken one," and I thought it was so cool. This was in 2014, so quite a while ago, so my memory of the questions is vague.

  • What's been the craziest moment of your life?

    Doesn't need to be a life or death situation, just any moment in your life where you found yourself saying "Holy shit, I can't believe this is happening!"

    I thought I was alone
  • New fear unlocked

  • Pork belly breakfast tacos
  • You need some green chile on this ASAP

  • People who are attracted to male bodies: Do you think necklaces/chains on men are sexy?
  • Yes! I wish more men felt comfortable wearing jewelry. I like the addition of jewelry to any body!

  • Do you have any smell you like/dislike even though most people don't?
  • I actually can't stand tea, like TEA tea, but I do like herbal teas. I like the idea of using the lapsang souchong as potpourri, though! I'll try that.

  • Do you have any smell you like/dislike even though most people don't?
  • I love the smell of wood burning/camp fire smell. There's something I find comforting about it. I've yet to find a candle that exactly replicates the smell, but if I ever do, I'm buying 50.

  • Writers of Lemmy, how do you do outining?
  • This is gonna sound outdated as hell, but I handwrite one major plot point or scenes on an index card and then put them in the order I want the outline to proceed in. I change the order of the cards if I feel like it or if a scene went some different direction than I originally intended while I was writing it. I only do this while writing fiction.

  • Name a Superhero you just can't stand

    For some reason I've just never liked Spider-Man. He comes off as a whiney, ignorant child that never seems to grow up or mature despite everything he goes through. I love a good coming of age story, but he just never seems to become an adult.


    What's a recipe that you will NEVER make again?

    Have you ever tried a recipe that turned out to go horribly wrong, or maybe the end product, despite being good, just wasn't worth the effort? What was that recipe, and what about it made you say "NEVER AGAIN"?

    I ask this as I am actively trying to remove the stench of onions from my Instapot lid's silicone ring after making French Onion Soup in it (so far steaming it with white vinegar on the steam setting, soaking the ring in a water/baking soda bath overnight, and baking it at 250 degrees F for 20 minutes have all done nothing, so I ordered a new one, I give up). And I realized that cutting all the onions and waiting hours for them to caramelize and now this damn smell issue just isn't worth it. Plus I still have frozen soup in the freezer because I can only eat French Onion soup so many days in a row.



    If money was not an issue, would you move to an entirely different state or country?

    If yes, where would you move to?

    If no, why not?

    I ask this as someone who has moved around a lot (5 states) for better working opportunities. I often hear people say they wish they could leave their current city/state/country, but money is often (understandably) an issue.


    PACT Act-- Would You Apply?

    Hello fellow veterans! My question concerns the PACT Act, and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with this?

    I served during OIF from '05 - '06. I was exposed to burn pits and regularly burned things in barrels (although it was trash, not human waste or anything), however I've suffered zero long-term effects that I'm aware of, and it's now been 17 years (holy shit, time flies) since then. I'm reading that veterans should apply "just because", but I don't want to be the person that clogs the already overburdened system, and hell, it's been 17 years and nothing has cropped up, so I assume I'm fine.

    Should I enroll even though I have no issues? It's unclear to me if they'll even accept a claim if someone has no issues (and why would they accept it, right?). The deadline is August 9th.


    Add a little spice to your coffee Hawaij (Sweet Yemeni Spice Blend) | The Elegant Economist

    This version of the Yemeni spice blend is made for tea, coffee, and other sweets.

    Hawaij (Sweet Yemeni Spice Blend) | The Elegant Economist

    I use this blend of spices more during the winter months, but it's tasty in any season:



    2 Tbsp dried ginger (or 2 large dried pieces of ginger)

    2 Tbsp cardamom seeds (removed from pods) (or 2 Tbsp ground cardamom)

    ¼ tsp ground nutmeg

    ¼ tsp ground mace (or 2-3 pieces mace)

    12 whole cloves (or ½ tsp ground cloves)

    1 whole cinnamon stick (or 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon)

    Instructions Grind all spices together in a spice grinder. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 12 months.

    (See linked website for more recipes and info)


    What makes a great sci-fi story?

    I'm curious what users feel makes a great sci-fi story. What elements do you feel "make or break" the story specifically where sci-fi is concerned? For me, I really enjoyed the Expanse series, as it feels like there's a sort of "believability" to it all. The authors make everything seem very realistic, even if some of the descriptions and physics are made up.

    What is it about your favorite sci-fi books and shows that make them your favorites?


    Detangler brush recommendation Swissco Detangler Hair Brush - Black

    Read reviews and buy Swissco Detangler Hair Brush - Black at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more.

    Hello fellow curly-haired people!

    I just wanted to recommend the linked detangler brush. I use this one in the shower on wet hair and it has been a game-changer-- way less pulling and breakage and hair loss in general. I was using a wide-tooth comb before I came across this brush, but it's soooo much nicer and I don't spend 30 minutes picking through my hair now. If you haven't tried one of these brushes, it's totally worth the $5!


    Nestle Alternatives

    Hello, and a big FUCK YOU to Nestle!

    I wanted to start a thread where we could share any Nestle-alternative products we have come across! I will get the ball rolling with what I have found over the years:

    KitKat- KitKats used to be my very favorite candy, so I was bummed when I learned they are made by Nestle. This is now my go-to alternative:

    Kiehl's skincare products- I used to use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, but now use e.l.f Holy Hydration face cream, which has the same ingredients and costs much less per ounce

    Starbucks ground/whole bean coffee- Some of the bags you buy in the supermarket are made by Nestle (you have to check the back and sides of the bag to be sure). I stopped buying Starbucks and started buying bags of whole bean from a local coffee shop that roasts their own

    Garnier hair care products- I dye my hair frequently and used to use Garnier product, whose parent company is L'Oreal, which is owned by Nestle. I now use Clairol instead

    For a large list of Nestle-owned products, see Wikipedia

    What are some Nestle-alternative brands that others here have found and enjoy?