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Why aren't my posts showing up on my profile page? Is this a bug?
  • Yeah, I know what you mean. That note is misleading, and kinda redundant too - you can physically de-select Undetermined in the UI, but the change won't actually take if you press 'Save'.

  • Why aren't my posts showing up on my profile page? Is this a bug?
  • Most likely reason is that you unticked 'English' as a language you understand when you were playing around.

  • (NSFW Language) Why are Finns so happy?
  • Sorry - that was the auto-mod. It removes heavily down-voted stuff, which normally is something that needs removing, but not always. I'll restore your comment.

  • NSFW
    Trending Communities for Tuesday 30th April 2024 (NSFW edition)
  • No, sorry. There's [email protected] you could ask in, 'cos your comment here might not be seen much.

  • NSFW
    Trending Communities for Saturday 27th April 2024 (NSFW edition)
  • Looks like it, yeah (though peaks and troughs are to be expected). The next few days won't show entirely accurate results, because the bot uses data provided by, and that's site's crawler has been failing

  • Tricky [best with sound on]
  • Everything out there (inc. Lemmy) wants to turn any GIF that's more than a few frames into a movie anyway, so we may as well take advantage.

  • Tricky [best with sound on]
    Observations from poking Bluesky app
  • Well, there's good news and bad news.

    The good news is that Lemmy is now surrounding your spoilers with the expected Details and Summary tags, and moving the HR means PieFed is able to interpret the Markdown for both spoilers.

    The bad news:
    It turns out KBIN doesn't understand Details/Summary tags (even though a browser on it own does, so that's KBIN's problem).
    Neither PieFed, or KBIN, or MS Edge looking at raw HTML can properly deal with a list that starts at '0'.
    Lemmy is no longer putting List tags around anything inside the spoilers. (so this post now looks worse on KBIN. Sorry about that KBIN users)

  • Observations from poking Bluesky app
  • Firstly, sorry for any potential derailment. This is a comment about the Markdown used in your post (I wouldn't normally mention it, but consider it fair game since this is a 'Fediverse' community).
    The spec for lemmy's spoiler format is colon-colon-colon-space-spoiler. If you miss out the space, then whilst other Lemmy instances can reconstitute the Markdown to see this post as intended, Lemmy itself doesn't generate the correct HTML when sending it out over ActivityPub. This means that other Fediverse apps that just look at the HTML (e.g. Mastodon, KBIN) can't render it properly.
    Screenshot from kbin:

    Also, if you add a horizontal rule without a blank line above it, Markdown generally interprets this as meaning that you want the text above it to be a heading. So anything that doesn't have the full force of Lemmy's Markdown processor that is currently trying to re-make the HTML from Markdown now has to deal with the ending triple colons having 'h2' tags around it.
    Screenshot from piefed:

    (apologies again for being off-topic)

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • Update: for LW, this behaviour stopped around about Friday 12th April. Not sure what changed, but at least the biggest instance isn't doing it anymore.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • I've been coerced into reporting it as bug in Lemmy itself - perhaps you could add your own observations here so I seem like less of a crank. Thanks.

  • Storm Troopers are known for their accuracy
  • This person has indicated (to me) that they're not interested in continuing this debate, so please don't re-engage with them. I've also asked them to resolve issues around suspected alt accounts.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • I'm only running one process, I'd assume the problem isn't happening for

    Perhaps. The post has a comment in from the admin who's only running one, and there's a new comment in this thread saying mander.xyx is one of the instances they see the most duplicates from.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • Yeah, that's the conclusion I came away with from the and chats. That's it due to multiple docker containers. In the LW Matrix room though, an admin said he saw one container send the same activity out 3 times. Also, LW were presumably running multiple containers with 0.18.5, when it didn't happen, so it maybe that multiple containers is only part of the problem.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • When I've mentioned this issue to admins at and (relevant posts here and here), they've suggested it's a misconfiguration. When I said the same to admins (relevant comment here), they also suggested it was misconfig. I mentioned it again recently on the LW channel, and it was only then was Lemmy itself proposed as a problem. It happens on plenty of servers, but not all of them, so I don't know where the fault lies.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • A bug report for software I don't run, and so can't reproduce would be closed anyway. I think 'steps to reproduce' is pretty much the first line in a bug report.

    If I ran a server that used someone else's software to allow users to download a file, and someone told me that every 2nd byte needed to be discarded, I like to think I'd investigate and contact the software vendors if required. I wouldn't tell the user that it's something they should be doing. I feel like I'm the user in this scenario.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice
  • We were typing at the same time, it seems. I've included more info in a comment above, showing that they were POST requests.

    Also, the green terminal is outputting part of the body of for each request, to demonstrate. If they weren't POST requests to /inbox, my server wouldn't have even picked up them.

    EDIT: by 'server' I mean the back-end one, the one nginx is reverse-proxying to.

  • Quick video demonstrating that sends every activity out twice

    I realise this is a known issue and that isn't the only instance that does this. Also, I'm aware that there are other things affecting federation. But I'm seeing some things not federate, and can't help thinking that things would be going smoother if all the output from the biggest lemmy instance wasn't 50% spam.

    Hopefully this doesn't seem like I'm shit-stirring, or trying to make the Issue I'm interested in more important than other Issues. It's something I mention occasionally, but it might be a bit abstract if you're not the admin of another instance.

    The red terminal is a tail -f of the nginx log on my server. The green terminal is outputting some details from the ActivityPub JSON containing the Announce. You should be able to see the correlation between the lines in the nginx log, and lines from the activity, and that everything is duplicated.

    This was generated by me commenting on an old post, using content that spawns an answer from a couple of bots, and then me upvoting the response. (so CREATE, CREATE, LIKE, is being announced as CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, LIKE, LIKE). If you scale that up to every activity by every user, you'll appreciate that LW is creating a lot of work for anyone else in the Fediverse, just to filter out the duplicates.

    Test Local 2 freamon
    Remote Post 1 (20:53)
    Test Local freamon
    Remote Post from LW (19:03)
    The 'memes' community is missing an outbox

    For anyone unaware, a community's outbox typically contains the last 50 or so Post Announcements - it is retrieved when you are the first person to find a community on a remote instance. It also seems to be fetched whenever an community on a remote instance realizes it's out of sync with the community on its host instance.

    Compare: Bash curl --header 'accept: application/json' | jq -r .outbox => curl --header 'accept: application/json' | jq . { "error": "unknown", "message": "Record not found" }


    Bash curl --header 'accept: application/json' | jq -r .outbox => curl --header 'accept: application/json' | jq .orderedItems[0] { "id": "" ... (the rest of the most recent post from linux memes) }

    (I came across this randomly, so I don't know if 'memes' is the only community missing an outbox. Others I've tried have been OK though)

    Introducing It's Like Poetry March! (A Monthly Theme) [ILPM]

    Hello again,

    February's finally over, so 4 Frame memes are old news. Now, for March, memes with rhymes in them are what's required to get Featured in the Community.

    This one will be stickied until a new meme with (ideally terrible) rhymes in and [ILPM] somewhere in the title is submitted, and then the new post will be stickied instead (it's a manual affair atm, so it won't be instant)


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